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    Medium Hair Styles Stuck in the Middle

    Victoria Beckham with a medium length bob hair style

    Medium Hair Styles for Those In Betweens

    Ladies step away from the ponytails when you’re needing a medium hair style. Just because you are growing out that short hair doesn’t mean you have to live in the ponytail stage until you have reached your ultimate goal length. I know it can be frustrating when you see all the big celebrities grace the big screens with their ultra cool cropped hair styles and then the next month they have new long flowing hair. It feels like they never have to be burdened by that in between medium hair styles stage.

    Medium Hair Styles
    Don’t Have to be Dull”

    Fear not gals, I have the answer for you. My mother always told me to work with what god gave you, and honey those are words to live by. It is high time we take those “Stuck in the middle” medium hair styles and transform them into a hairdo you; and god, can be proud of.

    It’s true; no matter what type of hair, that the fastest growing area of hair on your head is in the back. Okay, so it is not actually true but it seems that way because it has the shortest distance to travel. So when you are growing out short hair it always feels that you reach the “mullet” stage first. Gals the obvious thing to do here is chop off the mullet!

    You don’t have to compromise your tough efforts of growing out your hair. . . just shape the hair in the back and leave the sides to grow, creating the medium bob hair style. The bob has certainly evolved over the years, and now can be adapted to fit any style and texture of hair. Add bangs or some volumizing layers to the crown, create a hair style that is trademarked to fit you.

    Meg Ryan is the Queen of Medium Hair Styles

    When you feel like you are all thumbs with your hair styling skills this haircut is fantastic. It is perfect for hair that has a slight wave or curl in it. With the right hair care product all you need to do is scrunch it and blow dry to perfection. Dry the style upside down to create more volume at the roots, when it is dry, pick through the ends and work the points into style. This multi layered haircut is modified into a shag effect with deep point hair cutting, slicing, razoring, or a lot of texturizing. The cutting technique allows the hair to fly soft and free.

    A Medium Hair Style Diced to Perfection!

    For all you gals that feel like your hair is thin, straight, and lifeless, I’m sure cutting it to short hair seems to be your only answer. I’m also sure you have tried to commit yourself to growing it out and then just get to frustrated with the results, well worry no more. As long as the hair cut that you have is vertically layered and texturized only at the points your lifeless hair can be brought back from the grave.

    If thin straight hair is point cut too deeply then the hair will just fly away. But if you create points only through the tips it will look more choppy and defined. This style adds more dimension to the hair, leaving you with an edgy finish.

    Don’t overdo the product! Ladies with fine hair believe that the more hair care product they use, that the hair will finally be glued into place. Not true! It only weights down your locks so they fall limp and flat in two minutes. Less is more! You are always asked at the salon, “Do you want short or long hair.” Next time tell your hairdresser that you want the length that is right in the middle a medium length hair style. There is no need to cut out the middle man, sometimes he can be the best one in the shuffle!

    For more great mid length looks check out our Pinterest Medium Hairstyles board.

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    Our Five Favorite Organic Hair Products

    Our Favorite Organic Hair Products

    Get Beautiful, Healthy Hair…Naturally!

    One Google search on “harmful ingredients in beauty products” may cause you to reevaluate your fav hair products. But take heart, with so many fabulous organic hair products, you can enjoy fabulous results and healthy ingredients. Check out our top five favorites and find an organic approach to your beauty regime.Origins Ginger Up Shampoo organic shampoo paraben sulfate free

    Ginger Up Shampoo is free of parabens, petroleum, and synthetic fragrances. Its wheat protein and panthenol work to protect and repair hair leaving it smooth and shiny. The ginger helps to stimulate hair growth and its antiseptic properties help to combat dandruff. The fresh scent and tingling sensation make this shampoo a true spa experience.

    Morroco Method Chi Instant Hair Conditioner, organic conditioner for hair and scalp

    Morrocco Method Chi Instant Hair Conditioner made by Morrocco Method Int’l, is made with all organic ingredients from botanicals and herbs to marine proteins that help to revitalize your hair and scalp. Apply to hair and scalp after shampooing, leave in for 3 to 15 minutes and rinse out. This light weight formula doesn’t weigh down fine hair, while helping with detangling. Too often we neglect the health of our scalp, but Chi Instant Hair Conditioner not only rejuvenates hair but it nourishes the scalp, helping to balance your natural oil production.

    Aubrey Organics Shine Conditioning Spray vegan styling spray with conditioner

    Aubrey Organics Shine Conditioner Spray promotes softness and manageability while white camellia replenishes moisture and revives dry hair and scalp. Apply conditioner spray on damp hair after shampooing and conditioning. Not only does the Shine conditioner replenish hair, but it doubles as a styling spray as herbal gums and Vitamin B5 ingredients promote body. To top it off, the jasmine fragrance is out of this world!Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam a volumizing mousse for fine hair

    Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam gives weightless volume and shine and is made with certified organic botanical ingredients. Simply apply to towel dried hair and style. Organic honey works as a natural humectant while vitamins, minerals, and amino acids moisturize and soften hair. Because of its nourishing ingredients, Aveda’s styling foam not only gives body, but detangles and reduces fly away’s too. Bottom line? Phomollient Styling Foam is Phantastic!

    Organic Excellence Wild Mint Stying Spray

    Organic Excellence Mint Styling Spray offers an alcohol free formula that provides lasting hold without drying hair out. Its nourishing ingredients include vegetable protein, panthenol, lavender, rosemary, and grape seed extract. Spray works best on dry hair, but can be used on damp hair as a styling aid. Organic Excellence’s styling spray is no extra hold aerosol hairspray, but it definitely provides manageability and flexible staying power without all the harsh ingredients.

    Hairstyle Blog contributing author Lindsay Hausch
    Contributing author Lindsay Hausch has provided clients with professional cutting edge color and cutting techniques at exclusive Paul Mitchell and Bumble and Bumble Signature Salons for the past seven years. She co-founded Sedona Beauty Team, which represents a team of artists that offer luxury, on-location beauty services. She enjoys writing articles that share her expertise. You can follow Lindsay on Twitter and FaceBook.

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    6 Hairstyle Mistakes That Will Age You

    Model with hair makeover into a bob that makes her look younger

    Look Young Hairstyle Do’s and Don’ts! 

    While the bed head look might be cute and trendy, healthy-looking, bouncing and behaving hair is an indicator of your health and youth. Hair that has lost its shape and sheen will not only make you look strapped for time or downright lazy, it can also make you appear older than you are. Be wary of these six mistakes that will add years and, well . . . who needs that?


    When it comes to length, finding the right length is like Goldilocks finding the right bed. If your hair is too long, it can make your face and your features look elongated as well. A dragged-down mouth and mopey face, combined with hair that is dull, dry, and brittle is a girls worst nightmare! If you love long hair, be sure to deep condition regularly to keep your hair silky smooth. Going too short may also be a mistake if it’s left to its own, as you risk looking like the dreaded Soccer Mom. You don’t need to drop your hairdo just because you’ve hit a certain decade.  Find a good hair stylist and rely on family and good friends to give you good feedback. Then as long as you keep your hair healthy and your cut up to date, you’ll look congruent.

    Too Dark

    When your hair starts getting those salt-and-peppery grays, it can be tempting to dye it back to a  darker, more rich hair color. Be careful when doing this, that you don’t go overboard and get your hair too dark. It’s a common problem which keeps corrective hair color services in salons a big money-maker!  Thinning hair that is too dark, may make your scalp peek through. Coloring a shade or two lighter may alleviate that problem. Additionally, jet black hair often makes every feature pop . . . emphasizing every wrinkle and every line.

    Too Cool

    Hair and skin naturally fall into cool and warm tones. When you dye your hair a cool color, your skin can look washed-out from the cool tones. This is especially true as you get older as skin naturally loses warmth as you age. The result? Your skin looks older than it is, artificially adding years to how you look.

    • Check out my article dedicated solely to getting complimentary hair colors and skin tones.

    Too Light

    Just like length, you can also look older than you are by taking your hair color too light.  If your hair is the same shade of lightness as your skin, it can make you look washed out . . . and washed up. Celeb hair stylist Louis Licari notes that even Madonna’s signature blond isn’t as pale as it used to be. This style shift has helped the star retain her signature glamour as she ages.

    Styling Faux Pas

    What you use on your hair can have as much of an aging impact as the cut and color of your hair. You probably know that shampooing your hair too often can dry it out. If you rely on a curling iron or flat-iron to style your hair, your hair can quickly begin to look dull, frizzy, and fried. Definitely not sexy. Be careful of high ammonia dyes and bleach.  Your biggest ally is always to condition, condition, condition!

    Going Gray

    Going gray is a personal choice and more and more baby-boomers are seen going that route.  That said, there are grays that make you look distinguished and grays that make you look old. Stay silver and foxy by preventing the grays from yellowing. Use bluing shampoos to keep your white, white and silver, silver.  Use UV filters and shine serums to keep those silver strands shiny. And, don’t forget to get a fabulous cut for your face shape and keep it trimmed!

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