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What’s your best hair styles for your body shape?

Kelly Clarkson has a round face shape and should not wear this bob hairstyle

What’s your best hair styles for your body shape

You may think this sounds frivolous at first, matching the design of the best hair styles for body shape, but, when you’re in love with your hair style, one underlying design feature it has is . . . it all balances out. A good hairdresser knows this intuitively and creates it by design.

“Get the best hair styles for your body shape” If you have a medium build, you have more options and your hair type, face shape and lifestyle issues will take precedence in what works best for you. Here are some typical body shapes and general rules of thumb to go by for choosing the right hairstyle.

  • Best Hair Styles for Body Shape: Small and petite

    • Stay away from: Big hair, it will overpower your body shape. Also, wearing it longer than shoulder length is out of proportion for your height.

    • Go towards: Short hair, it will flatter you best! Experiment with super short, edgy hair styles with sharp definitive lines, boyish short looks, or feminine wispy hair styles.

  • Best Hair Styles for Body Shape: Short and curvy

    • Stay away from: Avoid hair styles that create rounded silhouettes. Big hair will overpower your frame and too short of hair will give the illusion of a smaller head and weightier frame.

    • Go towards: Your best hair styles will give the illusion of lengthening your body shape. Go for looks with height on top that are not too full on the sides and are not longer than the collar bone.

  • Best Hair Styles for Body Shape: Tall and large boned

    • Stay away from: Cutting your hair too short will make your head appear smaller, making your body shape appear larger.

    • Go towards: Medium and longer lengths work best that are layered to give some fullness, shape and femininity to your hair style.


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The Best Hair Perms

Sexy Curls with face-framing layers

How to Get the Best Hair Perms

I can remember hair perms from the 80s. They were big, frizzy and crunchy are three words that come to mind when I think of 80s hair perms. Luckily, hair perms have come a long way since then and now you can get a hair perm that looks natural and beautiful. Whether you want to add a bit of body or all over curl, perms can now give you exactly what you want. “All About Hair Perms”If you want a hair perm, there are a few things to take into consideration before you get it done. If you have colored or high lighted hair, you may want to stay away from hair perms altogether. Color and high lights can be damaging enough, but when you add another chemical process (a hair perm) on top of it, it can just damage hair additionally and leave it looking dry, frizzy and unmanageable. This isn’t always the case though, so if you do have previously colored or high lighted hair, ask a professional hairdresser. If your hair is overall fairly healthy, then you would probably be okay with getting a perm.

Hair perms can give you a slight wave or you can get very tight curls as well. When you go in for your appointment, make sure you bring in a picture of what you would like your curls to look like. This will help your hairdresser see your ‘vision’ of how curly you’d like to go.

When the day comes to get your hair permed, make sure that you explain what you want to your hairdresser thoroughly (and bring a picture). Expect to be at the salon for a couple hours for the entire process. Rolling all of your hair onto the perm rods takes time and then the hairdresser will apply a perm solution to your hair, rinses it, then applies another neutralizing solution, rinses that and that’s it.

You may want to consider a haircut as well to get rid of any damaged ends after the process. Your hair perm should last several months before you need it redone.


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Popular Hairstyles Can Make You Look Younger

Popular Hairstyles

Want to Look Younger? Try these Popular Hairstyles

Visual Makeover covered it in its article Hairstyles that Make You Look Younger. Your hairstyle can either age you or make you look younger. The question is, what do you want to achieve from your hairstyle?  I know, for myself, I’d like the latter of the two.

Let’s take a look at how these popular hairstyles can give you that youthful look you are after. First, what does youthful hair look like? Youthful hair is often full-bodied and very shiny. Hairstyles that make you look younger should be loose and touchable. Here are some great examples of popular hairstyles that will help you achieve a younger look.

This hairstyle is also full of body, just like Jennifer Aniston’s second look. Body and touch-ability go a long way in taking years off your look. Get body by setting hair on hot rollers or giant Velcro rollers. Either one will give you beautiful, touchable hair full of body.

Poplular Hairstyles
Drew Barrymore’s Popular Hairstyle

Although Drew Barrymore has got the popular hairstyles part down with the big ‘do, she is missing shine, which is a key element in youthful looking hair.

Poplular Hairstyles
A Popular Hairstyle from Drew Barrymore

A little shine serum goes a long way to create a younger looking hairstyle on Drew Barrymore. If your hair is dull or lackluster, you can use a shine serum to create a beautiful sheen like seen here.

Remember, when trying to achieve a youthful look with all popular hairstyles, add softness, body and shine to achieve the look. For more great looks check out our Pinterest Aging Gracefully Board.


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