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    5 Things you need to consider before you choose your best hair style

    Choosing your best hair style made simple

    Answering the question” what’s your best hair style?” should be a mutual effort between you and your hair stylist! Your part includes, first finding a good hair stylist and second, an honest assessment of yourself. Your hairdresser needs to determine your face shape, hair type and lifestyle issues. They also need to know what you will and won’t do in regards to styling your hair. That’s it!

    So what’s your best hair style? There is more than just one hair style that will be flattering on you, but as you’ve probably experienced, the best hair styles you’ve had in the past have been effortless and brought compliments.

    Best hair style for your face shape

    Know Your Face Shape

    Need I say that the best hair styles for round face shapes differ from the best hair styles for heart shape faces? This is scary, but I remember a time when the connection between hair style and face shape was not something openly acknowledged. It wasn’t taught in beauty school. This meant that your hairdresser had an eye for good balance, or not! Still, not all hairdressers ‘get it’ or have the artistic eye to know what haircuts are most flattering for your face shape. For that reason it’s good to learn for yourself what works and what doesn’t work with your face shape. Knowledge is power!


    Know Your Hair Type and Texture

    This is just as important as the subject of knowing your face shape. Your hair type and texture will match up specifically well with certain hair styles. When a good match is made, your hair will look great while being easy to style. When your hair type is wrong for any style and you try to wear it anyways . . . you’ll be fighting it daily and damaging it in your attempts to beat it into submission!

    You can’t be expected to know the best hair styles your hair type and texture will work with, but a good hairdresser will know, and it is of key importance here. In its natural state do you have straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair or kinky hair? Is your hair thin, medium or thick? Is your hair fine or coarse in texture? Pay attention and learn what type of hair styles work best for your hair type.

    Best hair style for your life style

    Consider Your Lifestyle Issues

    Once you have established your face shape, hair type and texture, the next concern should be to know how your lifestyle issues will work with the hairstyle you choose.

    Our lifestyle changes over time, but, at the current moment they have a huge importance on what hair style will best fit your image and day-to-day living.

    • Do you work out or participate in sports?
    • Are you fashion conscious? Business oriented? Work at home?
    • Do you have small children?
    • Is your life pace relaxed or very active?
    • How much time are you willing to spend on your hair each day?
    • What hair styling tools are you willing to you use?

    Best hair style

    Take the time to find a good hair stylist. A good hair stylist will help answer questions like; hairstyles with bangs are they right for you? Can you wear Taylor Swift hair? Can you wear layered haircuts or long hairstyles with bangs? Are short hairstyles good for you? Getting your best hair style doesn’t just happen by accident. If you see a woman with the perfect hair style for her, you can bet that she has collaborated carefully with her hairdresser before the first snip.

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    Hairstyles for Your Face

    A perfect symetrical round face

    How to Determine Hairstyles for Your Face

    Fashion freaks over the world dread the fact of mismatching their clothes with the accessories and hairstyle. While choosing the clothes and accessories are quite easy, deciding over a hairstyle is comparatively difficult as there is a need for one to determine the face shape and take the personality into consideration. A right kind of hairstyle for your face is as important as hair care. It is also important if the person is able to carry off the hairdo in style. Here are a few tips for choosing the right kind of hairstyles for your face.“Getting Hairstyles for Your Face Right”

    • It is primarily important to determine the shape of your face. You can do this by tying you hair behind and watch your face closely in the mirror. Determine the shape of your face before you go ahead to choose the hairstyle. This is essential as the hairstyles done without taking the shape of the face into consideration your look may go awry.
    • If you have an oval face, you can say you are extraordinarily gifted, as any type of hairstyle will suit you. This will allow you to experiment different and innovative kinds of hairstyles. But the best tip would be to settle down on a haircut that gives a lot of volume to the hair with movements near the areas of cheekbones.
    • If you have a round face you need to be extra careful with your selection of hairstyle.  A wrong choice of hairdo and you can mess up with your looks. You need to focus on the hairstyles that make your face shape less round. Keep away from the fuller and round hairstyles. A side parting of the hair can make your hair appear less round. The right length for your hair is below the chin as this lengthens the features of your face. For more hairstyles that might make your face look thinner check out our Pinterest Hairstyles for Round Face Board.
    • Short and bobbed hairstyles are a strict no-no for the round faces. They make the face appear broader and spoil your look. You can create volume and fullness to the crown of your head by choosing a layered hair style. This also makes your face appear narrower. A hair color of chocolate brown or sandy blonde may also look great.
    • Short and straight bangs are also to be avoided. They draw attention to the widest parts of your face. Even if you want to have bangs in a short side swept effect. This works better.
    • For the people with an oblong face shape, the short to medium hairstyles will work best. Go for a hairstyle that has a side parting than at the center as a center parting may amplify the length of your face. Very short cuts or very long cuts are better avoided.
    • Whatever may be the face shapes you can choose the hair colors for the hairstyles according to the trend for example the right hair dye colors for Asians include black and brown.

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    Back to School Hairstyle Trends and Fads

    Jane Fonda In the Klute Hair Style

    Early warning on hairstyle trends and fads for Back to School

    • The Klute Hairstyle ~~~ The New York Observer is reporting that the hot new hairstyle trend seen on the streets of New York right now is a hairstyle made popular by Jane Fonda in the 1971 movie Klute. Watch for this hairstyle to start showing up in other parts of the country. Avoid this hairstyle if you have an oblong or rectangular face shape. Round faces should also pass on this one.

    • Bangs Return, and With Them, Naysayers and Chopaholics ~~ Reese Witherspoon started it all off in January at the Golden Globes and perpetuated in hairstyles on Bettie Page, Jane Birkin, Rihanna and Cat Power recently, according to a July 26, 2007 New York Times article by ANNA JANE GROSSMAN. Bangs or Fringe for all my European readers is making a comeback in the la, dee, dah hair styling salons on both coasts, so start letting those bangs grow out if you want to be in on the trend.

    • Big Hair is Everywhere ~~ The movie Hairspray is causing almost a stampede by the media and hairstyle salons to predict a new hairstyle fad or trend in big hair. Here is just a few of the dozens of articles that I have seen theses past few days. Salon does ‘Hairspray’ for the day, The Secret Behind Hairspray’s Big Hair!, Huge hair makes a comeback, Big Hair is back. I’m not willing to jump on this band wagon, mostly because very few women can look really good with big hair. If you don’t have an oval or a heart-shaped face, don’t even bother with this hairstyle trend, its is likely to be a hairstyle fad that fizzles. For certain, listen carefully to any advice you’re getting from your hairdresser.


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