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    The year 2011 may be coming to a close and all eyes may be pointed towards next year’s hair style fashions, but a look back at the past year can help show the bigger picture of hair fashion trends. In specific, hair color is one area that is constantly in flux, with new shades going in and out of style at alarming rates. However, if one thing from this year is clear, it is that augmenting or completely changing the natural hair color is on the rise, with many different uses of hair dyes and other hair coloring techniques happening all over the place.

    At one end of the spectrum, women this year were using minimal techniques to change their hair color in a subtle manner. In many cases, this worked to great effect, with barely noticeable highlights bringing a glow to the face and accentuating a stylish haircut. Often paired with a mid to long length hair style, the use of these hints of color showed a move from many of the DIY hair projects of 2010 back to the hair salons for professional hair color treatments. With the natural hair dye color of the year being a chestnut-brown, the highlights were most commonly made with light brown or blond dyes. The general trend of light brown and blond highlights was exemplified by a number of celebrities during red carpet walks and special event appearances.

    In terms of which actually colors were popular this past year, there was definitely a clear winner – red. The many variations of red hues were visible everywhere, from the light burgundy red dyes to ginger and fire-truck red colorations that made a loud and bold statement. One of the most interesting uses of the red coloring this year was the growing number of women that dyed their hair dark brown and then added gold highlights to give the appearance of a red color. While not technically a true shade of red, the look was quite dynamic and is one that will probably continue into the coming years. In the larger sense, extreme hair colors were in this year, with baby blues, strawberry blonds, and deep purples also being common choices among top celebrities and other trendsetters.

    Hair color is always an integral part of fashion and it looks like the desire of a woman to change her natural hair color is in full force. With each passing year, more shades and uses of dying techniques show up in mainstream fashion and on the streets. The year 2011 was no exception as many women found new and exciting ways to change their hair color as a component of a new look. Industry experts predict that the trend of extreme hair colors may die down next year, being replaced by a return to more natural tones. With the spring and summer fashion collections now being unveiled, it will be interesting to see what hair colors the fashion designers will introduce to meet their new clothes.

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    6. Loved this piece, very informative as well…I always have to be careful with my shade of red but I love it.

      Comment by Dressy GirlK — December 13, 2011 @ 10:19 am

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