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    Here are some articles that you might have missed recently

    • Making Time For Beauty ~~ Just recently, I have been trying to pay more attention to bringing a little more balance into my life by letting go of being busy. So this article from the Trinidad Express really hit home with me. But many of the tips seem to encourage multi-tasking, which quite frankly does nothing but stress me out even further.


    Frizzy Hair

    • The How-To Lounge: Beating Summer Frizz ~~ has a timely article on how to tame the frizzies this summer, for all of you who have curly, kinky and wavy hair. Good tips on how to keep things under control on these humid summer days.


    • What To Do When Hair Color Grabs ~~ Don’t even think about coloring your hair when it is anything but its most healthy condition. Even with healthy hair, a hair coloring gone bad can be the outcome if the hair is damaged, dry or unusually porous. It’s like pouring gasoline on the fire. Fellow Glam’er Christina Jones at has a humorous story behind her picture above, as well a must read for those of you who have done the dirty deed and are looking for some solutions.


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    Hairstyles That Make You Look Taller

    Claire Daines poses for paparazzi

    Pink, Natalie Portman, Kimberly Perry and Rhianna look taller and thinner with these hairstyle tricks

    What woman wouldn’t like to look taller and thinner? It’s possible! Check out what Pink, Natalie Portman, Kimberly Perry and Rhianna do to elevate their statue.  Let me share with you some secrets that all red carpet hairstylists know about making these red carpet lasses appear long and lean.

    Add lift on top

    It’s a fact; the more height you have on top the taller you appear! It’s not unlike the concept of throwing on a pair of your favorite heels to give you extra added length. To make it effective though, you need to avoid bulkiness on the sides of your do.  Sleek the sides close with a bit of gel and get lift on top with the help of a volumizing mousse. Work a dollop of foam into damp hair. Lift hair straight-up while directing heat at the roots to create lift. Use a firm holding finishing spray to hold the look all day (or night.)  Joico Power Spray has great reviews. It’s the perfect product to finish the hair and hold the style . . . it doesn’t flake or get sticky!

    Pink rocks this short cut with plenty of height on top

    Cut it short

    We love long hair, but seriously, sometimes the look can make a woman appear . . . shall we say . . . vertically challenged. Hair that hangs too long in propotion to a woman’s height, makes her appear shorter and heavier. Visualize a woman from behind who is short with very long hair; out of sync, and your focal point will naturally flow to her rear! Uhm . . .  is that what most of us would want? No thanks. Natalie Portman looks elegant and has elongated her look in a sexy short crop. The key is keeping the sides close and the lift on top.

    Natalie Portman looks lean in this short crop cut

    Add layers

    Hair that is all one length can appear visually heavy and literally “weigh” you down. You can’t get lift or much volume from hair that’s all one length. To get some height and movement, lighten up longer hair with some fabulous flowy layers. Kimberly Perry from the Band Perry, has become a hair trendsetter with her long layered waves. To get the look, use the volumizing products of your choice and wrap hair vertically on your hot iron. For a rough finish, add a texturizing spray.

    Kimberly Perry from The Band Perry with long flowing layers

    Use color to lift the eye up

    Make your gorgeous face and hair the focal point, and the first thing that people notice about you! Rhianna always knows how to get the eyes on her! She rocks a splash of funky hair color on top, coupled with a twisted pomp, and all eyes up!

    Rhianna short pompadour with grey and purple color

    There is something about a little added height that makes a woman feel leaner and meaner, and these are just a few quick and easy tricks that will make your silhouette taller. These tips are quick and easy . . . and no sweat required!


    Contributing author Kim Bush has over 10 yrs experience in the beauty business, traveled the U.S. as an artistic advisor for Joico, working in a successful salon, styling and writing for national media outlets, music videos, television, runway, celebrity events, and photoshoots. She is a master stylist on staff at Asante Salon and Day Spa in Nashville, Tn. Find Kim on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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    Cute Hairstyles for Cute Summer Hats

    Long blonde romantic waves with cool hat
    Creative Ideas for Cute Summer Hats

    Wearing the perfect cute summer hat comes with another thought . . . specifically, what to do with your hair. Hat hair is not a typically desirable look and yet, here are some cute hats and even cuter hairstyles for you to put together. Try any of these out and you’ll be able to wear any hat with confidence while keeping cool for the summer.

    Soft, Romantic Waves

    Soft, loose waves are an ideal look all year round. Paired with a cute summer hat, it’s the coolest style for the summer . . . and easy to do! Start by spritzing a thermal protector through your hair. Use a thick curling barrel to wrap small sections of hair away from your face. Hold the iron vertically to create long loose curls. Then, run your fingers through your hair to soften the curls even more.

    Naturally curly hair with baseball cap

    Curl Free

    If your hair is naturally curly, now’s the time to relax and embrace it! The most important thing you can do for your hair type is to keep your curls hydrated. Then, define your curls with a bit of light gel, and throw on a beach hat for lounging or something like a black suede baseball cap to bring out your fashionable and usually hidden sporty side!

    Beach hair with cute wide brimmed hat

    Beachy Waves

    Where better to wear a hat than the beach? That means you need beachy waves to complete the look. Either let the ocean and sand do the work for you, or make a DIY beach spray to get the look. Mix 1 spoonful of melted coconut oil, ¼ cup of salt, 1 squirt of hair gel, and water. Put it in a spray bottle and spritz onto damp hair and you’ve got the look!

    Back braid with hat

    Dutch Braid it Low

    This style will give you the bohemian edge you’ve been wanting. Start your braid on one side continuing it around the bottom of the hairline keeping it low enough so that it will show underneath a hat. Have your hat sit on the top of the braid to create a frame for this lovely visual accent!

    Audrina Patridge wearing low bun and fedora

    Low Bun

    A fedora adds a masculine tone to any look, so give it the feminine touch with a soft styled bun. Secure your hair into a low, loose bun like Audrina Patridge. Make sure to also allow some strands to fall out in front for a laid-back, less polished look.

    Straw fedora with low ponytail

    Low Ponytail

    A slightly disheveled, low ponytail is a great way to get a summery, relaxed look. Throwing a hat on top just adds to that effect.

    Emma Watson wears a bob and floppy brown hat

    Bob or Faux Bob

    Nothing looks more laid back and cool in the summertime than a big floppy hat with a bit of hair peeking out. If you’ve recently cut your hair or you’re growing out your old pixie cut like Emma Watson, wear a hat to compliment your changing look.

    Brigitte Bardot bangs peeking out from under summer hat


    Don’t try to hide your bangs under your hat! Tilt your hat back a bit and let your bangs peek out. It gives you an edgy look, while keeping the rest of your hair tied up to keep cool. If Bridgitte Bardot can pull it off, so can you!

    side braid with floppy white hat

    Side Braid

    Casual side braids are sweet and sexy and will keep you cool on hot, sultry summer days. They also are a great way to style second or third-day hair, when you don’t have time to re-style it all over again.

    Cute summer hats should be on every gals list of summer must-have accessories! Throw on your shades and sandals, splash on a bit of lotion and top off a casual summer do with a fabulous hat . . . and you’re golden!

    Barb Quinn on Google+


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