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    Blonde Hair Colors Too Light?

    Blonde Hair to Brown

    Christina Saralegui Blonde Hair Dying

    Blonde hair colors are an art to get right!

    Are your blonde hair colors too light for your skin-tone? A good indication that your blonde hair colors are too light for your skin tone is when you hear the question more than once, “Are you feeling OK?” Your skin tone will look more sallow and dull than usual with a sort of ‘washed out look.“Blonde Hair Colors
    and Skin Tone”

    Blonde hair colors can be a trademark like Christina Saralequi, dubbed the Spanish Oprah, but it can become too light for many women in winter months when skin tones have lost their summer glow. Gradually in summer, blonde hair lightens simply from any outdoor activities. Add to that hair salon high lighting to enhance your tan and by fall your blonde hair colors are much lighter than normal. Your blonde hair colors now may easily be too light to wear into the winter months as your skin tone also lightens. That’s the reason you see celebrities going into darker hair colors for the winter months; their hairdressers know the added depth of color will bring out the best in their lighter skin tones.

    I found this question from Esther to be timely. A few of you may be experiencing a similar problem even if you’re not 64!

    Esther asks:

    I am a young 64 year and have been told by many people that I look about 45. My face is not wrinkled. I am Latina and my natural hair color was dark brown with a little bit of red high lights. Now I am gray and went blonde when my hairdresser said I could. My skin is medium to light and I tan easily. I think my skin tone is warm though sometimes I see pink in my skin. I think my blonde hair color is too light. I’m now a level nine with high lights. I have dark eyes and eyebrows. What kind of hair color should I have? I have really enjoyed being a blonde.


    What hair color is right for my skin tone?

    I’m assuming since you have enjoyed your blonde hair colors that they have worked well for you and complimented your skin tone, until it became too light. Most Latino’s have cool complexions and sounds like you do also. Your medium to light skin tones with faint pink undertones or with golden undertones fall into the cool range. Your deep brown or black/brown eyes and dark eyebrows are also in the cool range. Your natural hair color, dark brown with red high lights, is considered in the warm range.

    I imagine you’ve noticed your skin-tone change over the years. Most of us will notice our skin tone changes, losing a little color as we age. Add to that the lack of sun the winter months bring and your blonde hair colors may easily become too light for your skin-tone.

    It may be good to add some depth and warmth to your blonde hair color. You don’t need to leave the blonde hair colors behind but adding some depth to it may be a good balance with your dark eyes and brows. You should leave this to a good hair colorist; I wouldn’t suggest trying it yourself . . . there are too many way’s it could go wrong.

    When blonde hair colors are too light, it needs to be ‘filled’ before adding another color to get it to the desired shade. The lightened hair has a lack of pigment and the ‘filling’ puts the right amount of pigment back into the hair in order for it to become the desired shade. That probably sounds like gobbally-gook and that is why you should leave it to a professional who can get it right! It’s worth it!

    Your hair colorist might decide it would work well to just put a toner over your color to slightly darken your blonde hair color. This would be an easy fix that may be all you need for now.

    Don’t miss our complete guide to hair coloring for more in-depth information.


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