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How to Prolong Hair Color Life

how to keep hair color from fading

How to Keep Hair Color From Fading

You finally got the color you’ve dreamed about. You no longer flip through magazines and think to yourself, “I wish my color looked like hers”. Every highlight and every lowlight is perfectly placed. You couldn’t be happier. But two days later, you start to panic because you have to wash your hair. What if it washes out? It will surely fade. And continue to fade with every wash. So what can you do? You’ve spent a lot of money on something that will only look stunning for a week. Well, think again. Here are some super simple steps you can follow to keep your hair color lasting longer and making less trips to the salon (unless you’re gray because unfortunately we haven’t found a way to permanently get rid of those YET!).

Shampoo Less Often

It is probably the most obvious step, right? What is difficult, however, is keeping that unwanted oil away. If you have never tried a dry shampoo, do it. Dry shampoos are designed to freshen up the way your hair smells and desiccate any moisture that has built up at your roots. I would suggest a professional product as opposed to an over-the-counter product. Paul Mitchell makes a great dry shampoo called Dry Wash. Dry Wash is an aerosol spray that you apply directly to your roots and brush through your hair. It smells great and even gives body, leaving the hair looking refreshed and clean.

Gloss It Up

Many hair color brands offer a great chemical process that doesn’t add additional color but will act as a type of “top coat” to preserve the hair color underneath and add amazing shine. Ask your hair stylist about this service because, trust me, it will be worth the extra charge. Paul Mitchell has a product called the Clear Shine that does exactly this. It also acts as a six to eight week treatment that is great for highlighted or over-processed hair to condition those ends.

Give Your Hair A Drink!

Hair that is dry and damaged is less likely to hold a hair color. So that full head of color you just paid a pretty penny for is not going to last if you aren’t using the right products. Color Protect shampoos and conditioners are great to use not only immediately after you receive the service, but at every wash. Also, read those bottles! Find out what you are using and what it’s doing for your hair. Many professional color protect shampoos and conditioners not only prolong your color life by conditioning, but also protect against UV rays and other natural agents that break down hair color.

Keep Up With Your Color

We’ve all waited until our regrowth has reached our ears before calling to make an appointment. Of course it doesn’t look that great, but another downfall to doing this is that your hair has already faded to the point that you’re basically starting over. If you keep up with your color, returning to the salon about every six to eight weeks, your hair will hold those color molecules and will stay hydrated with the addition of the “top coat”.

Product: Your Hair’s Best Friend

Many professional products are designed to not only help with the styling process and finishing, but also to protect your hair against damaging agents, such as UV rays and sun damage. We all love sitting by the pool in the summertime, but watch the time spent in chlorine. If you are a water lover, it will be a good idea to invest in a good clarifying shampoo to remove those chemicals that can not only damage your hair, but also pull out your color or hair change the tone entirely. So don’t pass up that Take Home stand and listen when your stylist recommends products. Your hair will thank you for it!

how to keep hair color from fading
Contributing author Erica King is the Social Networking Leader for the cosmetology school Bella Capelli located in Pittsburgh, PA. Bella Capelli is a Paul Mitchell Partner School that utilizes the professional Paul Mitchell techniques for hair design. Erica joined the team only a few months ago, and she not only manages the school’s social networking sites, but also writes blogs about hair care, products, and how-tos. You can follow the school and read more of Erica’s work on WordPress and Facebook.

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Hair Accessories Every Gatsby Gal Should Own

Gatsby Hair Accessories

Gatsby Hair Accessories You Need to Own

You’ve read the book, you’ve seen the movie, and you’ve been rocking out to the Jay-Z and Beyonce track off the Great Gatsby Soundtrack ever since it was released . . . but that’s not enough. You want to be a Gatsby Gal through and through . . . and you can, without wearing head to toe sequins and smoking cigarettes out of a long dainty holder. Give a nod to the roaring 20s through your Gatsby hair accessories, the period pieces that can be seamlessly integrated into 2013 style trends. Don’t be surprised when the Charleston replaces your signature move at the club upon donning these Great Gatsby inspired hair accessories and your co-workers start calling you Daisy Buchanan.

Speaking of Ms. Buchanan, Casey Mulligan’s glamorous bedazzled headband was easily the most eye-catching aspect of The Great Gatsby remake (other than Leonardo DiCaprio’s still-good looks after all these years!). Extravagantly sparkling hair accessories, like the one she wears as Daisy, were incredibly popular in the 1920s, however, it must’ve caught the eye of designers too as more and more embellished headbands are popping up on the market.

The ASOS Flapper Jewel Headband is similar in style and sparkle to the one Mulligan wears in every poster advertising the movie. And at $32, it’s a much more affordable find than the original, which was designed by Tiffany and Co. But if the glitzy headbands still aren’t flashy enough for you, up the ante with additional decorative flair from the era. Feathers and fringe were both popular for flapper girls and featured on many of the women in the film. Miss Selfridge’s Feather Headband, $26, appears to be lifted from the set itself and definitely makes a bold statement.Gatsby Hair Accessories

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m not a Daisy at all,” though. Maybe you fancy yourself more like Isla Fisher as Myrtle Wilson. In that case, you’re going to need a head scarf to tie around your hair! You can go for a plain color or a two toned, like Mrytle’s, but more often we saw scarves with vintage patterns on them, like the Halogen “Graphic Oblong” Scarf $38. A headscarf easily dresses up a casual outfit or dresses down more formal attire and, as we saw in the film, accompanies both long and short hair nicely.

Gatsby Hair Accessories

Barrettes and hair clips were also aplenty on the set and a necessary accessory addition to your Gatsby Gal wardrobe. Barrettes are surely the most subtle of the suggestions, however, they don’t have to be. Your clips and barrettes can be just as bejeweled and lavish as the headbands above, even though they are often times small.  The TopShop Flower Rhinestone Hair Clip for $33 looks as though it used to be a part of one of Daisy’s headbands, as it has just as many gems but can be used to pull your finger curls away from your face or secure your bangs in a slicked back look.Gatsby Hair Accessories

Anthropologie’s Crystal Floret Barrette $18 incorporates floral and rhinestones for a more conservative Gatsby girl who still deserves a little flair in her hair.

Gatsby Hair Accessories

Regardless of your style or hair length, try these fashionable Gatsby hair accessories and you may have the man of your dreams looking for the green light in your life!


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Best Haircuts For Men With Long Hair

Best Haircuts For Men

4 Great Haircuts for Guys with Long Hair

These days men can pull of new and stylish hairstyles and no longer are sticking to their routine hairdo. With the fashion trends reaching new heights, men have joined the race as well and are giving women some serious competition for salon services.

Used to be that men would stick to their usual style of keeping it simple and short, however, today, men donning longer haircuts are the order of the day with more and more men opting for longer hair.

Long hair is extremely versatile to style and can suit a myriad of hair types including curly, straight and wavy. With so much to look forward to there is hardly any reason to shy away from long hair. However, if you do decide to go long, it is important that you pick out hair dressing scissors and trim your hair every once in a while to keep it neat and free of any split ends.

Best Haircuts For Men

Wavy long hair

If your hair is wavy and boasts of volume then you must flaunt it by adding layers to your hair. It will help add oodles of volume to your hair making it look sleek and shiny. Besides, it will also help define the wavy nature of the hair. With wavy and layered hair, you need not spend long hours styling it. You can wear it in a way that lets the waves and curls fall naturally or you could give it a side partition so that the bangs slightly cover your forehead. Wavy hair tends to get frizzy, therefore, you hair products choices should include products that help keep the frizz under control. Besides, a shine spray or liquid is a must since frizz can tend to take the shine away.

Best Haircuts For Men

The bob cut for men

If you thought that the mighty old bob cut was designed to simply suit women, you must think again. The bob cut looks incredibly stylish on men as well. Ideally, bob cuts do not boast of any layers. Besides, the length of your hair should not exceed the jaw line. This lends a touch of masculinity to your overall look. To have more control over your look, a good quality hair gel will always do the trick.

Best Haircuts For Men

The beach look

Almost anyone having long hair can pull off this look without actually putting in much of an effort. The key here is to avoid layers and allow the same length for your hair throughout. Pick out hair dressing scissors and snip at the bottom ends to make them look unkempt and add some much needed texture to your look. This is also a good time to essentially colour or add highlights to your hair that gets lighter as it reaches the tip of your hair. However, it should not look too perfect and must have a natural flow to it. You can finish the look with some texturizing spray to add more character to your hairdo.

Best Haircuts For Men

The ponytail

This is one hot hairstyle for men and looks extremely stylish if done well. The main idea behind a ponytail is to keep your hair from falling into your face too often. Therefore, a generous amount of gel touching every strand of your hair is a must as this helps keep your hair in place. Comb your hair, pull it back and secure with an elastic band into a ponytail.


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