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    Hair Color Protection Between Hair Salon Appointments

    Hair Color Protection

    Hair Color Protection to Keep Your Color Salon Fresh

    You paid plenty for that radiant shine, so why watch it fade away in a week?

    If you want hair color protection that sticks around, begin by checking out the condition of your hair before you color your hair. If your hair is dry or porous, color will leech right out. That’s one of the reasons rich brunettes go red and blondes turn brassy. So, your first line of defense is deep conditioning, and balancing your hair’s protein and moisture levels.

    Hair Color Protection

    To determine how healthy your hair is, hold a few strands at the roots while you pull gently near the ends. Does your hair stretch easily, or break almost immediately? To check for porosity, run your fingers against the cuticle’s direction and see if hair ruffles up. Or, put a few strands in water and watch if they absorb it fast and sink.

    For hair that’s prone to breakage, try out protein treatments; for porous hair, deep-condition and moisturize! Once your hair is in great shape, it’ll hold hair color protection lots longer.

    A hairdresser applying hair color to a clients hair

    Chair-Side Solutions

    At the hair salon, choosing a hair color close to your natural shade amounts to longevity. Hair that’s been lightened a lot and then colored a new shade is more likely to need hair color protection. Also, try out semi-and demi-permanent hair colors, they don’t last as long as permanent hair color products, but they do fade off more gently, so you won’t see obvious roots. If you prefer permanent hair color, be sure to get a subtly tinted glaze or a clear glosser added over the top to lock in color and shine.

    Avoid double chemical treatments, like perms, relaxers or straighteners and hair color. They make hair dryer and more porous, which brings you back to fast fading which needs more hair color protection. While you’re in the hair salon, book a deep-conditioning treatment for two weeks after the hair color service; this commits you to smart hair color protection.

    If you’re getting a brilliant red, which fades faster than other hair colors, ask about every solution your hair salon can offer. A great hair colorist will start with a clarifying shampoo to remove product build-up, chlorine or mineral deposits, which can prevent hair color from fully anchoring in the hair. Then, he or she can even out the hair’s porosity with a treatment like Joico’s HKP. Your hair colorist can also choose a hair color product with what’s called a double dye-load – only professional hair color products have them.

    Getting a few highlights is another solution. Because they’re created with bleach, they can’t fade. Add a play color like Manic Panic, and almost nothing will remove a red from your highlights. This means you had better be certain you want a near-neon shade.

    If you have underlayers done in a shade that’s quite different from surface strands, a little fading won’t matter because this hair color simply peeks through the top. Also, the top layer will give hair color protection to the colored under layers from the sun’s UV rays.

    Hair Color Protection

    Home Hair Color Care

    The sun, hot water and harsh shampoos dull your hair color the most. Always wait 24-to-36 hours after a hair coloring service before you shampoo. Then, use tepid water and avoid over-shampooing; every other day is usually more than adequate. (See my article on the no shampoo regimen).

    Choose a sulfate-free shampoo like Pureology, or one that’s made to inhibit hair color fade. Redken Color Extend shampoo and conditioner are also great options. If your new hair color is a brilliant red or a delicate blonde, try out hair care products with the pigment right in them; they punch-up hair color over time. Not only can you buy pigmented shampoos and conditioners, you can get hair styling products that boost color, like Goldwell ColorGlow Mousse.

    Another way to prevent fading from week to week is to use hair styling products with UV protectors and moisturizers. Avoid alcohol-based hair styling products. Product over-use itself can make hair color look dull-especially if they build up. Favor lighter hair styling products unless you have very dense, heavy hair, and even then, don’t use more than you need.

    As time goes on, make certain you keep your hair well moisturized and hydrated. Deep-conditioning and moisturizing treatments can be done at home, as well as in the hair salon. Try a hot oil treatment or splurge and ask your hairdresser to recommend a home-care deep conditioner.

    Finally, if hair color starts to fade and your roots are showing, use a root re-touch product. Colormark has been just one that you sweep on with a mascara wand. It lasts until the next shampoo. Or, try Clairol Nice N Easy Root Touch-Up. You just brush the appropriate color right on your roots, wait 10 minutes and rinse.

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    9 of the Hottest Hairstyles Right Now

    hottest hairstyles

    Hottest Hairstyles for this Season

    Goodbye fall, hello winter! It’s time to break out our boots and scarves and mix it up. It’s also time to take a look at the seasons hottest hairstyle trends! What I love about trends is that they evolve each season- I don’t see completely dramatic changes, we see updates and upgrades to the hottest hairstyles of the year, and this fall/winter is no different! Braids, ombre, fringe and topknots are still some of my favorites. Check out these simple on-trend looks I love this season.

    Hottest Hairstyles


    Braids are still hot hot hot right now! The beauty of a braid is that you can place it anywhere on the head and creatively mix it with most looks. Whether you have your hair all up or half up, braids are great ways to add texture and romance to your holiday style! Remember to pull apart the braid for a softer, more whimsical look. For some grip throughout the braid we love Redken’s Powder Grip™- tap a little powder throughout the base where you place the braid and it’ll hold all day and night. To finish a braided look, spray Redken Shine Flash™ all over.

    Hottest Hairstyles

    The topknot is always a classic trend and it works so well for an effortless holiday hottest hairstyles glam-up. For a sleek polished look, use Redken Workforce™ working spray to smooth once hair is pulled up. Don’t be afraid to create an “undone” topknot either if that’s your preference; imperfection can be absolute perfection with this look! Bold lips work really well with a topknot so have some fun with color this season!

    Hottest-Hairstyles-ombre ombreOmbre color is still on trend but it’s evolving and becoming more gradual rather than an intense “dipped” contrast. We are noticing softer and more subtle tones this fall and winter. Brunettes are playing with reds and golds while red heads are playing with coppers and browns. Ombre is a great way to add visual interest without changing the overall tone of your hair. It’s also a totally low-maintenance style that allows a ton of flexibility! I am loving Redken Chromatics hair color and the fabulous new Flash Lift lightener. Try putting yourhair up, that will show off your ends color too!

    oHottest Hairstyles

    Check out the subtly in color for these ombre applications . . . they are barely there but add just enough dimension to make the color story interesting and reflective! Most often, less is more and this example is no different.

    Full fringe is back with a vengeance. Winter is always a good time to try on fringe- it works with most face shapes and looks great with straight or wavy texture! If you get bored of straight full fringe, you can always sweep it to the side. Fringe is an easy way to completely change a look without doing much to the structure of the style

    We encourage you to make an appointment at your salon and try out these hottest hairstyles this season! Let your hairstylist or colorist know that you’re ready for an upgrade this season and have some fun!

    Contributing author Jennifer McGann Vice President of Education at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. Jen has worked in the Cosmetology industry for 15+ years as a salon technician, educator and freelance designer. Since 2005 at Tricoci University, Jen has been passionate about the development of the finest educators and students, delivering the season’s hottest trends to students and helping raise the bar for beauty education in our industry. Follow Tricoci on FaceBook and Twitter

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    How Fall Hair Color Trends Have Changed

    Reinvent Your Hair Color With These Subtle Trend Changes For Fall

    Right after Labor Day everybody gets tired of the summer sun kissed looks and starts looking around for something a bit more earthy in hair colors. So I thought it’s time to look at some of the subtle changes I’m seeing in the fall hair color trends this year. Just like any other year, there has been a bevy of celebrities that have observed unique subtle hair color trends for fall, and their sense of style has been followed by many across the globe.

    When talking to your hair stylist bringing in pictures is always helpful, as it can put you both on the same page. Your strawberry blonde may not be the same as your hair stylists’ idea of a “strawberry blonde” but an image it’s a great visual guide. A picture insures that you’re both singing from the same hymnal and reduces the likelihood of unpleastent surprises. So here are some of my thoughts about the fall hair color trends.

    Get-Kate-Hudson--sublte Balyage a Fall Hair Color Trends


    Whatever flavor you like your highlights, this fall, it’s all about a more natural sun kissed look. To achieve that celebrity style for today, don’t be afraid of showing a little root this fall and learning to embrace your natural hair color. Balayage is the perfect option to achieve that look, just make sure your hair colorist is well trained in the French hair painting technique and has taken classes or is certified.

    The perfect sunny day’s hair look is the rich caramel tone. However, warm, honey-streaked locks are gorgeous any time of the year and work well with most skin types especially those with olive and warm complexions. Jessica Alba and J-Lo are great examples of a perfect caramel shade.


    zig zag highlights a Fall Hair Color Trend

    Dimensional Blondes

    Solid “Playboy Bunny” blondes are adding more depth into the hair with deeper medium tones to keep it softer and more natural like Kate Hudson. The key is having your hair colorist apply lowlights or medium tones in a strategic way so they don’t appear like stripes but soft ribbons. Zig zaging highlights and lowlights is the perfect way to achieve a dimensional modern blonde.


    Face Framing Highlights one of the Fall Hair Color Trends


    Brunettes like Lilly Aldridge are adding softer face framing highlights to enhance layers around the face. The key is to keep to highlights only two shades lighter so you still have a brunette feel without over lightening the hair.

    Another great way to spice up a brunette without adding highlights is by adding some copper or cherry-chocolate tones the brown. These look great on warm and olive skin tones.


    Softer Reds are Fall Hair Color Trends


    Red heads like Amy Adams are looking softer and less intense as a hair color trend this fall. Adding more golden brown and warm cinnamon tones can be weaved in with soft highlights or with a color gloss. Glossing is a great way to add depth and warmth to reds or any hair color. A gloss is typically an ammonia free hair color that just deposits sheer tone and helps add shine, luster and condition and is applied to all the hair at the shampoo basin and just sits for a few minutes.

    A fall Hair Color Trend


    Ombre is still a popular hair color trend, but has evolved from being an extreme look to more natural transition from dark to light by adding a third color. You shouldn’t be able to see where the dark stops and the light starts. A medium tone will help create a seamless transition. Hair that is medium to long in length tends to wear ombre the best. It can be styled anyway, but looks great with a one or two inch curling iron to add soft beachy waves. Many women love ombre so much because it grows out nicely and lets you stretch your hair color appointments out a little longer.

    Caring for your fall hair color

    Maintaining Your New Color

    Most importantly protect your hair color by using sulfate free shampoo and conditioners which will help to protect and preserve your hair color. Remember to maintain regular trims, and moisturizing treatments will keep your hair color looking celebrity worthy and fade resistant. It’s also important when changing your hair color or adding highlights to keep in mind your haircut. A great haircut will go unnoticed if the color isn’t enhancing the cut. For the perfect finish, don’t forget to touch up your makeup. Have fun, it’s just color!

    For more great hair colors check out our Pinterest Hair Color Ideas board.

    Hair Color Trends
    Contributing author Alex Levy is a Florida native, and proud Team member at Nuovo First Street. A graduate of the Master Program at The Aveda Institute. Advanced training includes Vidal Sassoon Academy, TIGI Advanced Hairdressing Academy, and Loreal Professional Academy. Alex is also a certified L’Oréal Professionnel Balayage Expert. You can follow Alex on Twitter and Pinterest.

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