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    Long Hairstyles with Bangs are Hot!

    Haircut Styles for Long Hair

    Which Long Hairstyles with Bangs do You Like?

    Hairstyles Lon HairHairstyles for Long Hair
    Jennifer Love Hewitt’s long hairstyles with bangs and ponytailJennifer Love Hewitt in long hairstyle without bangs

    Fringe just keeps cropping up everywhere in fact and look like they are here to stay for a while. Jennifer Love Hewitt recently added brow-skimming bangs to her signature long brown hairstyle and looked adorable in them paired with another trend, a flirty, full, feminine ponytail!

    Whether you choose to wear bangs or no bangs, here is a little tip to take note of; bangs create a younger-look for the majority of women! True! Bangs not only discretely hide any brow wrinkles, but they become a focus point and draw the eye to the upper part of the face, to the eyes and cheekbones. Jennifer’s heart-shaped face is perfect for this long hairstyle with bangs! Check out what bangs do for these stars!

    To get this look: This heavier bangs style is achieved by bringing forward more hair from the crown to cut.

    Hairstyles for Long Hair
    Tina Fey in long hairstyle with bangs

    Tina Fey was on a tribute last night to the women of SNL and it brought to mind how cute she looked with her side swept bangs at this year’s Golden Globe Awards. Not that I didn’t like her grown out bangs at the SAG Awards. Tina has that coveted oval face shape and looks great either way.

    The long hairstyle with grown out bangs gives Tina a more sophisticated look and the long hairstyle with side-swept bangs is a younger, more playful look don’t you think?

    Which hairstyle do you like best on Tina?

    Hairstyles Long HairHairstyles for Long Hair
    Sarah Palin in long hairstyles with bangs
    Sarah Palin in long hairstyle with bangs swept off face

    I found it nearly impossible to find a picture of Sarah Palin without bangs! If anybody knows of one please let us know. Sarah has a squared jaw line and can appear to have a square face shape and a bit oval depending what angle you catch her at. She looks best with a bit of volume on the crown which elongates her face shape.

    Sarah’s bangs are lighter and wispier than the full bangs we are seeing more of lately. Her squared jaw line would look more severe if she wore full, heavy bangs. To get this style of bangs, the hairdresser takes a smaller section from the crown and layers them.

    Which hairstyle looks better on Sarah?

    For more great longer looks and bangs styles check out our Pinterest Long Hairstyles and Beautiful Bangs  Boards.


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    How to Cut Bangs

    Trim Bangs

    A guide to cutting your bangs at home

    Bangs can totally enhance your existing hairstyle and be just what you need to spice it up!  When Katie Holmes appeared with these blunt cut bangs, she set off a trend that hasn’t quit yet!

    Adding bangs may seem like a small addition, but they can change your look totally. And, the beauty of it is, bangs work well with all face shapes. Got a round face? Offset it with side-swept bangs. Long or oval face shape? Try straight across blunt bangs. Heart-shaped face? Side-swept or straight wispy will work. Square -shaped faces can try long side-swept bangs or straight across bangs with a wispy diagonal sweeping style.

    Once you decide to get bangs, remember that to keep them looking right, you are committing pretty much to a monthly maintenance schedule. Hair grows approximately 1/2″ per month and your bangs will need a trim about every two to three weeks.

    Though most salons don’t charge too much for a trim on your bangs, and your hairdresser may not charge you anything,  it’s still more convenient to be able to do it yourself sometimes. Doing so, will help avoid scheduling a hair appointment, driving to the salon and sometimes, spending money.

    It is a good idea to get your bangs cut at the salon the first time, that way you have a good guideline and style to follow. Then you can follow these steps when trimming your bangs at home.

    • Start with your hair pulled back in a ponytail. This way only your bangs are at the front of your face.
    • Trim your bangs dry if you prefer. This is a good tip, as hair stretches when it’s wet, once it dries it shrinks back to normal length. So if you trim while wet, you might overlook length and end up cutting more than you wanted.
    • Comb your bangs as you normally style them. Whether its off to the side or straight across.
    • Use sharp shears specifically for cutting hair. Comb through the middle part of your bangs, while holding bangs in between your index and middle finger. Keep the comb on top of your fingers and comb, as you slide fingers down. Once the ends of your bangs are sticking out from your index and middle finger, trim until satisfied with the length. Most often a trim will be about 1/4 of an inch.
    • Repeat the above process on the remaining sections of your bangs. Use the middle section you first cut as a guideline to determine the length all around.
    • For blunt bangs, cut straight across. If you want a more  feathered or choppy look, use the shears to point cut into your cut line. With the shears in your hand ready to trim, have the tip pointing up on your bangs and snip small sections. If you’d like long side bangs, hold hair at a 45 degree angle when cutting. This will give you a shorter length in the center of your bangs, with longer strands of hair as you go off to the side.

    Bangs are a great way to create different looks. They are a good option if you are looking for a new style, that’s quick and fairly easy to maintain. Another great thing about bangs is their versatility. They can be swept to the side, worn straight across, and even pinned back when you are not in a bang mood. For more great bangs styles check out our Pinterest Beautiful Bangs Boards.

    Guest article by Pamela, owner of and beauty blogger at Like beauty, fashion and fitness?! Visit her blog for a collection of related articles and follow Pamela on Twitter.

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    Long Hair Styles with Bangs

    Reese Witherspoon Long Hairstyles With Bangs

    Long Hair Styles with Bangs Wins Best Trend Update

    It’s spring and time for some hairstyle changes don’t you think? The hottest update you can make to your long hair style this season without cutting it all off, is by adding in bangs. Reese Witherspoon seems to have started something with this trend that is now showing up all over Hollywood. And you know how trends go — long hair styles with bangs in Hollywood means you’ll quickly see long hair styles with bangs at home too.

    “Long Hair Styles with Bangs are Hot”

    Are you frightened to cut in bangs (or fringe for you Brits) without knowing if you’ll like them or not? Well, I’m a visual girl and I think seeing is believing. First of all if you don’t know what shape best describes your face shape, find out from your hairdresser or at the link at the end of this article.

    Take a look at some of these hair style makeovers from Oprahs Great American Haircut show below or go to her web site. It might help you to take the plunge. See what these top celebrity hairdressers did to update these long hair styles for this spring and summer.

    Hairstyles for long hair with bangs

    Jen’s has a longer oval face shape and her before hairstyle without bangs just drags her face shape down. Her new brow skimming fringe with high lights make her look younger and more vibrant!

    Short bangs with long hair

    Carries long side swept bangs and length flatter her round face shape. Deepening her over-high lighted hair color and then adding back in some high lights, adds a healthy glow to her face.

    Fringe Hairstyles

    Carol says she just “got in a rut.” Her pear face shape, more narrow at the temples getting wider at the jawline, was more apparent with her long hair style. They literally took off years and added balance to her face shape by cutting in bangs and shortening her hairstyle. They deepened her hair color by only one or two shades and added subtle high lights back in. She loved it and said she “feels younger.”

    Long Hair Styles With Bangs

    Toyka says she “loves” her new long hairstyle with bangs. Her subtle heart face shape is balanced with brow skimming bangs.

    Extensions were added for length and she claims it’s much easier to handle with her busy life style.

    Hairstyles for long hair with bangs

    Leang, who has a cross between square and round face shape, updated her look by adding in some choppy bangs and layers to her still long hair style.

    Long Hair Styles With Bangs

    Lauren has an oblong face shape and by styling in smooth brow skimming bangs it shortens the appearance of her face shape and balances it out nicely.

    Hope this helps take away some fear if you’ve wanted to take the plunge and make a change to your long hairstyle but just couldn’t quite get up the guts to cut it. But, first if you don’t know this, find out what your face shape here in Hairstyles with Bangs are they right for you?

    The next thing you might consider . . . is a hair color change. Do you think a slight hair color change could do for you what it’s done for these women? Well, we’ll talk about that soon . . .

    For more great looks check out our Pinterest Long Hairstyles and  Beautiful Bangs Boards.


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