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    Some of the top hair care products we tested

    Here at Hairstyle Blog we get lots of hair care products and tools to test and report on. Throughout the year we report on products that we’ve tested that are notable. Such as this article we did on hair product ingredients, but here are a few that we missed.

    I’ve seen many of our favorite brands expand their product lines and offer innovative new technology to their tools and products. I don’t pretend to know exactly how our new favorite hair dryers and flat irons work, but I can tell you how they can help you end some of your hair struggles!

    The best hair dryer that we’ve tried is the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer. This product has been described as the Louis Vuitton of hair dryers and we really can’t disagree! Not only is this one of the most powerful hair dryers that we’ve ever seen at 2300 watts, but it’s also very adaptive to any hair type. With three different heat settings and three different speed settings it’s so easy to find the perfect flow for your hair type. For those with long, thick, or wavy hair we recommend pumping up the heat and the speed to the max. For those with fine, color treated, or easily damaged hair, you’ll do fine to stick to the medium settings. The best part of this HANA product is the infusion of tourmaline in both the nozzle and the motor, which is an amazing feature for those trying to control frizzy hair!

    Another great product this year was the FHI Hair Dryer, which has really revitalized the FHI Brand. Though their hair dryer isn’t as highly rated as the HANAair, it has been tremendously improved over the years and is a great mid-level hair dryer for non-professional use.

    The T3 Hair Dryer had a bit of an off-year as they didn’t release any new designs, but they remain the top choice for those looking for a lightweight hair dryer with professional power. The power doesn’t match that of the FHI Hair Dryer or the HANAair Professional hair dryer, though, so those with very thick or very long hair would do best to look elsewhere.

    This was another big year for the CHI hair straightener and it’s easy to see why. CHI has been a leading innovator for years and while they haven’t updated their product’s design recently they continue to be a best seller. Other popular hair straighteners this year have included the Croc hair straightener, which is a popular model for hair stylists as it’s the preferred product for performing the increasingly popular keratin treatments.

    This was another great year for HANA hair straighteners as well. HANA does a great job of infusing tourmaline into all of their products, so their hair straighteners are very effective on frizzy hair as well. Using them together with the hair dryer is an amazing one-two punch that’s sure to knock out any bad hair day!

    The best hair care product I’ve tested this year is the Black Label Shine Shield which made a huge splash at trade shows this year and is widely becoming known as a premier hair serum. The best part? It works on ALL hair types! If you’re dealing with frizzy, dry, or damaged hair this is a must have product. It doubles as a thermal protectant also, so if you’re concerned about preventing frizzy, dry, or damaged hair this is a great choice. You can find the Shine Shield Black Label and all the products listed above at Misikko.


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    1. Wish I saw this article years ago! I learned the hard way that my dryer was the culprit when it came to ruining my hair. I never really understood what they meant by wattage in a hair dryer, so I ignored it. Bad choice. What I found out was that lower wattage (non-professional) dryers add too much heat to your hair because it takes soooooo long to dry. And we all know that more heat = more damage. Anyway, I finally broke down and bought a Hana with some birthday money and now that my hair has grown out and the damaged hair all gone, my hair has never looked better in my life! And I don’t have all the frizz issues I used to have! Thanks for your article anyway.

      Comment by Ginny Beres — November 21, 2011 @ 10:05 am

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