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    Blonde Hair Dye for Stunning Results!

    Blonde Hair Dye

    Multi-tones of blonde hair dye create spectacular colour!

    The Industries top hair colourists use multiple hues of blonde hair dye to create the beautiful blondes that are so ‘hot’ today, and one of my favorite hair colourist is Lisa Shepherd!

    “The Latest in
    Blonde Hair Dyes”
    Lisa Shepherd, also referred to as the ‘hair doctor” in the United Kingdom, just released her new collection, “Dust.” When I first saw it in American Salon I thought seriously about changing my brunette locks to blonde! The collection is enchanting, using various combinations of blonde hair dye, product and styling techniques to create an assortment of textures to the hair.

    For styling the above model Lisa used a straightening iron to create haphazard waves and finished by spraying a bit of white dry shampoo through roots and mid shaft for a ‘worn in’ look.

    In the above picture, Lisa used just the right hues of blonde hair dyes to compliment the models pale skin tone . . . wouldn’t you agree? I know if you love this colour, you’re thinking you should be able to buy it in a box, or even ask for it by name in the hair salon, right? Not really. A blonde hair dye called ‘buttercreme’ for the above hair colour, won’t be found on the shelf. That’s because it’s not one colour but a few colours that create the look.

    Blonde Hair Dye
    Blonde Hair Dye

    About the “Dust” collection Lisa says, “I wanted to achieve slightly shiny, blonde-hued looks that have an almost ‘gritty,’ powdered-out, tactile surface and feature abundant volume.”

    “Blonde is one of our kindest hair colour shades and most often some kind of lightening will make you look younger! However it is the hardest to ever get to shine, so it’s all in the tones that are used. Never have just the one shade of high lights or else it will look dull and flat. Having several shades of blonde including one darker shade very near your own will make your blonde look natural and lively. One great trick is to add an iridescent gold, this will always glimmer.”

    If you see a hair colour you fall in love with bring a picture in to a professional to discuss if it is right for you. Your best bet for finding a great colourist is to get a referral. Ask someone whose hair colour looks spectacular!


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