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    Summer Hair Color Trends 2020

    5 Smart Hair Color Trend Strategies This Summer

    Choosing the right hair color for summer 2014 is critical based on two reasons: 1) it enables you to create stunning looks with less effort, and 2) it also determines your summer hair care routine. But what if I told you you can hit two birds with one stone? Indeed, it is possible to look chic by finding the right hair color that will suit your desired look. Hence, we have put together a guide that will help you pick from the hottest summer hair color trends 2014 to stand out and nourish your hair health at the same time.


    hair color trends 2014

    hair color trends 2014

    If you have naturally rich and warm copper hue of your hair, summer 2014 is your time to shine. Hair and beauty experts insist that this hue is one of the hottest this season. It is also an ideal hair color to sport if you are looking to try out the wet hair trend. Additionally, redheads have always been head-turners. But if you are not a fan of a deep red, then copper is a good option because there is a hint of red, but not too dark as to bring forth too much attention to it.

    Sunny Blonde

    hair color trends 2014

    hair color trends 2014 sunny blond

    The sunny blonde is the perfect choice for summer because it makes your blonde hair color look as though it has been naturally darkened from sun exposure. It is a bit more edgy than a beach blonde, though, as it tends to be somewhat darker. However, the look is really natural and is recommended for blondes who want to go a bit darker on their hair’s natural hue.

    Multi-Tonal Color

    multi tone color hair color trends 2014

    multi tone color hair color trends 2014

    The multi-tonal hair color is recommended for summer 2014 because it works on almost all skin tones. It is the perfect combination of blonde, red, and brown rolled into one. However, the most striking feature about a multi-tonal color is that not one of these colors are dominant.

    Monochromatic Blonde

    monochromatic blond hair color trends 2014

    Bright blondes are also drawing a lot of attention this summer. However, if you are skeptical about the idea of bleaching, don’t worry. There are newer processes that provide a high-lift effect that will not be as damaging to your hair as a bleach. The process is designed to lighten the hair color base without stripping away the warmth of the color. This color is most flattering on women with lighter skin tones. However, you should refrain from turning your blonde into something ashy or too light.


    pastel hair color trends 2014

    pastel hair color trends 2014


    Thanks to celebrity risk-takers like Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Richie, hairstylists have seen a huge surge of clients taking the plunge in the hair color department. And there is no better time to explore with pastel hair colors, but in the summer time. The fact that these celebrities are showcasing their bold colors on the red carpet has also made these looks multi-dimensional.

    Which of these colors have you tried this summer?

    Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist
    Contributing author Abby Pringles is a writer who likes to write about topics relating to beauty, hair, and fashion. You can check her personal blog, Life in the Fash Lane, to read more of her works. Aside from fashion and beauty, Abby is also a hardcore basketball and tennis fan. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.


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    Marilyn Monroe Hair Styles in 5 Easy Steps

    Why Marilyn Monroe Hair Styles Should Be 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

    The Marilyn Monroe hairstyle will never go out of style. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you who Marilyn Monroe was and why she is considered an icon.  Her style became the basis of what we regard as glamour and stardom to this day. We are seeing a re-emergence of the 1950’s mid-length, roller set, the classic Marilyn Monroe hair style.

    One of the reasons we are seeing a new interest in the Marilyn Monroe hair style, is that medium length hairstyles are normally quicker and easier to care for than long styles and more versatile than shorter hair.

    This hair style is much more elegant and more glamorous than straighter hair styles and not so surprisingly. . . it’s modern looking once again! (The circle of life shows forth once again.)


    The Marilyn Monroe Hairstyle

    The  hair style that Marilyn Monroe was seen wearing most often was a medium length layered cut. But she also wore a bob hair style (then called a “page boy” and a graduated bob hair style (with the back stacked out.) The length was somewhere between jaw level and just off the shoulders. The modern version of her look has longer layers with fringe in the front and shorter layers in the back. Although Marilyn’s hair was roller set, it can be worn smooth, wavy or tousled.

    Katherine Heigl wearing a Marilyn Monroe Hair Style

    Recently, I showed a client this picture of Katherine Heigl, wearing a Marilyn Monroe hair style and convinced her to go for it. It was a major move for her, but I knew she was ready for something new. (I just love this job when I can give a client a new, exhilarating hair style change!!)  She was tired of her long hair style and truth told, it was starting to age her. She had just worn it long for too many years. She loved the new cut . . . and so did her hubby!  She was a medium ash blonde with highlights and we lightened that up more which really made for a total makeover.


    Marilyn Monroe Hair Style

    The Marilyn Monroe hair style is also a great style for someone who wants to create more movement and body in their hair. This medium length hairstyle looks great on every face shape; and it really brings out the eyes as it frames the face.


    Marilyn Monroe Hair Style

    As for hair color, it’s been said that Marilyn Monroe’s hairdressers tried 9 different shades of blonde before settling on her famous platinum blonde. As a hairdresser, I definitely do not recommend trying 9 different shades of any hair color, but my article on “Finding the Right Shade of Blonde” might be worth a look.

    If you are curious about making a drastic change, there are some online hair style programs that allow you to try different hair colors and hair styles on your image. It’s much safer that way and it’s fun too!

    To style your hair like Marilyn Monroe’s, start with a side part and curl your hair with a ¾ to 1 inch size curling iron or hot rollers. I like Matrix Sleek Look Iron Smoother, when using a curling iron or when using any heat on the hair. It protects the hair from the heat, while providing frizz control. It also offers extra holding power for the curls and added shine.


    Lightly spray Matrix Sleek Look on dry hair before curling. Taking small sections, roll the bangs or fringe area up and back. Roll the sides in small sections away from the face and downward, and roll the back section under. Let your hair cool down, before lightly finger combing through your curls. To achieve the height in front, lightly back-comb, pull hair straight up and use a medium or strong hold spray at the roots. Finish with a misting of medium hold hair spray. And if you want a total Marilyn Monroe look check out this video on how to do the makeup as well.


    The Marilyn Monroe look is perfect for formal events and casual looks. I think the look is fabulous and would love to see the return of the classic Marilyn Monroe hair style!  She is a classic; Norma Jean, our Marilyn Monroe!

    Marilyn Monroe quote

    To stay current with what’s happening with celebrity hairstyles, follow our Pinterest Celebrities Board.

    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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    2014 Hair Colors for Summer

    Platinum 2014 hair colors

     2014 Hair colors for summer never looked so good!

    Want hair as hot as a summer day? Well then you are going to love the latest trends sizzling this season. From bronde to ombre and bright bold hues, there is something for everyone with a magnificent blend of colors.


    Bronde 2014 hair colors

    Bronde 2014 hair colors


    Golden brown, “bronde” or brown blonde; whatever you choose to call this sexy style, it’s here and we are loving it! In fact it’s been around for a while when Gisele Bündchen, and Jennifer Anniston were embracing the look. Now it is back and bronde meshes well for both blondes and brunettes. So how does it work? The color is created by painting your hair, in order to lift the color, with two different types and volumes of cream. From Jessica Alba, to Giulianna Rancic, celebrity moms can keep the trend without harming their locks. Maintenance on this hair color is convenient, allowing for longer in-between root touch ups.


    bright 2014 hair colors

    Bright 2014 hair colors

    Red 2014 hair colors

    Bright Hair Colors

    Bright bold hair color; from classic vibrant red to neon yellow and electric blue, bright hair color is still a craze. Best on lighter hair types this risqué set of hues requires regular maintenance but it is well worth the time. Tips for keeping the color longer;  wash hair in cold water (just like your favorite shirt, your hair needs TLC too!) Use a deep conditioner, we love Enjoy Professional Hair Care’s Hair Mask.


    Ombre 2014 hair colors

     2014 hair colors


    Ombré hair color; we have seen the trend from pins to hashtags all over the Internet. But what does it really mean? Ombré is a hair color style that lightens the bottom of your hair making it lighter than the top. The dye can look natural, as if your hair is a gradient of the two colors you have chosen, or it can be bold and daring. The best tip for adding a multi-dimensional effect is to target random pieces instead of the more solid ombre coloring we used to see.


    platinum 2014 hair colors

    Phoebe Farrell in White Platinum Blonde 2014 hair colors

    White Platinum Blonde

    This hair color is not for everyone, but when done right it is a glowing, radiant look that speaks volumes without saying a word. Maintaining this look is more time consuming than most hair colors, and best results are seen by having a professional colorist do the job.  Because of the high lift bleach used to get this look,  make sure to keep your hair conditioned and use a thermal spray and a shine serum when styling.

    There you have it! Four vivacious summer 2014 hair colors that play well all season whether you are a mommy or a beach babe! Embrace the heat of summer by turning up your hair color and go for a new wave of locks by adding a lighter tone or a bolder hue!

    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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