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    Blunt Bangs DIY How To Secrets

    Leigh Lezark Blunt Bangs

    How to Do Blunt Bangs Like a Pro

    Short, blunt bangs are popping up everywhere lately. All you need do is to scan the celebs on this page to get a sense of how blunt bangs work on almost any hair type. To get the scoop on the edgy look, we spoke to Nicholas Penna Jr. of SalonCapri in Boston, MA. “Blunt bangs are popular right now because they add edge to hair,” says Penna.

    blunt fringe

    Tyra Banks: long hair with blunt bangs and caramel highlights

    “For a long time, soft hair was the trend and now there’s some attitude.” They also work with virtually every face shape and are ultra low-maintenance; says Penna. “Blunt bangs add impact to your look, even when your hair is pulled into a ponytail. You can just blow out your bangs and throw your hair back.”

    blunt bangs with long hair and creative color

    blunt bangs 1

    According to Penna, blunt bangs are one hair trend that will stand the test of time. “As it evolves, I imagine people will start to wear blunt bangs in different ways, more tailored to their personality.”

    Blunt Bangs

    Blunt Bangs

    Styling and Maintenance Tips

    • Put away that round brush and use a flat or paddle brush, as a round brush will have a tendency to give you that “bubble look” to your blunt bangs.
    • Straighten your bangs in sections and they will tend to lie flatter on your forehead.
    • Blunt bangs have a tendency to pick up oil from the skin on your forehead, so carry a small baggy of dry shampoo in your purse and sprinkle a bit on your bangs and simply run a comb or brush through to get rid of that unsightly greasy bangs look.
    • Trim them regularly; even a few hairs that are longer than the others can ruin the pristine razor straight look of blunt bangs. For tips on trimming your own bangs check out my article Trimming Bangs the DIY How-to Secrets.
    • If you’re going the DIY route and cutting your own bangs, wait until they are completely dry before trimming as hair shrinks as it dries and you can end up with much shorter bangs than you planned on.

    Blunt bangs, an easy look with attitude that works on everyone? Yes, please.

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    1. I just got blunt bangs and idk if I like them but everyone else I know likes them on me.But they do look goo on alot of people.

      Comment by Makaila — June 19, 2011 @ 6:26 pm

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