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    The Ultimate Blow Dry Tutorial

    The Blow Dry Tutorial That Blow Dry Bars Don’t Want You to Know About

    The best thing for your hair is to let it dry naturally. But of course, that’s not realistic . . . especially for women with fine hair, most of whom are addicted to the master blaster, with good reason; it’s the ultimate volumizer. If you do blow-dry all the time, at least take a break on the weekend, when you can condition your hair and give it special care. Leave-in conditioners everyday and a deep conditioning treatment or hot oil treatments also help to take the strain off over-processed hair.

    To do as little damage as possible, follow these ground rules. If your hair is curly, use a diffuser, which not only helps hold the curl but also diffuses the heat. Also, keep the blower at a low cool setting as much as possible, and hold it four to six inches from your head.

    Blow Dry Tutorial

    Get the Right Hair Dryer

    Not all hair dryers are not created equally. So what makes the grade in my book? The size, the weight and a cool button. A hair dryer that’s light, not too heavy is important. I don’t like hair dryers that are too big. A cool button is important to me . . . you can touch up your look by pumping air back into the hair. A 1,200 to 1,500-watt dryer is powerful enough for most women: if your hair is thick or coarse. You may need 1,700 watts. Experiment with a diffuser or nozzle attachment, I’m addicted to nozzles! They direct the heat when I want to get the hair really straight and smooth, and they don’t ruffle the cuticle.


    Blow Dry Tutorial

    Buy a Good Hair Brush

    I use mostly round brushes on myself, I prefer a Denman brush, which boasts rubber-coated bristles. If I want the hair to be really, really straight, I use the brush at the roots. The rubber grips the hair and allows you to really pull it taut. If you are able to get the first two inches from the roots straight, the rest of the hair will follow. And if you don’t, watch for that mid-morning natural wave to bounce back!


    Blow Dry Tutorial

    Use a Really Good Volumizing Product

    But, take inventory of your hair texture and pick a volumizer that best suits your hair type.


    Blow Dry Tutorial

    Section Your Hair Off

    There’s a reason why stylists section their clients’ hair when blow-drying . . . it provides more control with the brush as well as tension, heat and airflow. Here’s how to achieve smooth, shiny results, just like you get in the salon.

    • Divide your head into four quadrants and use large clips to hold each section in place as you blow-dry.
    • Hold the brush in your writing hand and the blow dryer in the other on, keeping them about 1/2″ apart.
    • Position the dryer parallel to the brush . . . Never put the nozzle directly on the brush, as it will burn the blower motor out, damage the brush’s bristles and burn your hair.


    Blow Dry Tutorial

    Be Careful Not to Over Dry Your Hair or Style Too Soon

    85% is the magic number, over drying can strip your hair of essential moisture, bounce and elasticity. Don’t start styling your hair with a round brush when blow drying until you get about 85% of the moisture out of your hair first, so it’s just damp. One result of over drying hair is a lot of static.

    Blow Dry Tutorial

    Blow Dry From Roots to Ends

    Start by gently blotting your wet hair with a towel. Then, hang your head upside down as you blow dry from roots to ends. Don’t blow into the hair, or you’ll ruffle the hair cuticle. You want to keep your cuticle lying down smoothly. As you are turned upside down, you are giving your hair added volume, and when hair is 85% dry, get out that brush and put some shape in that style.


    Blow Dry Tutorial

    Dry the Bottom Layers First

    Start at the back and dry the under layers first. For straight hair, always direct the blow-dryer down toward the floor: this smooths the hair and prevents frizz. Lean over and blow-dry at the roots to give your hair volume. To add height or volume to the top of your hair, lift the hair from the roots with your fingers (or use your round vent brush or paddle brush) and blow-dry at the roots. For wavy or curly hair, hold the diffuser into the hair (with your head straight up) and work your way around your head, from bottom to top (do not use a brush).

    Blow Dry Tutorial

    Smooth the Top

    When the under layers are dry, use your brush to shape the top layer. Put the bristles against your scalp, turn and lift back small sections of hair, and curl them under until dry.


    Blow Dry Tutorial

    Curl the Ends

    Take your brush and curl the ends under. Brush through and follow with the blow-dryer directed toward your hair. Finish styling with a shot of cold air, which “sets” the style and makes your hair shinier.



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    Hair Styling Tools Trade in Offer

    hair stying tools

    Sally Beauty’s Clash for Hair Styling Tools Clunkers

    New hair styling tools for less. Sally Beauty Supply has recently started their own ‘cash for clunkers’ deal. Sally Beauty Supply will give you $5 toward the purchase of a new hair styling tool when you trade in your old one. This is a great opportunity for those with old flat irons, curling irons or hair dryers that aren’t working as well as they used to or for those wanting to trade in traditional hair styling tools for newer ceramic or tourmaline versions.

    So what’s the catch? The new hair styling tool must cost at least $29.99 before tax and must be purchased by October 31.  But keep in mind that you can get an additional discount if you have a Sally Beauty Club Card, which costs about $5. The card is good for a year and gives you a 5% to 30% discount on regular priced merchandise. You can locate the nearest Sally Beauty to you by visiting their store locater.

    Dry Shampoo Evolution

    New Dry Shampoo Hair Product

    Many brands are offering new dry shampoo hair products. It seems that every new hair product brand is jumping on the bandwagon and creating its own dry shampoo. I can remember when my only choices were Klorane (which I still use) and Bumble and Bumble (I was a big fan of this one too). Klorane is a spray-in dry shampoo and Bumble and Bumble was a powder that came in a variety of colors. Now many new hairstyle brands, such as Renee Furter, TIGI Bedhead and Shuga Complex offer dry shampoos.

    Many of these work the same as the originals, by refreshing dirty, greasy strands and adding volume, lift and a pleasant aroma. I suggest a dry shampoo to many of my clients as a quick and easy way to freshen up second and third day hair!. Which one should you choose? The choice is yours! However, I tried the TIGI Bedhead Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo recently and although it worked well, I still favor the Klorane brand . . . mostly because I like the smell better.

    New Hair Product Deals: Best Bargain Shampoos & Conditioners

    New Hair Product

    John Frieda Luxurious Volume Full Clarity Purifying Shampoo. If you read my articles, you know how much I love John Frieda’s Luminous Color Glaze. This is another great new hairstyle product find from John Frieda’s line. This product will give you lots of volume, but even better it will clarify your hair of all that old product build-up and leave you with squeaky clean hair!

    New Hair product

    L’Oreal EverPure Smooth Shampoo. This is a new hair product by L’Oreal. The EverPure Smooth Shampoo is sulfate free which means it’s good for color treated hair and free of harsh cleansing agents. If you have a sensitive scalp, this gentle cleansing shampoo might be right for you. Check out all the good reviews here. There are more and more ‘green’ products popping up everywhere. It’s really nice to find new hair products at an affordable price. For all you who are going ‘green’, this product is also 100% vegan.

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    Style Hair With More Shine and Less Damage?

    Round Styling Brush

    Style Hair with Tourmaline Ceramic Technology

    Just when you think nothing more can be done to improve the way we style hair, out comes the next new thing!  I swear life just keeps getting better and better . . . or at least that was what I THOUGHT!

    Don’t believe everything you read. I just read an article the other day in American Salon Magazine, that noted a new product that has just “gotten better with age.” The Cricket Company, who has the most popular line of thermal round styling brushes, has just gone the next step to improve their product.

    I’m not sure, but it would be a good guess that they invented the ‘thermal round brush,” when they first came out with their collection in 1989. I used their brushes probably as my #1 way to style hair for almost everyone back at that time. I still have a collection and still use a selected few now and then.

    When they first came out with the thermal round brush, it featured anti-static bristles and an aluminum barrel that would retain heat. We used these brushes to create every look from big soft curls to smoothed out hair with lots of body.  It was an instant ‘hit’ with hairdressers for a quick and easy way to style hair what ever length. Round thermal brushes of all sizes, flew off the shelves as the next new tool!

    Cricket Company’s round thermal brush, “has just gotten better,” per American Salon Magazine anyways. Their brushes “now include tourmaline ceramic technology to leave hair shiny and moisturized and prevent damage.”

    Well, great I thought, this is something new I can share with my readers! Maybe we should all go out and update our stash of Cricket’s Technique Thermal Round Brushes for the new improved, better for our hair type model.  Well . . . not so fast!

    I went to Cricket’s website to get more information about those “new brushes,” but was only more confused.  I found nothing that was “new” and the descriptions left me with questions. So, long story short, I spoke with a gal from marketing, who supposedly was the person who could answer my questions.

    I asked the obvious question to me, I didn’t understand which brush had the ‘new’ technology? Was it the bristles or the barrel or both that were infused with this new technology etc. etc. etc.

    Sad but true her answer was:  “There are no “new” round thermal brushes with the tourmaline ceramic technology. Our brushes have always had that technology. I just told the person from American Salon that it was new, because there are a lot of people in the business who haven’t tried them yet, you know, it’s such a transient business, but we do have the most highly used brushes!”

    If you haven’t tried any tools that contain the tourmaline ceramic technology, they really do make a difference to the look, feel and health of your hair. It helps prevent damage and leaves hair shinier and more moisturized.

    Oh yeah, and the folks at Cricket Co. have also included an “antimicrobial agent into the plastic” of their new brushes, so I guess there is something new about it after all.

    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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