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Layered Haircuts Are Hot!

Layered Hair Cuts Charlize Theron

Layered Haircuts . . . What type works best for you?

“Layered Haircuts
are In”
Are you noticing a ton of layered hair styles lately, but wondering what type would fit you best?  If so, I am here to help. Layered haircut styles are very popular lately for a variety of reasons. One reason being that layered hair cuts are very versatile, another reason is because many hairstyles require layers to lay just right. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect layered haircut for your hair.

Layered Haircuts for Short Hair

Layered Hair Styles
Short layered haircuts add dimension to short hairstyles.

A long layered ‘pixie’ cut works well for those with short hair. If you currently have short hair and want to know what to do with it next, why not add in some long layers to add body and texture to your current style? I like layered haircuts like this one because it is a style that would suit almost anyone. You can be 20 or 80 and wear this haircut with style. If you are on the younger end of that spectrum, spice up this hairstyle with texturizing products to give your hair a piece-y look; and if you are on the older side of the spectrum, you can wear this hairstyle straight or add mousse to damp hair and blow dry with a small round brush for added volume.

Layered Haircuts for Long Hair

Layered Hair Styles
Layered haircuts can give long hair body and movement

Looking to do something fun with your long hair? Then try layers! Layers can add so much to a dull, long hairstyle. Long layered haircuts are perfect for those that don’t want to give up their length, but want to try something new. Layers help to bring out body and movement on otherwise lackluster long hair. Scrunch in a sea salt spray to bring out natural waves in long layered haircuts or curl hair in small sections with the curling iron tilted vertically for beautiful curls a la Jessica Simpson.

Layered Haircuts for Every Hair

Layered Hair cuts
Layered haircuts can help any length

If you are at an ‘in-between’ length with your hair, try adding a few layers to give you a fresh style without sacrificing the length. You can choose to add layered bangs, face-framing layers or just some light layering all over. There are plenty of layered haircuts to choose from for any hair type and length.

Keep in mind that if you have long or medium length thick hair, layered haircuts can help you to remove added bulk and refresh your style. Fine or thin hair can also benefit from layers, if your style is short already. Short layered haircuts can actually add bulk to fine hair by creating added volume and body throughout your style. Look through our website for pictures of layered haircuts to find one that is perfect for you! Stay up with all the happenings in hair trends by following our Pinterest Hair Trends Board.


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How a Wig Changed My Friends Life

Professional fitting a wig on a breast cancer victim


Wigs are a way for us to retain our humanity sometimes

I bought my first wig when I was 13, I was in 7th grade. I paid for it with money I earned from hard labor (raking leaves and shoveling snow.) I chose the pixie cut wig, very popular at the time, because it meant I could change up my style totally, without drastically cutting my hair. And, a big bonus was I could throw it on in a moment’s notice, when I needed to look good and my hair wasn’t cooperating.

My love fest with all things hair began then and there. Non-stop hours of fiddling with styling girlfriend’s hair became the norm. It’s funny to me that in retrospect, this was a hint of what was to come . . . what later became my profession. (I think it may have been predetermined too . . . unbeknownst to me, my great grandfather was a barber!)

A close friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 45 which resulted in her having a double mastectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiation. She knew she was a high risk for breast cancer, two of her sisters and her Mother had the disease. Even with these odds, I can’t imagine it made it easier to accept the prognosis.

After what must have been unending marathon decision making and discussions with medical professionals and family, she came to me with the next question of what to do about her hair. She was going to lose all of it, eyebrows, and eyelashes included. She is a strong, independent woman with a big executive job and her plan for battling this horrid disease, didn’t include going back to work sans the hair.

She wanted to get on with as normal a life as possible after surgery and that included going back to work as soon as she was able. She didn’t want to look in the mirror and see a sick stranger looking back at her. And, she didn’t want others at work looking at her as being sick. She wanted to look like the self she knew and to have as much normalcy as possible.

I brought her to a stylist who was a referral from a friend in the business. She specializes in servicing clients with cancer who want to be fitted with customized wigs. She deserved every bit of the good reputation she had earned! I listened as she walked my friend through what she could expect and how she would be taken care of.  Here’s a sketch of how it went;

  • She talked about the experience her clients went through as they started losing their hair and shared some best practices for making the transition.
  • They discussed a plan that assured my friend she had a plan and an appointment from her first signs of hair loss.
  • Meeting ahead of time allowed her to have a wig made and ready. She was measured for the cap and gave a sample of hair for the color match. The stylist took a picture to have on file for future reference of the cut for the wig.

The wig matched perfectly and she ended up purchasing two so that one could be cleaned and styled while she wore the other one. Many times she said she couldn’t express what it meant to be able to go back to work and feel good about the way she looked! She said, “I never realized the profound effect hair professionals can have in other’s lives until now. I’m so grateful for what you do and how you give great care to others. Also, your good care and services helped save my life in more ways than one.” Those type of comments from friends and customers kept my in this business for over 35 years.


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Feather Hair Styles for Back to School Hair Bling!

Long Black Straight Hair Style with Feather Hair Extension

Hair feather extensions, tweet tweet!

You haven’t gotten a hair feather extension yet? Why not??  It’s time to be thinking about great back to school hair styles and tips . . . this year definitely think feathers as an accessory for your hairdo!

Hair feathers may only have been available for purchase at a few of your local edgier hair salons a few months ago . . . but now a majority of salons can get you feathered quickly and for a reasonable price!  If you have a knack for working with hair, you can buy feather extensions online and with a few instructions, apply your own feather creations for your own feather hairstyles!

The feather trend was fueled by some of Hollywood’s more outrageous, untamed types, like Johnny Depp, my favorite pirate, and American Idol favorite Steve Tyler.

At the Premiere Orlando International Hair Show in June, the feather extensions were a huge hit. “They drew crowds for the entire 3 days of the show,” reported Modern Salon, “though some starter kits sold out within just hours.”  Hair feathers have caught fire and women everywhere are embracing the sultry, sexy look of feathers in their hair!  Rooster feathers are particularly hot now.

Side by Side Pics of two different hair styles with feather hair extensionsTwo Women with Curled hair feathers in long and medium length hair

Short hair feather extensions look great!

Short feathers in hair look great!

A Ponytail Hair Style with a feather hair extension

Hair feathers add to ponytails!

Hair Feather Extensions Blow Dried into a Hair Style

Blow-dried feathers

Who can wear hair feathers?

Hair feather extensions can be adapted to fit all hair types.  The feathers are real, not synthetic, so they can be washed, blow dried or curled with an iron to blend into curly hair. They also can be cut, short, medium or long, to blend in with all hair lengths.

How long will they last? Can I reuse them?

When beaded onto your hair as an extension (vs. clip-in) the extension can last from 4 to 8 weeks before needing to be re-threaded. With good care the quality of your feathers will last for months and you will be able to reuse them.  Be careful and go light on the heat of your styling tools and they will last for months.

How much do they cost? Where can I find them?

Salons in my area of Minneapolis, St. Paul, are charging $10.00 to $15.00 for one feather extension beaded in to your hair. A great resource to find a salon near you that does this service is

If you are a DIY’er a 10 feather pack will normally run you around $15.00 to $25.00. But you will also need some tools to attach your feathers. Other sources are or where you may find feather packs of 10 for $12.00 or more.  The feather packs come in all different colors and some include a bead pack for attachment. Make sure the bead is a fit for your hair color.

How do you apply hair feather extensions?

There are plenty of videos available on how to apply hair feather extensions. Here’s one that I think you’ll like. Just in time for the perfect back to school hair accessory! So what are you waiting for? Go out and get feathered!

For more great accessory ideas check out our Pinterest Accessorize your Hairdo Board



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