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    How to Blow Dry Hair

    How to Blow Dry Hair

    7 Steps to Blow Dry Hair!

    Celebrity hairdresser Luke O’Connor, owner of the exclusive LuKaRo Salon in Beverly Hills gives his blow dry hairĀ tips.

    1. Investing in the blow dry equipment ~ As a busy star hairdresser whose tool is his hair dryer, Luke O’Connor knows that all hair dryers are not created equally. “I’m really picky about my hair dryer,” O’Connor says. So what makes the grade in his book? “The size, the weight and a cool button. A hair dryer that’s light, not too heavy is important. I don’t like hair dryers that are too big. A cool button is important to me–you can touch up your look by pumping air back into the hair.”

    2. Experiment with a diffuser or nozzle attachment ~ “I think everyone should have an accessory with their hair dryer,” O’Connor shares. “I’m addicted to nozzles! They direct the heat when I want to get the hair really straight and smooth, and they don’t ruffle the cuticle.”

    3. Use a really good volumizing product ~ But, take inventory of your hair texture and pick a volumizer that best suits your hair type.

    4. Be careful not to over dry your hair or style too soon ~ 85% is the magic number. Over drying can strip hair of essential moisture, bounce and elasticity. “That’s the biggest mistake people make,” O’Connor explains. “I think one good tip is not to start styling hair with a round brush when blow drying until you get about 85% of the moisture out of hair first, so it’s just damp.” One result of over drying hairĀ is a lot of static. “You know your hair, you just learn when to stop,” O’Connor explains.

    5. Blow dry hair from roots to ends ~ Start by gently blotting wet hair with a towel. Then, hang head upside down as you blow dry from roots to ends. “Don’t blow into the hair, or you’ll ruffle the hair cuticle,” says the pro hairdresser. “You want to keep that cuticle lying down smoothly.” As you are turned upside down, you are giving hair added volume, and when hair is 85% dry, get out that brush and put some shape in that mane. Try sectioning off hair with Velcro rollers for a better result.

    6. Buy a good hair brush ~ O’Connor uses mostly round brushes on his clients. He prefers a Denman brush, which boasts rubber-coated bristles. “If I want hair to be really, really straight, I use the brush at the roots. The rubber grips the hair and allows you to really pull it taut. If you are able to get the first two inches from the roots straight, the rest of the hair will follow.” And if you don’t, watch for that mid-morning natural wave to bounce back!

    7. Take a hint from the stars and this star hairdresser ~ Although it’s nice to sport an expert blow dry everyday, it’s wise to lay off the heat as much as possible. “I usually tell my clients to take a break from blow drying or heat appliances if they can,” he shares.




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