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Pixie Haircut: Short and Chic

nicole-ari-parker-wears short textured pixie haircut with caramel highlights in crown

The pixie haircut is making major waves.

The pixie haircut has been around for a long time, but it is making major waves this year with celebrities who have taken it all off. Beyoncé, and other celebrities like Tia Mowry-Hardict, Anne Hathaway, Nicole Ari Parker and Halle Berry have given many ladies the style inspiration needed to go with a pixie haircut as well. They show some different ways you can style the pixie to make it your own

What’s especially great about this look is that it is quick and easy and low maintenance. With this haircut you can literally get up and go!  Go to the salon bi-weekly to maintain the shape of the cut and be sure to schedule regular visits for color to keep the look fresh. And if you want a bit more flair and volume, add some subtle highlights, or a bold new dimensional color. So ladies if you are looking for a great fresh and simple style to change up your look and take a break from the weaves . . . the pixie haircut is the way to go!

Tia-Mowry-Hardict in a Pixie Haircut with flips in the crown for spiked look, dark brown hair color

Tia Mowry-Hardict shows diversity in styling the short pixie haircut by styling it with this edgy and elegant look that can easily transition from day to night.

Tia Mowry-Hardict wears elegant pixie haircut, wrapped to the shape of her crown with wispy bang, dark brown hair color

Tia Mowry-Hardict sports the chic pixie haircut with a smokey eye. Here she opts for sleek styling with a little body.

rihanna-pixie-haircut with slight volume in the crown for fullness with black hair color

 Rihanna shows less is more when she wears the pixie haircut with simple black color and minimal styling.

Beyonce-debuts pixie haircut blonde with dark roots pulled back from face with little volume via instagram

Beyonce opts for a drastic change in her look by going short with a blond pixie haircut.

HALLE BERRY at Variety?s 4th Annual Power of Women Event in Beverly Hills with pixie haircut black hair color with texture for volume and edginess

Halle Berry wears this pixie haircut and tons of texture.

Anne Hathaway in a Pixie Haircut

Anne Hathaway with pixie haircut, dark brown hair color, with fullness and bangs side swept away from face. Anne Hathaway wears a pixie haircut simply styled with a pompadour style.

Who Can Wear a Pixie Haircut

The go getter, mover and shaker, or the bold type who’s strong and confident, is usually a perfect personality match for this look. The best hair textures for a pixie haircut are medium to thick hair. Hair product and styling techniques combine to give you the option to play with turning up your volume and texture if you choose to do so.

The pixie haircut can be worn by many women, but you need to consult with your hair stylist to decide if this is the right look for your face shape and personality. This cut is highly versatile and can be tailored to show off your naturally beautiful features like bone structure, cheekbones, smile or eyes.

Who Should Avoid a Pixie Haircut

If your hair is fine and thin, this is not the most desirable cut for you. Thin hair tends to lay flat and the shortness of the pixie cut can excentuate that. But if you do choose to give it a shot, this is the time to consider adding color to create texture and dimension to your hair. Work with a hair stylist who is knowledgeable with thin hair and can customize the look for you.

If your hair is long, a pixie haircut is also not your next best idea. The drastic change is traumatic for most after the “wow I love it” phase has passed, and many ladies long for their ponytails back. Transitioning to a pixie cut is a safer way to go. You have the option to wear some adorable mid-length cuts before diving to a style as short as a pixie haircut. But if you do decide to take the leap, be sure to think it through; This is not a decision to be made hastily!

If you are looking to change up your style with a little sass, the pixie cut is a great way to do it! Once you get your new do, complete your makeover with some new makeup, new nails and a tailored new outfit! Go get’em girls!

Santresa Watkins
Contributing author Santresa Watkins has been licensed since 2002 and owner of Metamorphosis Salon in Charlotte, NC since 2011. She works to continue her education to enhance her styling techniques and knowledge of the hair and beauty industry and sharing that knowledge. She stands on the mantra “be your own kind of beautiful” because we all have our own unique style and beauty that we should let shine from the inside out.

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Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Flat Iron


So many flat irons . . . so little time

We’ve all been there, standing in front of a display of flat irons, dreaming of having our hair feel and look like it does when we leave the salon and asking ourselves “which one is the best flat iron?”, “which one should I choose?”, “what does Nano titanium mean?”.

It can be an overwhelming experience but it does not need to be. I am here to let you know a few things about the flat iron and to reassure you that you can have sleek, straight and frizz free hair in between salon visits. No really . . . you can. I have compiled a little list, a “how to” for the best flat iron, so you can know what it is you are looking for, and what you are looking at.

First things first. When purchasing a flat iron, you want to be sure that it is a Salon Professional name brand. Salon Professional tools will have higher heat settings and heat is what you need. Salon Professional Flat Irons will have ceramic plates, Nano Titanium plates, universal voltage and many other features. The following is a little explanation of what all these features are. As always, my aim is to educate and enlighten.

Nano-Technology – involves the compression of molecules. The result is greater stability and increased benefits of the properties of ceramic/tourmaline plates. (In other words – this technology ensures the best result possible from your flat iron).

Silver Nano-Technology – purifies and protects the hair for a silky, shiny, healthy finish.

Tourmaline – a natural source of negative ions and far infrared heat that eliminates frizz and seals in moisture, leaving hair smooth and shiny.

Floating Plates – permit easy gliding with perfect tension – less chance of snagging the hair or getting ridges through out the hair.

Advanced Ceramic Heater (MCH) – provides a quick heat up, stable temperatures and is more lightweight.

Sol-Gel Technology – these plates have a higher concentration of ceramic and titanium which offers increased durability and less friction for a smoother glide. (Great for coarse/thick hair)

Universal Voltage – this term means that the flat iron can be used anywhere in the world and you can know that the circuit won’t blow. You will still need a plug adapter for the wall, but you can rest easy that your flat iron will not short out and you won’t be left looking for the nearest hat shop.

Brand Names – You will want to look for Salon Professional brands such as Babyliss Pro, Avanti, CHI, GHD, HAI, to name a few. Most Professional flat irons will have a temperature control dial and will reach 450 degrees Fahrenheit  and some of the newer models have an auto shut off feature, the flat iron will shut off after 60 minutes without usage. Prices will range from $99.99 – $300.00, depending on the make and the model.

So there you have it. Quite honestly, when purchasing a flat iron it comes down to the features you need and the price you are comfortable with. If you are concerned about the heat and possible damage to your hair, there are many flat iron sprays on the market. Everyone from Redken to KMS to Joico offers a flat iron spray to help protect your hair from the heat of a flat iron.  If you are like me, and half way to work you find yourself thinking “Did I turn off my flat iron?”, you may want to be sure your new flat iron has the auto shut off feature.

Contributing author Sara Stancu is “That girl in the red coat”. Sara is also the manager of a salon and retail shop with over 20 years of customer service and sales experience. Her tell it like it is approach is aimed at educating and enlightening clients, stylists and salon owners. She has also been the woman locked in the bathroom hating her hair. You can follow Sara on her website That Girl in the red coat and Twitter.

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Sore Lips? Try This Soothing Home Remedy

Detail of young woman's face

Soothe Sore Lips

Sore lips that have taken a toll from the summer sun, salt water and chlorine, or the wind and cold that winter brings, need some extra TLC.  No one likes the feeling of dry, sore lips, plus it makes it really difficult to wear that great new lipstick you just bought. So, we have a quick tip that will keep your lips smooth and soft, perfect for that new shade or, for that first date that went better than expected.


Start with a pinch of sugar.


Add a squeeze of honey.


Now spread the mixture all around your lips.  I know, you’re going to be tempted to lick your lips or grab your favorite sweet cocktail, but you must resist. This is a potion for your lips, not your taste buds.


Using a small circular motion, gently rub the mixture around your lips covering the inner and outer area. Do this for about 2 minutes, but do it gently so you don’t irritate your sore lips.

Rinse your hands and face with warm water to remove the honey/sugar combo. Your lips will immediately feel smooth and super hydrated! It’s the result of the exfoliation from the sugar and moisture and healing properties of the honey.

For extra smoothness, add a layer of your favorite lip balm.  I personally like Smith’s Rosebud Salve. For best results, repeat this process every two days or so.

Anytime of the year can wreak havoc on our skin. But, we don’t have to just live with it. Hopefully, this quick home remedy will help you keep your lips kissable, pretty and soft.

Antonio Berducci
Contributing author Antonio Berducci. With over 17 years in hair, beauty and lifestyle experience, stylist Antonio Berducci has gained the wealth of information needed to help customers look and feel their best. Through extensive global travel and exposure to different cultures, he has gained the knowledge it takes to help you free yourself from the frustration that can sometimes come with finding the right style and look. Each month, he travels between New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Washington, D.C. Pay a visit to Antonio to see when he will be close to you. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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