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    Black Hair Color Fade Out

    Side by side of Miley Cyrus new hair color

    Black hair color with blue dye run out . . .

    Brooke asks;

    I dyed my hair with a black hair color less than two weeks ago. Apparently I was supposed to use 2 boxes because my hair is so long and thick. The brown is showing up in spots now and whenever I shower, the blue dye runs out. It’s crazy! Anyway, I was wondering . . . could I dye my hair again soon, even if its only been 2 weeks? I really want the full coverage of the brown and I am hoping that I can use the black hair color again.


    Hair Stylist Sarah Hamilton answers:

    “spread the color onto the hair shaft thoroughly”I often suggest if your coloring your own hair that you read up a bit about hair color before you start. But in this case it sounds like your attempt to achieve black hair color, could use another box or two of color!  The brown spots that are showing up are areas that most likely didn’t get covered fully with the hair color you used.

    When you are doing a home color job, you need to be sure you are taking the time to spread the color onto the hair shaft thoroughly, evenly and completely throughout. Don’t be afraid to really layer the color on, to ensure you are getting every strand of hair saturated with hair color! And make sure, especially with thick, long hair, that you are dividing it into small enough sections to ensure complete coverage.  It also makes it much easier to apply the color in sections if you are putting it on damp hair. This will help the color spread easier and more evenly through the hair.

    I would recommend you re-color your hair this time using two boxes of the same black hair color. It is okay for you to apply it again because you are depositing the hair color into the hair and not lifting it out as with high lighting. Also because you are already coloring your hair black, you do not have to worry so much about the ends of your hair grabbing too dark. If they are a shade darker than the rest of your hair, just don’t pull the color through to the ends.

    When you are happy with your black hair color and are in need of a retouch, just don’t bring it through the ends each time. Every time you bring the hair color through the ends, you are just creating more build up on the ends of the hair. It is best to bring the hair color through the ends only every two or three times you color your hair or, only as needed.

    The hair color you chose is probably a ‘blue black’. It is okay if the blue dye is coming out if it is just a few days after you colored your hair. In that case, more than likely it is just excess hair color that was not fully rinsed out when you colored your hair to begin with. Typically, it is from the neck area that people miss rinsing out most often. When you rinse the color out, be sure you rinse until the water runs clear, hop in the shower if you have to!

    Now that you have your perfect hair color, style it up for fun! Try adding a pin or a braid into the hair for something different from your every day look.


    1. A week ago I dyed my hair with semi permanent Black dye. I love it so much I want to go permanent. Can I dye my hair now even though it still has Semi dye on it?

      Comment by Debbie — December 27, 2009 @ 3:32 pm

    2. the same thing just happened to me today and now my hair is green. i dont know what too do. help. ='(

      Comment by Mariah — November 2, 2008 @ 1:51 pm

    3. I want to dye my hair a dark burgandy with black underneath and a few black strands around the face. I have med-shorter funky hair…kind of a messy pixy look. My hair is med. brown with some bleached blonde pieces around the face. I wanted to know what my best bet would be for transforming my hair into this funky/sophisticated rocker look without the end result being multi-colored. Should I strip my hair first of all present color?

      Comment by melissa — October 21, 2008 @ 8:34 am

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