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Blunt Bangs DIY How To Secrets

Leigh Lezark Blunt Bangs

How to Do Blunt Bangs Like a Pro

Short, blunt bangs are popping up everywhere lately. All you need do is to scan the celebs on this page to get a sense of how blunt bangs work on almost any hair type. To get the scoop on the edgy look, we spoke to Nicholas Penna Jr. of SalonCapri in Boston, MA. “Blunt bangs are popular right now because they add edge to hair,” says Penna.

blunt fringe

Tyra Banks: long hair with blunt bangs and caramel highlights

“For a long time, soft hair was the trend and now there’s some attitude.” They also work with virtually every face shape and are ultra low-maintenance; says Penna. “Blunt bangs add impact to your look, even when your hair is pulled into a ponytail. You can just blow out your bangs and throw your hair back.”

blunt bangs with long hair and creative color

blunt bangs 1

According to Penna, blunt bangs are one hair trend that will stand the test of time. “As it evolves, I imagine people will start to wear blunt bangs in different ways, more tailored to their personality.”

Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs

Styling and Maintenance Tips

  • Put away that round brush and use a flat or paddle brush, as a round brush will have a tendency to give you that “bubble look” to your blunt bangs.
  • Straighten your bangs in sections and they will tend to lie flatter on your forehead.
  • Blunt bangs have a tendency to pick up oil from the skin on your forehead, so carry a small baggy of dry shampoo in your purse and sprinkle a bit on your bangs and simply run a comb or brush through to get rid of that unsightly greasy bangs look.
  • Trim them regularly; even a few hairs that are longer than the others can ruin the pristine razor straight look of blunt bangs. For tips on trimming your own bangs check out my article Trimming Bangs the DIY How-to Secrets.
  • If you’re going the DIY route and cutting your own bangs, wait until they are completely dry before trimming as hair shrinks as it dries and you can end up with much shorter bangs than you planned on.

Blunt bangs, an easy look with attitude that works on everyone? Yes, please.


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Updating To a New Hairstyle

New Hairstyle

Still Look Like Your High School Year Book Picture?

Updating to a new hairstyle does not have to involve a complicated drastic change or spending a week’s salary on a total makeover. By making a few simple hairstyle changes, it can appear as if you’ve made a major transformational update to your overall appearance. Start with subtle changes, do you really like your current hairstyle, but get bored with it from time to time? Here are a few simple things to try:

New Hairstyle

Try some Extensions

If you’re thinking about changing your hair color, why not opt to add highlighted hair extensions for a quick and easy temporary new hairstyle update? The easiest pieces come already sewn onto clips, ready to be placed anywhere you see fit.

I’m not one who cares about sewing, but if you don’t mind a little bit of stitching, you can spend even less on wefts of hair that can be cut and sewn onto clips. Sally’s Beauty Supply has a variety of hair extensions available and I find normally their staff is well educated and helpful with questions you might have.

New Hairstyle
New Hairstyle

Try Some Bangs

Bangs are the most versatile tool in your arsenal. If you can’t style your existing hair into bangs, don’t forget there are plenty of inexpensive bang extensions. Most likely your hairdresser has some in stock that can be customized and colored to perfectly match your existing color. We’ve got dozens of hot looks on our Beautiful Bangs and Fringe Pinterest Board check them out.

New Hairstyle

Changing Texture

Or, how about simply changing the texture of your hair? If your hair is normally straight, try setting your hair on hot rollers for added volume and body. This type of hairstyle requires some products if you want it to hold for any considerable amount of time.

For lift, I like Sexy Hair Root Pump and for good holding power, one product I use on lots of clients lately is, Kenra Volume Spray 25. That’s my new hair styling elixir!

If you want to change your wavy or curly hair, don’t under-estimate the power of the flat iron. I know some hair style magazine guru’s have been trying to tell you the flat iron is flat out these days, but, don’t believe everything you read!! All you need do is take a look at what hairstyles the celebs are wearing at their latest soirees.

Go ahead, take the plunge! If you haven’t already invested in a good ceramic flat iron, now is probably a good time. If you want to shop online, Folica has good prices and great reviews to help in your choice of hair styling tools.

New Hairstyle

New Hairstyle

Change Your Part

Try experimenting with a different part. Center parts are really hot right now and if you want to be really on the cutting edge try a deep side part and a slicked back look.

New Hairstyle


By simply adding hair accessories such as headbands, butterfly clips, barrettes or gem studded bobby pins to mention just a few, you can make a boring hairstyle lots more fun and seem like you’ve got a brand new hairstyle.

Headbands come in a variety of colors, shapes and textures and can be worn with just about any hairstyle. Use that creative right side of your brain to change it up a bit. You’ll have a new look in no time and the beauty of it is . . . it’s temporary, no worries of snipping hair off that you wished you hadn’t!!

New Hairstyles

Hair Imaging Programs

There are many hair imaging software programs that will allow you to download your picture and match your face with a variety of cuts, colors and hairstyles. By utilizing these programs, it can save you a lot of time, money and unnecessary effort. By choosing subtle and temporary changes to your hair, it will give you a visual of what to expect before you dive in and make a full commitment to updating to a brand new hairstyle.


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Spring Hairstyles With Fringe

Hairstyles With Fringe

Hairstyles with fringe define this seasons hairstyle trends

Hairstyles with fringe are taking the lead in defining new 2010 hairstyle trends. Straight fringe, side swept fringe, asymmetrical fringe, choppy fringe, pointy, angled fringe, wispy fringe or blended fringe are all terms you might encounter for describing this seasons hairstyles with fringe. It’s said that your hairstyle speaks volumes about you before you even utter a word . . . I believe it. So what do these hairstyles with fringe say? And, how would you describe the type of fringe that brings out your own personal flair?

These hairstyles with fringe are some of the newest trends from top world renown hairdressers.

Hairstyles with Fringe
Hirofumi Kera & Maki Horibe

Short hairstyles with fringe can be done on fine hair. Contrary to belief, those with fine hair can add more volume and shape to their hair by layering. This cut has crown layers, longer choppy wisps in the fringe and tapers at the neckline. The use of a gel or pomade on tips of hair after blow-drying will allow for the piecey look to this hairstyle.

Hairstyles with Fringe
Sean Hanna Salons

This slightly inverted bob with straight fringe reeks classy sophistication and style! The update on bob hairstyles with fringe this season is a more solid fringe just covering the brow. This hairstyle works best with straight hair by giving it great shape and movement. Shorter hair in the back pushes the longer lengths in front to a slight wedge effect. Make sure to pull out all your tricks for getting high shine with this hairstyle and your hair speaks class & style.

Hairstyles with Fringe

Hairstyles with brow skimming fringe on short, medium and long hair are hot! Run a flat-iron through bang in small sections and slightly tip ends under to get the look. These styles can be worn by those of you with wavy hair too, as long as you will do the flat-iron work when styling. Use a thermal protecting spray and a shine serum for best results.

Stay up with all the happenings in hair trends by following our Pinterest Hair Trends and Beautiful Bangs boards.


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