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    American Idol Hairstyles – Minneapolis Disaster!

    American Idol Hairstyles Disappointment

    “American Idol Hairstyle Let Down”

    I was watching as American Idol began their new season showcasing hopefuls from my area of Minneapolis, St. Paul. Hooked, like so many others, apparently 37 million others, I was confident I could do a twofer that night. Thought I could catch some good entertainment AND find some American Idol hairstyles that would be blog-worthy. Little did I know of the shows plan of events. I ended up with absolutely nothing to report on the American Idol hairstyle front and I was not very entertained. So forgive me if I do a little personal rant.

    Last year I got hooked on the show but hadn’t seen it from the very beginning. Did past episodes start like this one, with sooo many poor vulnerable souls who are set up for the big put down? Maybe it was that I was expecting to see a lot more talent from my stomping grounds of Minneapolis, St. Paul, that I know we have plenty of. I am reminded that American Idol has its own agenda on which it’s achieved it’s number 1 status.

    There is a part in all of us that wants to see the underdog make it to the top of the heap and the kid next door become the next American Idol. That is after all the American Dream. But, in the name of entertainment, we hear the hard luck stories and see the . . . oh, so hard to watch . . . hopeful individuals who, apparently are unaware of the demise before them. The producers have chosen these contestants, out of thousands who audition, to compete in front of America, to be given up for the slaughter.

    I’m hopeful they will find a way to keep the show a success and drop the rather inhuman ridicule of the unsuspecting. They have heard this already echoed across the country. If your uncertain that many talented kids get passed by in order to fill the chopping blocks with the lambs . . . here is a friend who didn’t make the cut . . . check it out . . .

    I guess I’m mad at Simon and Randy’s comments about the lack of talent in Minneapolis and St. Paul. We have an abundance of musical talent here in the Twin Cities, you just weren’t allowed to see it. What do you think?

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