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    Cute Crop Hair Cuts

    Attractive Brunette in crop hair cut with long, asymmetrical fringe

    Three Cool Crop Hair Cuts


    The above cropped hair has long, asymmetrical fringe and an undercut short side moving around your ear are your ticket to instant chic! Hair is just long enough to lift at the roots with a small round brush. Style the heavy side with texture spray and finger-ruffle as you dry, then add volume with a large round brush.

    A brunette with natural curly hair and a cropped hair style TWIST & SHORT

    Show off natural curl by letting it go wild. The back is shorter and rounded while side pieces are left longer so they frame your face. To style, work in a curl-booster and diffuse-dry as you finger-twirl tendrils.

    Woman with black hair with a cropped hair cut with side swept bangs


    The front is all side-swept bangs with soft sideburns; all it needs is a quick brush-through. The crown has tons of short layers that let you gain volume fast by blow-drying it with a round brush. The tapered nape brings it all together.


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    Long Hairstyle With End Action

    Beyonce long hair style with face framing waves


    How to Enhance Your Long Hairstyles

    Long hair never goes out of style and day by day, it’s the easiest look to wear because you can let it dry naturally and brush it out. But if you want a more special-looking hairstyle, nothing beats a little end action. At The Elite Group in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Nina Zumwalt-Hallick cuts ends into a soft, rounded shape and keeps hair nearest the face a tad shorter, so curving it inward is simplified. Add long bangs that aren’t too thick, a crossover part, and now you’ve got a look that’s both new and easy to do.

    • This Hairstyle Works Best If:

      • Your hair is medium to dense in volume and medium in texture.

      • Your hair is naturally straight.

    • This Hairstyle Requires:

      • Daily blow-drying. Start with freshly shampooed hair with conditioned ends. Blow-dry on high heat to remove excess moisture, then switch to medium heat for styling. Comb through a dollop of mousse or use gel for harder-to-hold hair. Dry in medium sections, turning ends under with a large-diameter round brush. Curve bangs under as well.

      • A trim every 6 to 8 weeks.

    • This Hairstyle is Not Recommended If:

      • Your hair is too fine to look good this long.

    Article courtesy of Harris Publications

    For more great longer looks check out our Pinterest Long Hairstyles Board.


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    Frizzy Hair? Try My Recovery Tips

    Afro American long curly healthy hair


    Fighting Second Day Frizzy Hair Monsters 

    They say ‘precaution is better than cure’. Who they are . . . who knows?

    Yet it’s a statement that resonates in my ears every time I wake up to second day hair and take a look at the bombsite that is my head of curls. Now it’s not pretty. In fact, I don’t think I have the right to use the word pretty when I speak of my second day hair.

    I have recently found that there is a cure (and some precautions) to transforming the frizzy-side-show bomb I had going. If you’ve got some frizzy hair foes and you thought you were alone, well think again! With these 3 quick tips and a handful of patience, we can all get to the land of bouncy hydrated curls and ride the coil-roller-coaster.

    If you’re anything like me, one of the reasons your curls can look like you’ve been in a fight with a racoon, is because you toss and turn during the night. This means your hair interacts roughly with the fibres on your pillow causing frizz and can even cause breakage. If you’re a restless sleeper try these frizzy curl saving tips!

    • The Pineapple ~~ Before climbing into bed, flip your hair upside down so it dangles freely. Seal and protect your ends with a leave-in conditioner, or oil such as argan oil, olive oil or almond oil. In the same position collect your hair in your hand, using a hair band; tie your hair into a high ponytail on top of your head. You’ll look like a pineapple: embrace it!
    • Think Silk ~~  Purchase a silk hair bonnet or a silk pillowcase so your hair can glide while you dream.
    • Low Manipulation ~~ It can be very tempting to play with your hair after it’s been freshly washed. My rule here is simple: if I’m not sealing my ends, hydrating my strands or planning to style my hair then I have no reason to touch it. Curls do not like friction. If you have the urge to touch, massage your scalp instead. It will increase the blood circulation, increasing the concentration of oxygen and protein to your scalp and . . . it’s an all around joy to get a massage.
    • Minimal styling ~~ Try and embrace your hair’s natural state for a week. I think by the last day you’ll thank me and want to buy me a cup of coffee.
    • Try an Updo —  Braids twists and buns are great for giving your hair a rest. I am personally a fan of a high chic bun. I brush my hair back into a high bun, put my favourite summer dress on and get brave with some red lipstick. I welcome the winks and smiles.

    Healthy hair oil treatments

    Treat, Treat and Treat

    I find that if I give my hair a hot oil treatment or a protein mask like honey and eggs, my hair will not be prone to frizz for about 4 days. I treat my hair like any relationship I have: don’t be too overbearing, be patient, show compassion and love and a treat will always end with a smile.

    Treat your hair for about 20 minutes for one day out of the week. There are many deep treatments that will cure either a lack in hydration or lack in protein. I personally love olive oil, argan oil, milk and rose water. I come from the south of Egypt, and we’re known for our healthy locks. It was a treatment passed down in my family and I’m giving it to you for free! Now that’s love!

    Guest Author Nahla Idris is a long time blogger and founder of She welcomes many readers daily with issues concerning their hair and maintaining curls. She comes from a long line of Egyptian Nubian women and believes in sharing her priceless culture in maintaining and growing curly hair to its potential and fighting the ‘shoulder length plateau’ stigma that’s so commonly associated with women of African descent. Follow Nahla on Twitter

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