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    This Fetching Fringe Will Make You Want to Grab the Scissors!

    Whether You Call Them Bangs or Fringe They Are an Essential Hair Styling Advantage

    Have you heard the word about fringe? It’s the newest way to make any haircut unique. Forget those old, blunt cut bangs, today’s fringe frame your face, cut out a curve, add softness to look or make a bold fashion statement.

    Every woman at some time or other asks “should I get fringe?” and “what fringe is right for me”? Whether you call them bangs or fringe . . . Lots of attention is being paid to the look by Hollywood celebrity hairdressers these days. Personally, I’m glad to see it. I think hairstyles with fringe are often overlooked as a style option. It can be wonderful for those of you that have great eyes.

    short blunt bob with bangs and caramel highlights
    The best fringe hairstyles are razor cut when your hair is dry, razor cutting permits the ultimate control and customization of the texture. For a business hairstyle, small individual pieces are razored to frame your eyes and blend into the sides. If you like a more high-fashion approach, super-thick, chunky fringe and even ones cut to two different lengths and tinted two-tones are the way to go.

    Blunt Bangs

    Fringe will draw the visual focal point toward your eyes. Fringe is a must for those of you with oblong face shapes and high foreheads. If you have a broad forehead or a high hairline, fringe can be a lifesaver. However, if you have a small forehead or a disproportionately long, low facial shape, skip the fringe.

    To choose the best fringe hair-style for you, consult with your hairdresser, have your hairdresser recommend a fringe style that will work with your haircut and hair type. In general, finer hair looks best with long, wispy fringes, while thicker hair can be used to create thicker, chunkier looks.



    A soft, wispy approach to fringe makes a layered bob look ultra-feminine. Frances DuBose of London Hair in Mt. Pleasant, SC, loves the look for thick hair that’s highly graduated in the back. The longer length in front allows eyes to peek out while the sides frame the cheekbones. By razoring in layers, DuBose makes the effect extra-soft. When you dry, direct the back and sides forward to enhance the textured feeling.

    Wispy Fringe


    Use longer hair to create a side swoop, and you’ve got a playful look that you can change at a moment’s notice. George Panagiotopolos of Yellow Strawberry Global Salon in Sarasota, FL, parts hair on the far side clips one front piece a bit shorter and dries all the hair to the side. It can also be swept to the opposite side or styled straight back for no fringe at all. This version is best paired with little crops and bobs that fall to ear lobe length.



    Convertible bangs like these feature layers that are directed to the sides. George Panagiotopolos of Yellow Strawberry Global Salon in Sarasota, FL, designed the look to put more focus on your eyes while adding volume and lift at the sides. Pull a few more pieces forward at nighttime; during the day, play up the style’s fashionable edge. Golden high lights, positioned where the fringe splits, adds a touch of shine.

    Long Layered Hair Style with Bangs


    It’s taken years of work, but women have discovered how femine and flirtatious, they can look by simply adding soft fringe to any hair style. What’s great about using clip-in fringe to achieve this look is that its non-committal . . . You can add fringe without ever cutting a single strand of hair in an instant. If you haven’t checked out the clip-in fringe section of your local beauty supply store in a while,  you’re in for a pleasant surprise as the recent additions are amazing.

    clip in bangs

    20 Different Ways to Style or Hide Side Bangs/Fringe

    Fringe gives women dozens of options and new versatility in choices of her looks. A little flip of the wrist with a curling iron or a few snips with the scissors and presto . . . A whole new you. And if you’re looking for lots of head turning fringe ideas, check out my Pinterest Beautiful Bangs and Fringe Board.

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    Thinking of Bangs or Fringe? Consider Clip In Bangs

    Buying Clip In Bangs Made Simple

    Every woman at some time or other asks “should I get bangs?” and “what bangs are right for me”? Whether you call them bangs or fringe . . . lots of attention is being paid to bangs by Hollywood celebrity hairdressers these days.

    Personally, I’m glad to see it. I think hairstyles with bangs are often overlooked as a style option. It can be wonderful for those of you that have great eyes. Bangs will draw the visual focal point toward your eyes. Bangs are also a must for those of you with oblong face shapes and high foreheads.

    If you have been itching to wear a hairstyle with bangs, but you’re scared to death to make the move and cut them in or to grow some out. It’s understandable, most of us have a story or two of bangs gone bad. But now we have the perfect way to add bangs or fringe without making the cut  . . . with clip in bangs.  Here are some things you may find helpful when purchasing your new bangs.


    Buying Clip In Bangs Online

    Clip in bangs have been available online for quite some time, but there are some problems that come with purchasing them through the internet.  What you can’t do when purchasing online is . . . try them on! Getting a good match between your hair color and a color swatch online is probably the most obvious difficulty, and it’s a big one. Do you really want bangs that don’t look natural?

    Don’t forget to read the fine print, as many companies won’t allow you to return the clip in bangs once you’ve opened the package. (How will you know if you like the bangs unless you try them on?) Other problems include matching the style and texture of the piece with your hair.  Also, do you know if it’s necessary to pay the price for human hair vs. synthetic?

    It may appear that clip-in bangs are a quick and easy purchase online, but you’re apt to save yourself some money and a lot of headaches by purchasing them at a salon near you. If you doubt this, just read some customer reviews on sites that publish them, and you’ll see what I mean.

    clip in bangs

    Buying Your Clip In Bangs From the Salon

    Thanks to renown stylist, Ken Paves, we have Hairdo clip in bangs available at many local salons. So now you are able to try, before you buy. A professional can help you get the best possible match. They have 9 multi-blended hair colors and they come ready to cut and curl. The Tru2Life fiber clip in bangs from Hairdo are a synthetic material, which I am told by my local supply store, can safely be heated up to 350 degrees.

    clip in bangs

    Most clip in bangs look more authentic with some tailoring and a professional hair stylist can customize your bangs by cutting and texturizing them to blend perfectly with your existing hair. The bangs can be modified any way you like, they can be cut to add lift and volume on top as well as being trimmed to create a number of different bang hairstyles. Ask your hairdresser if you should consider a human hair piece, which can be colored or highlighted, or if a less expensive synthetic piece is sufficient.

    clip in bangs 3

    clip in bangs 4

    Other Local Options to Buy Clip In Bangs

    My largest professional beauty supply store locally, Aerial, carried the Jessica Simpson HairDo clip-in bangs for a while, but told me that hair salons just weren’t buying them. Katherine said,”We had lots of hairdressers who just loved them and purchased them for personal use, but not for salon retail.” The biggest problem reported with buying clip-in bangs on-line has been in getting the hair color to match up right and no return policies . . . not a surprise.

    Salons in our area didn’t jump on the bandwagon to get into the clip-in bangs retailing and you more than likely won’t be able to find them at a salon near you either. . . So where can you go where you can see them or match them up with your own hair color? These are the only two stores in my area that carry the clip-in bangs.

    clip in bangs

    Ulta Stores – Jessica Simpson HairDo Clip in Bangs $29.99

    The majority of women who have bought these clip in hair extensions have been very happy with them. They say they are comfortable and blend well, especially with the bit of side layering. They are made from a synthetic fiber that is thermal friendly up to 350 degrees. These bangs can be wet set or curled with steam rollers. Also, when placed at the crown these clip in bangs will give height and more fullness to thinning hair.

    Ulta stores have a good return policy and I have been told you can return these if you’re not happy with your purchase. Ask them upfront before buying, however, as normally any product that may be in contact with the scalp is normally NOT returnable. Keep in mind, your hairdresser can trim these pieces, making them shorter or wispier!

    clip in bangs extension

    Sally’s Beauty Supply — The Sassy Collection The Bang Thing

    These Human hair clip in bangs can be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply for $22.99 or for sale online now for $16.99 the hair color chart has 6 hair colors to choose from. I would highly recommend visiting Sally’s in person where you can determine if the color is a match.

    The Sassy Collection is a clip in side swept bang and is 8″ long. These bangs can be curled or flat-ironed with a low to medium heat setting before attaching.

    Sally’s Beauty Supply also carries Design Length The Bang Thing for $22.99 or $16.99 online.

    These clip-in bangs were given a poor rating by 2 out of 3 people who bought them. Bad clips, hair too thick and clumpy and they can’t be returned, so buyer beware.

    Bangs and fringe has been showing up everywhere lately, so if you want the look, but are terrified of taking the plunge. . . it might be time to reconsider clip in bangs.

    Now you don’t need to worry about whether to cut in bangs or not. You can have a new hairstyle with bangs anytime you want, the bangs that you’ve always wanted but were so afraid to cut in! Just find a supplier near you . . . and try on some new bangs for size. And don’t forget to check out my Pinterest beautiful bangs and fringe board for some great ideas on how to wear bangs.

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    7 Top Ways to Wear Hairstyles With Bangs

    hairstyle with bangs

    How to do Hairstyles with Bangs Like a Pro

    Bangs are excellent to add variety to your hairstyle, whether you are sporting short, medium or long hair. But when it starts to grow beyond the initial length you’ve desired for it to be, it can be pretty daunting to deal with that awkward re-growth phase. You might want to hide them with a headband or tuck them behind, but there is only so much you can do with it! Or . . . so you think!

    Try these fun and creative ways to style your bangs and maybe even start a new hairstyle with bangs trend this year.


    Matte and Blunt

    hairstyle with bangs

    You know you once loved your hairstyle with bangs, so why hide it? Re-trim your bangs to give it that blunt look. This is fantastic if you are planning to don a dramatic look. Take out your flat iron and run it through your bangs to create an over-dramatic blunt look. Use dry shampoo to minimize the shine that is brought on by heat styling. Finish it off with a matte paste so you can keep the small pieces of bangs well behaved. You can also try to separate the strands in your bangs if you want to give it a piecey touch.


    Braid It!

    hairstyle with bangs

    Why try to get your bangs out of the way when you can braid for a better looking style? Begin this hairstyle by creating a deep side part (choose which side you’d like to work with or which side your bangs start from). Then, start braiding that section of your bangs from one side to the other. Secure the ends with a bobby pin or elastic tie. You can do whatever you want with the rest of your hair, if you’d like to let it down or put it into a bun.


    Twist Back

    twist back

    This is a very simple look, also feminine, that you can try with your bangs. This is also an excellent styling technique for women who want to get their bangs out of their face. Start by taking out the front section of your hair and then twisting it before bringing it to the back. Secure the ends with a bobby pin.


    Middle Part

    hairstyle with bangs

    Another way to get the bangs out of the face is to part the hair in the middle. Use a big round brush for this one as it will also help to create more volume. Blow dry your hair and then let it fall freely. If you haven’t tried doing a middle part before, it’s another incentive to experiment with this look!


    Texturize It!

    hairstyle with bangs

    Sometimes, women get tired of their bangs because it starts to weigh down. One way to liven up your bangs is to introduce some texture into it. Try textured bangs by using a styling paste or pomade. Work it to the ends of your hair (preferably still damp). Then, blow dry your hair into a downward motion using a vent brush. This will help you achieve flared ends in your bangs.


    Try a Pompadour

    hairstyle with bangs

    You can go for a mini or big pompadour that looks slightly over-the-top. This is another excellent trick to get the bangs out of your face. Separate a section of hair in the front and then pin it backwards. If you want to add more volume, you can try teasing your hair before pinning it back.


    Use Headband

    hairstyle with bangs

    These accessories are a classic and are making a huge comeback this year. But they don’t have to be boring, though. You can add a poof at the back of your hair to make your hairstyle look a bit more retro and fun!

    Which of these techniques have you used to style your bangs? Any more ideas to add?

    Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist
    Contributing author Abby Pringles is a writer who likes to write about topics relating to beauty, hair, and fashion. You can check her personal blog, Life in the Fash Lane, to read more of her works. Aside from fashion and beauty, Abby is also a hardcore basketball and tennis fan. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.


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