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The Flower Braid; So, pretty so easy

The Flower Braid

The Flower Braid; Find Out How

I have such a sweet love affair with braids! There is an endless amount of different types of braids not to mention a variety of styles to wear them. I can’t seem to get enough of them! I want to introduce to you the fabulous new trend . . . the flower braid! You can rock this look from day to night, casual to fancy, and fun to flirty! Did I mention how super easy this braid is to create?! Let me show you.


1. Create a deep part following your natural part

2. Take 3 strands of hair about a quarter to a half of an inch

3. Begin to French braid starting with the 3 strands of hair

4. After completing the braid secure the end with an elastic hair tie

 The Flower Braid

 5. Delicately loosen the strands of the braid

6. Wrap the braid around in a circular motion

7. Pin the tail of the braid to the interior part of the flower

8. Secure tightly with bobby pins

If your hair is a little dirty it is easier to create this look. We first started by using Paul Mitchell’s new Dry Wash (which smells amazing) in the roots of the hair to give it a bit of a boost. Using hairspray is a must when completing the style, used on the model was Paul Mitchell’s Super Clean Finishing Spray. This spray is good to use because it will give the hair a flexible hold without making the hair look stiff and hard.

Added to the ends of the hair was Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil. This product is absolutely perfect; it will smooth the hair and tame the frizz. This oil is awesome because it is ultra lightweight and you will not have to worry about the oil making your hair super greasy by the end of the day!

The Flower braid is perfect for thin to thick hair but will show up better if you have some highlights and dimension in your hair. No matter your age the flower braid is such a fun hairstyle that anyone is able to rock.

Contributing author Tiffany Mauk graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communications and a minor in Marketing and Management. She has been working for Paul Mitchell Schools for a year and a half now and falls even more in love with the industry every day. She loves recruiting Future Professional’s to join the cosmetology journey and encouraging them to pursue their dreams. Tiffany recently started her own blog, The Gold Frame.

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Hair Extensions; Insider Secrets to Keep Them From Drying Out

hair extensions

Hair Extensions Need TLC From Time to Time

So you’ve had your brand new hair extensions put in and you’re feeling a million dollars! But what is the best way to keep your glamorous new hair extensions in tip top condition and prevent them drying out?

You should have been given after care advice by the hair stylist who applied them but here are a few basic tips to remember. Not all hair hair extensions are applied the same way, and the bonds can be different but stick to these few tips and you’ll help prolong the life of your extensions and keep the glamour that little bit longer!

Brush Often

Always use a soft bristle brush, and brush them several times a day, good quality extensions are bonded so that the hair cuticle is facing down the length of the hair and smoothing it down regularly helps prevent damage, and tangling, which can ruin a good “do”

Use a Conditioner

Use a good quality salon conditioner, (your hair stylist should have recommended one) but remember not to condition above the bonds of the extensions, as the smoothing properties in conditioner can cause the extension to “slip ” down the hair shaft of your natural hair and come out.

Use Protectant Products

Use salon heat protection products to prevent heat drying out your extensions, as with your natural hair , it is better to let your hair dry naturally for a while, before using heated appliances, reducing unnecessary stress.

Smoothing Products

Use a smoothing product for after drying your hair, but be aware that some products that contain silicone may infiltrate the bonds and again cause slippage of the extensions.

Color With Care 

ALWAYS get a professional colour done, do NOT attempt to colour either the hair extensions or your own hair while you have extensions, the colour, bleach and peroxide can enter between the bond and the natural hair, and whilst the other hair is rinsed, the chemicals will stay in that bond, and will eat away at the natural hair and cause it to break off, leaving you with no extensions, and very little of your own hair left!

If in doubt about anything, contact the hair stylist that applied your hair extensions, they will be able to guide you! But most of all enjoy ! Good quality, well applied and professionally blended hair extensions should be undetectable in your own hair, and provide you with the glamour and glitz you deserve!

Hair Extensions
Contributing author Rebecca Garratt is a freelance hair stylist with over 12 years hair salon experience and is a specialist in hair colour correction, in salon student training, and hair extensions as well as being a qualified hair stylist, Rebecca has two teenage boys and lives in Norwich, United Kingdom.

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Fall Runway Hair From Fashion Week

Fall Runway Hair

Fall in Love with The Runway Hair; Hottest Fall Hairstyles

There’s more to fall than just the changing weather! One look at the hottest fall runway hair from fashion weeks and you’ll be ready to change up your hairstyle as well. From easy, organic texture to soft, romantic braids, this fall is all about hair that is sexy, feminine, and totally touchable. Embrace change this fall and stay on trend with inspiration from these easy styles.

Fall Runway Hair


Give your hair a break from the flat iron and round brush! At the Proenza Schouler, Vera Wang, and DVF shows, hair was kept simple by enhancing the model’s natural texture. This “undone texture” translates to an effortless “lived in” look.

You can recreate this fall runway hair style at home by applying a texture creme (Bb Texture Creme $28) to towel dried hair and then using your fingers to blow dry (hair stylists call it “rough drying”), or, run out the door in less than 5 minutes by  scrunching your locks with the product  and letting it dry naturally.

Fall Runway Hair

Fall Runway Hair

Boho Braids

At the Rodarte show John Frieda hair stylist, Odile Gilbert, created a braided masterpiece by braiding strands from each side of the head and fastening it in the back center with a loose textured rosebud, made of the model’s hair. Gilbert paired these sweet braids with soft, natural waves. At the Alice+Olivia show, models wore a wreath of a textured braid wrapped around their heads.

Get this braided inspiration in your street style by creating a three strand braid on each side of the head. Wrap each braid to the opposite side of your head and pin. For a half up look,  create a three strand braid on each side of your head above the ears and tie together in the back. Cover the band with a sweet barrette or loose mini bun. Avoid excess fly aways with a silicone product (Paul Mitchell Gloss Drops $12).


Fall Runway Hair

Fall Runway Hair

Textured Top Knot

Top knots are still a chart topper from the fall runway hair, but with a new twist. Models at the Viktor & Rolf runway show, and the Adam Katz Sinding show, rocked top knots that were softer, with more natural texture, instead of the slicked back and perfect style of last season.

Recreate this look at home by misting a dry shampoo all over (Big Sexy). Using a wide tooth comb, collect and tie hair at the top of your head. With the comb, tease the pony to create soft texture. wrap the teased hair around the base of the pony and secure. Allow loose strands or pretty bangs to frame your face.


Fall Runway HairFall Runway Hair

Modern Waves

From Peachoo + Krejberg to Cynthia Rowley, runways in New York and Milan saw a storm of effortlessly elegant waves. With more product for structure and definition, the waves of choice this season were tighter and more separated than the subtle beach waves of past runways.

Apply a curl gel (Paul Mitchell Round Trip $12) on towel dried hair and diffuse with a blowdryer. Once dry, wrap sections of hair around a 1″ curling iron, leaving the ends out so the curls aren’t too precious. Use your fingers to separate and deconstruct curls for an edgy, modern look.

Fall Runway Hair

Fall Runway Hair


Bigger was better this season at the Kate Spade and Bottega Veneta shows. For the Kate Spade show, stylist Tommy Buckett with Garnier, created a throwback 70’s wave complete with teasing and high powered hairspray. For the Bottega Veneta show in Milan, Redken’s Guido went for more of an elegant vintage look, with a smooth top and full curls.

Translate these fall runway hair looks to an every day style by using hot rolls for sexy volume. Tease the crown and sides for extra oomph, being sure to use your comb to blend and smooth the tease on top. Finish with a high octane hairspray (Garnier Fructis Full Control Aerosol Hairspray $5) for a va-va-voluminous look.

Hairstyle Blog contributing author Lindsay Hausch
Contributing author Lindsay Hausch has provided clients with professional cutting edge color and cutting techniques at exclusive Paul Mitchell and Bumble and Bumble Signature Salons for the past seven years. She co-founded Sedona Beauty Team, which represents a team of artists that offer luxury, on-location beauty services. She enjoys writing articles that share her expertise. You can follow Lindsay on Twitter and FaceBook.

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