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Baby Boomers Lead Hair Trends

Meryl Steep grey hair in The Devil Wears Prada
Hair care products . . . What to expect from the hair trends

If you’re in a hurry, here is the one sentence cliff notes on this article. “Hair trends show we are becoming more vain than our mothers” Kinder, gentler products that have shorter processing time and lower prices at Wal-Mart for hair care products that used to be “Salon Only” is the hair trends.

I found this article interesting in several areas of hair trendsetting. Baby Boomers seem to be having a bigger impact than expected, in driving what the big brand names work on in their labs. Baby Boomers also seem to be buying more hair care products than previous generations as they age. Maybe as a nation we are becoming more vain than our mothers?

But another interesting part of this article is that they are predicting more diversion, in the hair salon industry, rather than less. Product diversion is the term used to describe how “Salon Only” products end up on the shelf of your local convenience store. That may seem like good news for you consumers, but that’s not necessarily true. . . look again. There are now more hair products to choose from than ever before. Your hairdresser can direct you not only to the the right product for your hair type, but also they can show you the correct way to use it. Both of these things are important if you want to make the best use of the hair care product you purchase.

By the way I posted a very in-depth article on the subject of product diversion that you may find interesting here : hair care product labels . . . are they truthful?

Color and Styling Hair Trends Drive Salon Hair Care Market

Hair coloring and hair styling products remain strong in the salon hair care industry, significantly outpacing growth in other sectors. Research indicates growth in this sector will continue through 2010, according to a new study by Kline & Company that examines factors affecting the salon hair care industry.

“A number of hair trends are driving this sector including the age-resistance of the baby boomers and the trend towards hair as part of an overall fashion statement,” says Lenka Contreras, vice president and head of the Consumer Products practice for Kline’s research division. “In response to these hair trends companies are introducing new products and extending shade palettes to capture a greater share of this market. Procter and Gamble introduced new products to their Clairol and Wella brands in recently while L’Oreal introduced new hair color lines to L’Oreal Professional and L’Oreal Technique.”

According to the Kline study, SALON HAIR CARE USA, sales of professional hair coloring products reached almost $700 million in 2005. The nearly 6% growth was fueled by demand among consumers of all ages and genders. Baby boomers are flocking to hair salons, seeking a more youthful appearance. Younger generations are increasingly using hair color as a fashion statement, following the lead of celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, and Madonna. Also, popular techniques such as high lights and lowlights require a hairdresser and specialized hair care products to achieve and maintain the look.


Read the entire article, Color and Styling Trends Drive Salon Hair Care Market


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