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    Unlock the Keys to Absolutely Irresistible Gray Hair

    Gray Hair Styles

    Rules for a Successful Transformation to Gorgeous Gray Hair

    The going with naturally gray hair question has come up often enough in my classes Finding the Right Hairstyle for You! to know that it is on a lot of your minds.

    Just picture yourself down the road a few more years or decades, whatever the case may be. You’ve been coloring whites since you can’t remember, and now you are tired of the hassle and expense of touching up gray roots every 4 to 6 weeks. How do you go about going “au naturel” with a beautiful gray hair style?

    Most of you know you shouldn’t just let your grays grow out – way to scary! If you see someone using this strategy, please help them out with what you learn here. (The easiest solution you can give them is to go on a mission to find a great hair colorist.)

    Some women have been left without answers to this question and therefore think they have no alternative but to look hideous in the process, or they just keep coloring their hair when they really don’t want to.

    So, first of all, if your hairdresser “hems and haws” think twice, and engage a good hair colorist. You want a hair colorist who is confident in the strategy they are going to use. If your hairdresser seems shaky, there is a good reason. They are not sure what to do with coloring gray hair! If a hair dresser takes you on with this attitude, they are surely getting experience at your expense. Follow your instincts carefully on this one. If it just does not feel right, be assertive.


    Short Layered Grey Hairstyle

    Natural Gray Hair Strategy Suggestions:

    • If your hair has been permanently colored or bleached, a short haircut will be the quickest and simplest to your goal. Then you can use a semi-permanent hair color or hair color rinse in your natural shade to blend till your hair grows out.
    • You can have a hair colorist blend your new growth with “lowlights”. Lowlighting is just the opposite of highlighting. Depositing streaks of hair color using a semi-permanent hair color to blend gray hair until the old hair color has been fully cut out. Your natural hair color will start to come in naturally, but without a line of demarcation.
    • The darker your hair color is, the trickier the process of going gray natrually becomes. The process of lowlighting hair may take a bit longer, but it is worth the effort. This is why going with a short haircut would be a good idea. It will make the process much smoother, quicker certainly less expensive.

    Next time you place an order at Amazon take a peak at “Going Gray, Looking Great! By Diana Lewis Jewell,” she’s the guru on the topic. And for more ideas on going gray naturally check out my article How to Grow Out Gray Hair.

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    Dyeing Gray Hair But Ready To Quit?

    dyeing gray hair

    You needn’t be dyeing gray hair forever . . . Here’s how to go natural!

    As baby boomers age,  we get more and more  questions surrounding the dilemma of how to stop dyeing gray hair.  Here’s a typical question;

    Judy asks;

    “I am 65 and have been dyeing my gray hair forever.  Now I’m not sure what is under it all.  I have been coloring it light blonde for years,  waiting for it to turn white. I think I’m ready to go natural, but I don’t know how to stop using color, and just let my natural color grow in without looking freaky. My natural color was dark brown. Is it just a dream to think I can strip out the blonde dye and it will be beautifully white? I still have quite a bit of dark hair peeking through in the back.”

    Naturally dark hair has the tendency to turn to beautiful shades of silver and white, however, genetics play a role here.  If you were fortunate enough to see your parents through the process of going gray, it will give you the best road map on when and how your hair will likely gray. I’ve found that most women turn gray similar to the way their Mother’s and Grandmother’s did.

    You are not in a ‘dream’ world believing that a beautiful white hair color is attainable, however you may need a little help getting it there. It sounds like you are not seeing ‘roots’ in the front and if that’s the case, you will be able to get to white more quickly. Your natural dark hair in the back can make for a gorgeous contrast, and it’s the way most women gray naturally.

    Here are a couple of suggestions for transitioning your blonde dyed hair to white or naturally gray hair.

    • Shorten your hair as much as possible.  Shorter hair will make for a quicker transition while keeping your hair healthier in the process.
    • Start a process to lift the blonde out by gently bleaching in many foils with fine sections.
    • Repeat foils in 4 to 6 weeks and tone with a violet based gloss or color shampoo to reduce any yellow.
    • Cut hair and repeat foils till hair is white.

    If you have dark roots in the front or on top, your hair has not turned completely gray or white yet. You could bring your hair to its natural color by following these steps.

    • Cut hair short for a quicker blending of your old hair to the new regrowth.
    • Foil in low-lights with semi-permanent hair color that matches your regrowth. A semi-permanent hair color will stain the gray and the foils will reduce lines of demarcation as your natural hair color grows in.

    An experienced hair colorist can determine your best options by looking at your regrowth, so allow your roots to grow in about an inch before having a consultation. If your colorist is unsure on how to get you through this, do some due-diligence and find one who is confident and knowledgeable. Don’t simply assume that anyone who colors hair, has the knowledge it takes to bring you through this transition.  If you suspect hesitation on their part . . . look elsewhere.

     Going Gray, Looking Great, by Diana Lewis Jewell, is a great book on this topic.

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    Don’t Let Grey Hair Ruin Your Day

    Gray Hair

    White hair, gray hair . . . badge of honor?

    White hair and gray hair is just another natural event we can rely on, usually somewhere in our mid to late 30’s as our hair starts cutting off its production of melanin or pigment. Even though most of us can count on it, like death and taxes, few of us are ready for this sign that we are passing into middle age.

    For me, at 53, I’m not ready to go, “au natural” yet. Maybe it’s vanity or maybe it’s because of my hair background with coloring everyone else’s hair, but never the less, I know someday I’ll be ready to look in the mirror and see white hair or grey hair. Why not, at some time it will be a welcomed new change of look and style.

    We have a number of options on how to go . . . or not to go gray-haired. If you want to put off the moment of truth, a semi-permanent hair color may do the trick. It can tint your white hair or gray hairs making them look like mini high lights with reddish or golden hues. I did this up until recently, when this formula was no longer covering my increasingly grey hair.

    Foiling lighter shades of blonde or caramel tones into your natural shade, is an easy way to transition into going gray with your hair. Maintenance is much easier and less costly, which is a big plus for many, as there isn’t that definite line of demarcation as your roots grow in more subtly.

    Chart of 24 different hair color swatches

    I’ve always had dark brown/black hair, a level 4 on the hair color chart. I now use this method of foiling in lighter shades as the dark was becoming too harsh with my changing skin tone. I’ve also lightened my base color by one shade. I’ve got to admit, it was hard for me to go lighter, to be objective about my own hair color becoming too dark. I can definitely see this faux pas on others, but like I’ve always said . . . it’s hard to be objective about ourselves.

    If you question your hair color choices, ask for advice from good hair colorist you can rely on. (For help check out: Hair Color Experts Advice) There is a natural aesthetic reason why white hair or grey hair appears at a certain point, it softens our skin tones and new wrinkles that inevitably appear.

    Grey hair can be a mark of your own personal style. It certainly was for my grandmother and for my mother as well. Both had dark hair that turned to a beautiful bright white. I’ve often heard others compliment them on their gorgeous gray hair. Those strands of silvery gray hair can be sexy and beautiful as long as you still do something with them. We have so many hair care products now to enhance white hair. Shampoos with blue or indigo tints can take the yellow out. Leave in rinses, used after shampooing, like Ultra White Mink Fanciful Rinse by Roux

    Short gray haircut with flipped ends

    If your hair is an unacceptable color of gray for you . . . you have options. Brighten the gray, lighten the gray, blend or color the gray or . . . not. Some graying hair may retain a hint of color. When naturally red hair turns white, there may remain a slight pinkish undertone. Naturally gold high lights may appear white with yellow undertones. Other natural colors like dark brown or black may retain a silvery tint.

    Luckily, with today’s long lasting 100% gray hair coverage colors, you can quickly and easily return to the true you – or have fun discovering another color hidden within!

    Next time you place an order at Amazon take a peek at “Going Gray, Looking Great! by Diana Lewis Jewell,” she’s the guru on the topic.

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