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    Adam Lambert’s Emo Hair Style

    Adam Lambert rocking an Elvis hair style on American Idol

    From Emo Hair Style to Elvis Pompadour on American Idol!

    Last night on American Idol Adam Lambert morphed from his usual unusual, emo hair style to an Elvis pompadour! For those of you scratching your heads wondering what an “emo hair style” is, Adam’s original hairstyle qualifies as such.

    Emo is a hairstyle with an attitude! The term emerged in the early 80’s on the hard core punk music scene and became associated with open displays of strong emotion. It’s short for emotional and the emotional punk movement.

    Today the term “emo” is tied to both music and fashion as well as inspiration toward a new subculture. The people of this movement are extraordinarily unique. They express their individuality by setting themselves apart from the mainstream trends. Their hairdo fashions are their artistic way of conveying their deepest emotions.

    The classic hair style of this trend is black with asymmetrical bangs or fringe, covering one eye and has lots of razored texture to give wispy, defined edges, like Adam’s hairstyle. There is in fact a fine art to creating this haircut and a flat iron is used to straighten and define the edges. Adam also wears the look in a defining way by wearing black tight jeans, tee’s, black eyeliner and black nail polish. Other hair colors that you see this unique culture wearing now are the cool dark tones, like blue, red and purple.

    Adam does have an eerie look about him that makes one wonder if Elvis lives! And wearing a new twist of the pompadour makes you kinda wonder doesn’t it? I think this season, we are going to see one of the men take the prize of “American Idol.” Adam? Danny? Matt? But, Allison may be a possibility!

    Elvis Presley with Pompadour Hairstyle
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    1. AHm hEy,,,,, adAm LamBert iS So GREat…. hE iS so aWesome i Like her SonGs,,, oUtfITS,,,i lIke hIm sO mUCh…..

      Comment by Kate hylene Santos — March 25, 2010 @ 9:05 pm

    2. Hey, Sally…just go for it! I’m a 46 year old former rocker chick who has been sporting this cut for a couple of months now, and everybody LOVES it! It really brings out the eyes, so I’ve been going a little heavier on the liner, shadow, and mascara. Not caring what people think is key, or course, but it’s nice to get all the compliments! ;) Just be yourself whatever you choose.

      Comment by Cindy — June 10, 2009 @ 7:36 pm

    3. I really would like to be part of this scene but I am not sure if I could pull this through. Not because of all these bullies but the look is more extreme than what I used to look like. I think not caring for what other people say is the real deal about being “in scene”, right?

      Comment by Sally — May 29, 2009 @ 4:14 am

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