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    American Idol Hair Styles and Face Shapes

    American Idol Hair Styles

    Are American Idol’s Wearing the Right Hair Styles?

    “American Idol
    Hair Styles”

    What about the hairstyles the American Idol contestants are wearing? So many are watching the contestants every move as they vie for a spot in the coveted 12!! Tonight three contestants will be picked from the 12 in group #3, to be part of the final 12!! Here are the women who will be in the competition tonight and the hairstyles they’ve chosen to wear.

    American Idol Hair Styles Arrianna Afsar
    Arianna Afsar American Idol Hair style

    Arianna Afsar’s hairstyle suits her well. This 16 year old, whew, looking more mature than her age, portrays a natural kind of beauty and genuineness about her. Her face shape looks in this pic, to be somewhere between round and oval face. She has rounded tendencies to her cheeks with a lower hairline which also contributes to a more symmetrical or round face shape. Long soft curls and an off-center part, are both good choices for a round face shape. An off center part gives an asymmetry to the style where a middle part would accentuate roundness to her face shape.

    American Idol Hair Styles Felicia Barton
    Felicia Barton American Idol Hair Style

    What a doll! From Virginia Beach, Va. Felicia, is a 26 year old diva! Adorable! Chipped bangs and long layered, highly texturized black hair fits her great.  In this photo shoot picture, her face shape looks like what I would call a more ‘dramatic oval.’ Her jawbones are prominent, yet her chin line softens, narrows and lengthens her face shape. This hairstyle is a good choice for her, yet, she has the face shape that can wear any length and almost any hair style. Not fair huh?

    American Idol Hair Styles Kendall Beard
    Kendall Beard American Idol Hair Style

    Kendall Beard is 23 years old and is appropriately from (music city) Austin, Texas. I know this is starting to sound boring, but she also falls into oval face shape. This pic from her photo shoot, makes one want to describe her as, ‘cute as a button.” Her long layered, softly curled hair, with bangs looks cute on her but, in this pic at least, her hair looks too fine and thin to wear it this long. Don’t know if she is wearing extensions, but they would probably help.  I haven’t seen her, but her hair type, fine and thin, would have a hard time holding up these curls for long. (P.S. . . bangs are cute on her but they also make her look younger.)

    American Idol Hair Styles Kristen McNamara
    Kristen McNamara American Idol Hair Style

    From my favorite wine country, Napa Valley, Ca., is  23 yr old Kristen McNamara (doesn’t look Irish?) Yup, you named it, oval face shape it is. Kristen’s big almond eyes are clearly a focal point of her cute face and bangs are a great way of drawing attention to them. Haven’t seen her yet either, but, I like the darker hair underneath idea, however the top looks too light and too yellow in this pic, for her skin tone to me.

    American Idol Hair Styles Taylor Vaifanua
    Taylor Vaifanua American Idol Hairstyle

    Wowzer . . . another 16 year old singing for a top spot in American Idol! That amazes me, but anyways, in from Hurricane, Ut. this  r/b hip hop singer, has a face shape in-between round and oval/roundish. In this photo shoot pic, Taylor’s face shape looks more round. Wearing her bangs mostly full here, it shortens the appearance of her face shape. Also, when smiling big, the weight in her face distributes to a more rounded look. (Note how your own face shape changes from smiling and not smiling.)  I like her bangs better when swept over more, making them look more like a partial bang, it elongates her face shape. Another way to elongate her look would be to create height at the crown, with backcombing.

    Good luck tonight ladies!!!

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