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    50 Beauty Tips that You’ve Never Heard Before

    Secrets Worth Stealing!

    Hairstyle-Blog has comprised an exclusive list of really unique and useful beauty tips that you aren’t likely to find anywhere else! Check them out now to unveil all the insider secrets.

    Skin Care

    1. A good night’s sleep will make you look more refreshed than any beauty product.
    2. Coconut oil is wonderful, natural moisturizer.
    3. Strawberries make a great facial mask, and you can use them to whiten your teeth as well!
    4. Toothpaste clears up zits. Just place a dab on your pimples to dry them out.
    5. A red popsicle is a great lip stain!
    6. Honey is sweeter than a chap stick, and it’s excellent at moisturizing your lips!
    7. Honey helps heal cold sores.
    8. Lip liner should be the same color as your lipstick.
    9. Apply a facial mask while you’re in the shower. The steam helps open your pores making the mask more effective.
    10. Egg white make a wonderful facial mask for oily skin. Wisk them until they become frothy then apply them to your face.
    11. Baby oil is a gentle, inexpensive makeup remover.
    12. Suds up in an oatmeal bath for smoother skin.
    13. Avoid hot water. Hot water is known to dry skin and dull hair.
    14. Keep your sunglasses and reading glasses clean. Glasses are a breeding ground for bacteria, so dirty shades can lead to excessive breakouts.
    15. Sleep on your back to prevent premature wrinkling and sagging of your skin.
    16. Moderate substances that can dehydrate you including caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.
    17. Use natural ingredients on your hair and skin as much as possible.

    Hair Care

    1. Rinse your hair with cool water for a natural shine.
    2. Make greasy hair appear fresh by sprinkling a bit of baby powder on your roots.
    3. Aspirin gets rid of dandruff! All you have to do is put the pills in a cup of water. Once they dissolve, apply the solution on your scalp for 10 minutes.
    4. Never brush wet hair! Detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb instead.
    5. Avoid hair care products with alcohol. They can dry out and ultimately damage your hair.
    6. Wet your hair with clean, unchlorinated water before you go swimming.
    7. Dryer sheets help get rid of static hair. Simply run a  sheet over the length of your hair.
    8. Mayonnaise is an effective conditioner.
    9. Leave conditioner on as long as possible to get the maximum benefits.
    10. Deep condition your hair with olive oil. It’s inexpensive, natural, and moisturizes your hair just as well as other conditioning products.
    11. Protein treatments are a fantastic way to repair damaged hair.
    12. Vinegar makes your hair shiny. Try it at home by mixing equal parts of vinegar and water. Leave on the solution for 5-10 minutes then shampoo your hair to discover the sleek, shiny results.
    13. Apply petroleum jelly around your hairline before you color your hair to prevent staining of your skin.
    14. You can lighten your hair with lemon juice. Check out this article to find out how.
    15. Clarifying shampoo is effective at removing unwanted buildup.
    16. Products with UV protection help protect your hair from the sun.
    17. Opt for metal free hair elastic to prevent excess damage.
    18. Ribbons add a special touch to any ponytail. All you have  to do is wrap the ribbon around the elastic.
    19. Braid your hair at night, and simply unwrap the braids in the morning to create a beautiful wavy hairstyle that will last all day!

    Nail Care

    1. Buffer your nails with a four-way buffer to create a brilliant, natural shine.
    2. Toothpicks are a great tool to help you create nail art at home.
    3. Practice painting a straight line on the edge of your fingernails and toenails. Before you know it, you’ll be able to create French manicure and pedicures like a pro.
    4. Never cut or push back your cuticle! They protect you from infection and bacteria.
    5. Soften your cuticle with an oil or lotion.
    6. Nail polish strips allow you to create flawless salon looks in minutes. Check them out here.
    7. Steer clear of nail polishes that contain harmful chemicals like DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde.
    8. Drink milk! Calcium helps your nails grow.
    9. Wear gloves when you’re performing tasks that involve chemicals.
    10. Save time by using a speed dry nail polish.
    11. Limit the times you wash your hands, for this can cause your nails to become dry and brittle.
    12. Shampoo can cause your nails to become dry too.
    13. Be aware of the color of your nails. A change in nail color can be a sign of a serious health problem.
    14. Don’t bite your nails. SuperNail Bite No More is a product that can help you kick the bad habit.

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