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Should I Dye My Hair?

Dye My Hair

Dye My Hair Dos and Don’ts

If you’ve been asking yourself, “should I dye my hair?” this article should go a long way towards answer those troublesome doubts to rest. Getting a new hair color is one of the quickest, most effective ways to revamp your look. Depending on your choice of hair dye, it can also make you look younger. But there are a lot of considerations to be made before opting to dye your hair – whether it is done by a professional or using your own home dyeing kit. The chemical treatment can have a significant impact on the overall health condition of your strands.

Are you considering getting your hair dyed? There are a few things you need to know that will help you come to a decision. First off, dyed hair requires superior care and maintenance. Double processed hair, to be specific, is something you need to be willing to spend time and money on for optimum hair health. The biggest risk associated with dyed hair is the possibility of the hair’s natural texture changing. It will noticeably become drier and coarser to the touch. Make sure that you understand these before you proceed with dyeing your hair.

Dye My Hair

Are you willing to invest time and money to care for your hair?

Introducing hair dye and color chemicals into your hair can make it vulnerable to damage. The process aggravates the porosity of your hair, especially if you have existing issues from other chemical treatments. The hair’s internal protein structure is damaged in the process causing it to become less resilient when it comes to fighting other stressful issues that your hair is exposed to on a daily basis.

Dye My Hair

In the process, you need to be aware that dyeing your hair will require you to invest in products designed for color-treated hair. A regular trip to the salon might be recommended, as well. It is important for a professional hair stylist to diagnose your hair condition and fight damage as it occurs.

Is it the right time to dye?

Another important consideration before you decide to dye your hair is the period of time in-between chemical treatments. If you just had a relaxer treatment, or any other chemical treatment for that matter, you need to think twice before getting dyeing your hair. The ideal time in between such treatments several weeks. If you can go for longer, then that would be much better.

Dye My Hair

If you dye hair sooner than this recommended window, your hair cuticle will be aggravated. When the hair cuticle is under attack, you can expect to suffer from hair breakage.

What is your hair’s existing condition? Is it in optimal health?

The chemicals in the hair dye can beat down on the hair cuticle and make it exposed to damaging elements. You need to assess your hair’s condition before dyeing it. If you do not know how to assess your hair, you can always visit an expert hairstylist. They know what the characteristics of a healthy hair are. If you insist on dyeing hair that is not in top health will only add to the problem. Besides, you probably won’t be happy with the result either.

Have you considered other semi-permanent hair color options?

There are several types of products to color your hair available in the market. Have you taken the time to learn about them? Have you considered opting for the temporary hair color route, which is far less damaging on your hair and requires no long-term commitment?

Hair shadows or hair chalk are quite popular these days. They are also good options if you would like to try out bright colors or hues.

What kind of prepping to do for your hair?

Dye My Hair

Another vital step to take care of if you are considering dyeing your hair is preparation. Hair care experts recommend that you need to undergo deep conditioning treatment before you dye hair. Choose a deep conditioning recipe that contains protein or keratin. This kind of treatment is intended to fortify the hair strands and introduce lots of moisture into each strand. Pre conditioned hair absorbs dye more effectively so you can get a vibrant new color, as well as protect your hair from further damage.

Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist
Contributing author Abby Pringles is a writer who likes to write about topics relating to beauty, hair, and fashion. You can check her personal blog, Life in the Fash Lane, to read more of her works. Aside from fashion and beauty, Abby is also a hardcore basketball and tennis fan. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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Female Hair Loss; Here are Some Options

Female Hair Loss

Hair Regrowth Remedies For Female Hair Loss

One of the worst parts about getting older is the slow-but-sure loss of hair that accelerates as more candles get added to the birthday cake. After all, no one likes bald spots or stringy hair, and that goes double for those unlucky women who experience female pattern baldness before their time. There are several hair loss remedies that for just a small investment can bring your head back to your teenage glory days, with little to no hassle.

However, when it comes to hair loss, there are literally countless “homemade remedies” that spring up on the Internet all the time. These false hopes all try to con you out of your hard earned cash and send you down a road that may end up damaging your hair follicles even more, something that you need to avoid at all costs. So, to help you weed through all these red herrings, here are a few of the most proven treatments that may ensure a full, luscious head of hair deep into your golden years:

Over the Counter Treatments

Though this may seem obvious, Rogain and other over the counter treatments are often the easiest ways to promote natural hair growth. These treatments use special ingredients that reinvigorate hair follicles that have begun to shrink as a result of hereditary hair loss. While they don’t work on everybody, trying them may be the quickest route to the remedy you have been looking for. You also may want to try Bosley Healthy Hair Vitality or NuHair Hair Regrowth Tablets if Women’s Rogain doesn’t do the trick.

Natural Female Hair Loss Remedies

If over the counter treatments don’t work, or if you don’t like the idea of putting chemicals into your hair, there are several natural treatments that have worked for many people, though many are not exactly “proven remedies”. For example, Curry Leaves and Coconut tonic—a mixture made out of boiled curry leaves and coconut oil—has been said to help hair grow faster. You also might find some success with adding Castor oil to your conditioner, or even a vinegar rinse. Again, these are not proven tactics, but many do swear by these natural remedies; you might just be surprised!

Last Resort: NeoGraft Hair Transplants

If you have tried absolutely everything, and you still can’t find a way to beat hair loss, it might be time for you to try getting a hair transplant. If you do get a hair transplant then it’s important to do your research into where would be best to go. For example, the costs are very different country to country so it might be cheaper getting a transplant in Turkey rather than your home country. Check out this article on Hair Transplant Turkey Cost to find out more. And yes, yes we understand that hair transplants have a bad rap in the beauty community, but that is mainly because of a misunderstanding of the technology. It is true that some hair transplants can result in what many call “doll-like” hair, but NeoGraft technology—a new form of hair transplant technology—is much more advanced. If performed by the correct surgeon, you can end up with a natural head of hair that grows, and looks amazing. Best of all, you don’t get the linear scarring that many other transplant technologies leave you with.


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3 Must Know Curly Hair Tips

Long, curly haired woman with Coarse, Unmanageable Hair

Naturally curly hair needs TLC and know-how to really shine!

Many women see curly hair as an a miscue on Mother Nature’s part and are in a constant battle with their hair. But if you end the war and begin to work with your luscious curls instead of going always against the grain your hair can become one of your greatest assets with these simple curly hair tips.

As a  hairstylist with curly hair, there are many things I can share with you about ways to make your curls more vibrant and manageable. My biggest fear always, was getting a haircut. I HATED getting haircuts. As you know curly hair springs up once its cut and I can share stories about what I use to do when it did.

I made the mistake of chopping my hair off in beauty school, primarily because we highlighted it every day until, needless to say, it was Fried! The curl became limp, the ends were split and the color was God, awful. That’s what we did in beauty school. We had to learn somewhere. It only took 10 years to grow my long curls back . . . or so it seemed. So here are some tips that curly girls like may find helpful.

Hairstylist Blowing Out Curly Hair

Save length with a dry cut

Ask your hairstylist to blow out your hair before cutting it. This can seriously help limit the amount of hair some hairstylists cut off. Most hairstylists know that the tension used when cutting curly hair, makes a huge difference in how much length is cut off in the end. In my opinion, curly hair is more difficult to cut when wet. It’s hard to retain the same tension throughout and it’s easy to cut off more than desired. So asking your hairstylist to blow out your hair before cutting it may save you some coveted length.

Long Curly Hair Side by Side Before and After Keratin Hair Treatment

Before and After Keratin Hair Treatment

Consider a Keratin Brazilian Treatment

I know, there has been lots of controversy over the formaldehyde concerns, but did you know that aspartame, the sugar substitute also seen in diet soda, can be just as harmful if not more? And your drinking that! Keratin is the natural protein your hair is made of and with this treatment, we simply infuse with heat, the natural protein, back into your hair.

The benefits are incredible. It gives hair strength, flexibility and it locks in hair color so it doesn’t fade as quickly. It reduces blow-dry time and in most cases, you can let your hair air dry. I’ve done it and my curls have never looked better! Keratin Brazilian treatment is not a straightening treatment, it’s a conditioning treatment and I highly recommend it! But, read up on it for yourself. Many salons offer Keratin Brazilian treatments, and it has not been banned by any state regulators so proceed with caution. A good suggestion though is to limit treatments and make sure the salon has good ventilation.

Ask for product recommendations

There are too many hair care products out there to choose from and you can save yourself time, money and many bad hair days by asking your hairstylist for recommendations. Ask what would be best for the results you are looking for, with your hair type. Some favorites of mine, Moroccan oil and shine spray are great, but in small amounts.

When it is humid out, your hair is going to frizz or curl up, so a good straightener or blow-out serum works wonders. These products will protect your hair from the heat of a blow dryer and help your hairstyle last longer. Be careful not to hold the dryer directly on your hair or the brush when blowing it smooth. Allow at least a few inches or more between your blow dryer and your hair . . . you’ll thank me later for healthier, more vibrant hair!

Guest Author Lauren DeCosimo is a Licensed New York hairstylist with over 11 years of experience. Lauren caters to all types of hairstyling requests from bridal to editorial. She worked in a Salon through out high school and college and after experiencing the inflexibility that a salon environment offers its Brides, she decided to start her own Wedding Business, that would meet those needs. You can find more about Lauren on FaceBook.

For pictures of great looks check out our Pinterest Curly Hairstyles and Wavy Hairstyles Boards.

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