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    Pixie Cuts: Can You Wear Pixie Haircuts?

    Pixie Haircuts

    Natalie Portman – Pixie cut

    The Year of Pixie Cuts!

    Pixie cuts started to catch a wave about a year ago in Hollywood and still have lots of ladies pondering the thought of cutting it all off! And, when they do, they either love it or hate it.

    Why are pixie cuts loved by so many but worn by so few? The answer is simple . . . it’s the fear of the unknown, and the amount of time it will take to grow it back if you don’t like it.  It’s a big commitment to cut your hair short. What if you hate it, there’s nowhere to hide? There’s not a lot of hair styling options to go to if you don’t like it so short, so should you risk it?

    So what should you consider before taking the plunge to a pixie haircut? A good hairdresser, especially one that knows you and your quirks, can help you tremendously. Not only can a good hairdresser help decipher if a pixie cut is right for your face shape and body proportions, but equally important, if this short style suits your personality.

    Pixie Hair Cuts

    Winona Ryder – Pixie cut

    Pixie Hair Cuts

    Victoria Beckham – Pixie cut

    Face Shape

    • Oval face shapes are ideal for pixie cuts, but other face shapes can work as well. Modifications of layering and styling to the pixie cut can be made to balance with many face shapes. Heart shaped faces are second only to oval face shapes. If the chin –line is dramatically tapered it can be offset with flicked up pieces behind the ears. Round face shapes can be balanced by creating more height on top, longer pieces to the neckline, or wisps on the face. An oblong face shape can be balanced by adding full bangs and creating texture or fullness on the sides.


    Pixie Haircut, Short Haircut or Mid-Length Haircut

    • Temper any rash decision to cut all your hair off! Cutting off all your hair is not an answer to frustrations. Discuss it with your hairdresser; bring in pictures of short cuts and pixie cuts you like. Also bring in some alternative haircuts you would consider. Sometimes going shorter in stages is a better option and may be altogether easier on your well-being.

    Pixie cuts top the charts when it comes to quick and easy hairstyles. What could be easier with little maintenance, almost no drying time, and less styling time? This has to add up to why women are loving this cut! But, one more way you can check out if you might like the pixie cut before taking the plunge —  stop at the mall and try on a similar short wig. It won’t necessarily be the exact result you will get, but it will give you a good enough idea!

    Pixie Hair Cuts

    Halle Berry – Pixie cut

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    Short Hair Styles a Hot Trend

    Alyssa Milano in a short pixie haircut

    Short Hair Style Trends

    Nothing says “Hello” like a new sophisticated short hair style. Ladies when you see the upcoming fashion for this year, the first thing that comes to mind has to be chique. The new wave neon retro chique has swept through all aspects of fashion. We are now seeing that glamorous sex appeal from the fifties and early sixties; a time when women could flaunt their stuff without showing any of it. Hair styles in those days mimicked the fashion. It was worn with the same elegance and grace, yet it was styled with that little hint of spice.

    “bring your short hair style along for the journey”

    We are seeing more and more celebrities in music videos and red carpeted events trying to obtain this same goal, and even though the fashion seems to be falling back in time, it has been revamped by a new millennium charm. So come on girls, if you are going to purchase the new threads for this year, then it’s time to bring your short hair style along for the journey.

    Short haircuts in the last few years have been worn with much more texture to the hair style. We have seen the spiky, flipped, and bed-look hair styles of the past, but this year short haircuts are being jazzed up with class. Nonchalant crops are the rave as well as tailored made cuts for your face shape and image. Sort hair styles are worn smooth and free. Products that are used more for polish than security, and cutting techniques create weight and fullness.

    Dianna Agron layered bob with bangs

    Not Your Average Bob

    The short bob hair style is smoking hot, but don’t think that you can just have your average classic bob sliced into your hair and get away with it. This century has taught us nothing if not to think that bigger and better. The advancement of the bob has reached all limits of the imagination and exaggeration. Look at most of the celebrities today, everyone is rocking the bob hair style in their very own signature way. The bob is a tricky haircut for most face shapes, so you really must watch the lines and sections of this haircut to make sure that the length fits you. Stronger angles and soft layers around the crown create more depth and volume. And for all you ladies that are still afraid to give up your long locks, you can make the length as dramatic as you want in the front. The most important thing to remember when playing around with the short bob hair style today is that lines must be more severe. You can add bangs to soften your forehead, or keep length around your face just make sure that the intensity and glamour are still there.


    • Keep your hair smooth and sleek, but still maintain volume around your crown.

    • Try to add roundness to the overall finish. You can do this by applying a volumizing mousse to the roots only and work with a medium round brush for drying. Direct the hair dryer clean off the ends of the hair, so they are smooth instead of beveled.

    • If you are going to work with curls, incorporate many different lengths to the hair style. Curly hair works best when it is shaped in multiple layered lengths to create depth, volume, and shape. Always apply any hair care product upside down in hair and lightly scrunch towards the roots.

    • Definitely go for that extreme cropped haircut this year, but be careful of your hair color. When the hair is framing the face, the hair color can do everything to your overall look. Opt for a more dramatic all over hair color with extreme richness and shine.

    • And most important don’t be afraid! This year’s fashion and style is a little more extreme, leaving your hair style to follow suit. I know it can be scary, but I think it is good to make a complete change. It is always better to jump into the pool all at once than sticking a toe in one at a time.


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    Hairstyle Trends from Sam Villa

    Hairstyle Trends

    Hairstyle Trends Include a Combination of Textures!

    Sam Villa, a leader in education in the hair industry, recently talks of new hairstyle trends to watch for this season. Sam is Redken’s Education Artistic Director and has over 25 years in education in the hairstyling industry. So here is what Sam’s says about new hairstyle trends this season!

    Hairstyle Trends
    Hairstyle trends organic, natural look

    “Curls are popular and are best created using a combination of textures. Undone meets high maintenance to give an unstructured curl” says Villa. Instead of a controlled look of the past, hairstyle trends have a more “organic, natural’ look to them this season.

    Hairstyle Trends
    Hairstyle trends, smooth and frizzy

    “Think frizzy and wavy hair combined with slick roots and sleek ponytails . . . extreme textures working together to provide contrast.”

    Hairstyle Trends
    Hairstyle trends, twist on the classics

    “It’s about a mixture of traditional techniques and new ideas with a twist on the classics” Villa says.

    Hairstyle Trends
    Hairstyle trends, strong and seductive

    “Shapes today include both short hair and long hair lengths, together they create versatility that can be strong, soft or seductive.”

    Hairstyle Trends
    Hairstyle trends, 60’s layering

    Hairstyle trends  “60’s layering is back which creates gentle edges”.

    Stay up with all the happenings in hair trends by following our Pinterest Hair Trends Board.

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