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    Braid Bars, Blow Out Bars, Indicate New Trend in the Industry

    Picture of a blow out bar salon

    What is all the buzz about blowouts and braids?

    Market niches and specialities are nothing new to most industries, but other than kids salons and men’s salons the hair industry has not seen a lot of stepping out of the box in the 30 years that I have been in the business. But now things are beginning to change. Within the past year we’ve seen two hot salon concepts emerge, both specializing in hair styling techniques that require some hair stylist skills that go well beyond those taught in most cosmetology schools.

    In both LA and NYC, you’ll find specialty salons who do nothing but blow out and another group doing nothing but high fashion hair braiding. What does that mean for us consumers? Quick, great looks the will get you through that high fashion weekend with a minimum of fuss and without busting the average fashionistas budget. These hairstyles will last longer, have more volume and smooth base fullness.

    Blow Out Bars

    Gone are the days when you fret over bad hair and long queues just to get your hair blown out and styled for a special event. Now, there is an easy and wallet-friendly solution: Blow out bars are the hottest service trend in beauty and many such outlets have been springing up across the world.

    Unlike ordinary salons, these ‘bars’ offer women one signature service. At the same time, it provides them with a luxurious environment to relax or mingle with their gal-pals. Women can now indulge and experiment with the plethora of hairstyles at anytime of the day, enabling them to look fresh and lively all year round (or at least for the week). They also provide a variety of hair products and accessories to accommodate different hair types and tastes. Looking beautiful isn’t restricted to special occasions anymore, this on-the-go beauty has done much to restore the confidence in women, leaving them high-spirited as they step out onto the streets with their newly blowout hair.

    Braid Bars

    Another ‘bar’ that has borrowed this similar concept of “sticking to one specialty” is seen with the recent entry of braid bars onto the beauty scene. The simple luxury of having someone do your hair for you and creating a work of art has created a lot of buzz. Women now have the option to choose a funky or new hairstyle without having their hair cut or dyed. Browse through braid menus to select the type of braid that will suit you best and if you’re unhappy . . . just undo and braid again!

    Women who need to attend pool or beach parties, and want to keep their hair intact for the night (some say, even days) these one-stop bars are the place to be! Of course, braids are not weaved for that particular reason, in fact it is one of the most versatile styling techniques in the beauty industry, you can wear it messy or neat,  fish-tailed to the side or  whatever  you like it, braids are in and here to stay!

    Women can now seek refuge in these new braid bars and blowout bars, without having to exhaust themselves with homemade hairstyles. This luxury and convenience has undeniably redefined beauty in the hair industry and is helping women to feel beautiful everyday.

    Stay up with all the happenings in hair trends by following our Pinterest Hair Trends Board.

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