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How to Get the Dark Hair with Caramel Highlights You Want!

Dark Hair with Caramel High lights

Learn how to ask your hairdresser for the dark hair with caramel highlights you want!

Don’t go to your next hair color appointment unarmed!! You must do your best to communicate what you hope to attain for the result. For clients who have a hair color or a hair color technique that they are looking to create, I always would suggest they bring in a picture or two of what they have in mind. A picture in this case really does speak a thousand words! A picture in hand will put us both on the same page and from there we can talk.

When it comes to asking for “dark hair with caramel highlights,” check out the slight differences these celebrities get because of the techniques used. There are a number of effects you could come home with in just asking your hair colorist for “dark hair with caramel highlights,” and knowing precisely what you are asking for may make the difference of having good or bad hair days to come!

Dark Hair with Caramel High lights
Kate Beckinsale Dark Hair with Caramel Highlights

Kate Beckinsale’s dark hair was first lightened all over followed by then adding the highlights. Therefore there is less of a contrast from her dark hair and the caramel highlights than Elsa Pataky’s hair below. Kate Beckinsale’s caramel highlights are also more noticeable because when highlighting the hair colorist weaved out slightly larger pieces to be highlighted from slightly wider sections than those of Elsa Pataky’s hair.

Dark Hair with Caramel High lights

Elsa Pataky’s dark hair has subtle caramel highlights in it and it’s gorgeous on her! If you want this type of hair color effect, ask for caramel highlights to be placed in the hair by weaving very small amounts of hair out of very small sections. This type of sectioning makes the hair look sun-kissed all over rather than creating streaks of highlights throughout dark hair.

Dark Hair with Caramel High lights

Balayage Highlighting

Eva Longoria’s dark hair only shows a few pieces of caramel highlights framing the face and on the crown in the left picture. This type of highlighting may be all you need to change-up your dark hair. This can be done freehand by hand painting the pieces in the area you choose. The term for this type of highlighting is Balayage, which originated in Europe. This type of highlighting affects the top layers of hair only.

In the picture on the right, Eva Longoria still has highlights but they are placed in her hair by weaving fine strands out of very small sections. Instead of caramel highlights these are a bit warmer and show more warmth.

Under Color Balayage

This highlighting technique is unique and fresh! The underneath layers are lightened to contrast with the natural base hair color. Highlights frame the face but start a few inches from the roots. There is nothing symmetrical about this highlighting technique and when done in subtle hues, it has a ‘haunting’ effect. You definitely want to bring in a picture if this is your goal.


Dark Hair with Caramel High lights

Chunky Highlights

Chunky highlights describes this highlighting technique quite well. When the high lighted pieces are this clearly visible, they are weaved in big chunks out of wide sections of hair.

If you are looking to lighten your dark hair with caramel highlights, make sure to bring pictures of what you have in mind . . . you’re much more likely to come out with what you are hoping for! For more highlight ideas check out our Pinterest Hairstyles with Highlights Board.



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Beyonce Hair Styles the Best and Worst

Beyonce hair styles
Beyonce Hair Styles Still Set Trends

“Beyonce Hair Styles”Beyonce is hitting front pages these day with her newly released singles, “If I were a boy” and “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” The album is due to be released on November 18th. But, that’s not all, she’s also been busy working on the film, “Cadillac Records,” due at the theaters on December 5th. Here she’ll be portraying the late, great blues singer, Etta James.

Beyonce Hair Styles
Beyonce hair styles are a no brainer, Beyonce has the versatile, heart shaped face shape! There is little that you could do wrong, as a hairdresser, in creating hair styles for this face shape. But, clearly when features are so great, let em shine!! Doesn’t matter how new or old the picture, Beyonce’s hair always look best with her hair back and off her face. Although she wears slicked back well, a little bit of height and fullness on top when all pulled back, makes her eyes, smile and cheekbones pop!

Beyonce Hair Styles
Just to show a little contrast, the hair style Beyonce wears in the upcoming film, “Cadillac Records” is one of the rare shapes that doesn’t do so well to flatter Beyonce’s heart shape face. (I say this lightly, as after all, she still is gorgeous) The old “bubble cut” is too top heavy with tightly tapering sides and no weight or length on the bottom to balance. This hair shape on a strong heart shaped face can make the chin look more ‘pointy’ at different angles as below.

Beyonce Hair Styles
The middle part is also not the most flattering on a heart shape face, whether the hair is flat or full. Usually with this center part the top becomes too flat.

Beyonce Hair Styles
An off center part works better on a heart shaped face in adding a little asymmetrical look.

To stay current with what is happening with the celebs follow our Pinterest Celebrities Board.


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Trendy Hairstyles, Say What?

Trendy Hairstyles

What Do These Trendy Hairstyles Say About You?

Trendy hairstyles aren’t for everyone but those who choose to go this route put themselves ‘out there’ more than the average ho-hum hairstyle. Do you know what I mean? Our hairstyles define us, whether bold or subtle, they have the ability to show to others an inner something about us before we even speak!

Trendy Hairstyles Decoded: The Victoria Beckman Inverted Bob

Trendy Hairstyles
Trendy hairstyles like Victoria Beckman’s took off big time!
  • Popular With: Celebrities, Moms and Professionals
  • Says: You approach life with a no-nonsense attitude. You want something simple and chic.
  • Why: Women who choose trendy hairstyles like the sleek bob want to stay stylish, but want simplicity and styling ease as well. This haircut has been seen on everyone from Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Trendy Hairstyles Decoded: Long Wavy Layers

Kimberly Perry from The Band Perry looking lovely in long flowy layers
Kate Hudson’s Trendy Hairstyles Look, Long Wavy Layers
  • Popular With: Supermodels, Twenty-Something’s, Bohemian Types
  • Says: You want to look like you were at the beach all day. But, you are higher maintenance than you’d like to accept.
  • Why: If you have long wavy layers, you know how much work goes into your long hair. However, you don’t want everyone else to know that. You want to look effortlessly gorgeous at all times. (But, as Seinfeld says, ‘Not that there is anything wrong with that!’)

Trendy Hairstyles Decoded: Medium Length Hair

Trendy Hairstyles
Jessica Biel’s Medium Length Trendy Hairstyles Look
  • Popular With: Professionals, College Students, and Athletes
  • Says: You mostly have an indecisive demeanor.
  • Why: This medium length trendy hairstyle is an in-between length. It is neither short nor long, but somewhere in the middle and many who wear this length cannot decide between long or short hair. Popular with athletes because of its versatility: put up in ponytails easily or leave down for a night out on the town. Popular with college students because of its easy versatility.

Trendy Hairstyles Decoded: Bangs

Trendy Hairstyles
Camilla Belle Wears Bangs with Her Trendy Hairstyles
  • Popular With: Actresses, Models, and Flirts
  • Says: I like to switch my look up a lot. Oozes sex appeal.
  • Why: Bangs are an easy way to switch up your current look. It takes a hairstyle from ho-hum to va-va-va-voom in just a few snips. Bangs naturally ooze sex appeal because they are flirty by nature by drawing attention to the eyes, the windows of the soul!

Trendy Hairstyles Decoded: Super Short Styles

Trendy Hairstyles
Trendy Hairstyles like Elisha Cuthbert’s Scream Confidence!
  • Popular With: Professionals, Moms, and Single Women
  • Says: I am a confident woman!
  • Why: Chopping your hair to a super short style radiates inner confidence because as you chop off lots of hair, you naturally feel more exposed. Not unlike our four-legged friends. If you’ve ever shaved your pet to ease them from the heat of summer, they tend to look self-conscious for a while in their new shortened state. You have to be a very confident person and feel good in your own skin to cut off your hair and let your face shine through.

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