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    The Shag Haircut Comeback

    These Adorable Shag Haircuts Will Make You Want to Grab the Scissors!

    When Harry met Sally back in 1989, women of the world met Sally’s shag haircut, a layered hairstyle that would go on to become one of the most copied in recent history. Fast-forward a few years: Model Freja Beha Erichsen came strutting down the runways with a brand-new version of the shag haircut that had editors . . . well, let’s just say those noises Meg Ryan made in her famous sandwich scene were not far off. “The new shag has a definite rock and roll feel,” says hairstylist Sam McKnight, who has tended to Erichsen’s shag.“It’s almost boyish . . . more messy than pretty, like the shag haircut of the ‘70s.” Think allover layers that look positively unkempt as opposed to perky—Mick Jagger, not Meg Ryan. The fervor over Erichsen’s hair has only increased as she’s grown it out, demonstrating the style’s ability to look good at every length. Not the shag you might find out sites like or others, but you could find there might be some brunettes rocking a shag haircut.

    The shag haircut

    According to hairstylist Christiaan, who also cuts Erichsen’s layers, this is because it’s more “ragged out” than its ‘80s incarnation . . . in other words, it has an edgier, hacked-into effect. While the cut may indeed convey toughness, its tousled layers are also undeniably sexy. “Blunt plays well in the boardroom,” Model Solange Wilvert says Christiaan. “But this plays better in before she was the bedroom.” Which should come as no surprise—it is, after all, dubbed the “shag.”

    Rough Treatment

    A shag’s intentionally messy layers may make it the ultimate do-nothing haircut. Not only is it wash-and-go, it’s don’t-wash-and go: “I tell people to shampoo only every second or third day,” Christiaan says. “It allows the hair’s own oils to give it some natural texture.” If you need a little something more to achieve the right piecey finish, try a dollop of light hair cream (we like Pantene Pro-V Anti-Frizz Straightening Crème and Kiehl’s Stylist Series Creme with Silk Groom). Rub a pea—size dab between your fingertips and scrunch damp or dry hair lightly for the desired look of semi-dirtiness.

    As a more-styled alternative, consider erratically straightening your hair: On air-dried hair, smooth random sections with a flat iron, leaving others untouched. (Don’t let the iron linger—a very quick pass over each section will suffice.) “Vary the sizes of the sections,” McKnight says. “On some pieces, do just the roots, and on others just the ends. The more haphazard-looking, the better.”

    How to Get the Cut

    Not only can a shag be straight, wavy, or curly, it can also be any length, from above the ears to below the shoulders—making it less of a specific shape and more of a mentality. “This is not a cookie-cutter, cut,” says McKnight, global style ambassador for Pantene. “So it’s even more important than usual to go to someone whose work you know and like.”

    • Ask Your Pro to Cut Like and Amateur ~~ Tell your stylist to make it look like you took a pair of scissors to your hair yourself. “That’s what Freja always asks for,” McKnight says.“You’re aiming for a grown-out kind of vibe.”
    • Seriously Consider Bangs ~~ Full-on fringe is not mandatory, but you’ll at least want to think about a few brow-length, bang-like pieces in front, which can be swept to the side. If you forgo them, make sure your shortest layers are longer than ear length. “Otherwise, shorter bits may get in your face and drive you crazy,” says McKnight.

    Customizing the Cut

    “The shag is really a bespoke cut,” Mcknight says. “It’s different on every individual.” Here, how to tailor the look to your hair type.

    • If you have fine Hair~~ A lot of choppy layers can make fine hair look thinned-out, which, paradoxically, creates an unfortunate fluffiness. As for length: Not everyone with fine hair needs to go short, but if you’re very wispy to begin with, ask your stylist to bring the ends up to at least shoulder length.
    • If You Have Thick Hair ~~ Coarse hair usually works with any length of shag haircut, but it may require additional thinning out to reduce the bulk. This can be achieved either by layenng or cutting with a razor (which should not be done more than once every four to six weeks, as it can split and damage the hair).
    • If You Have Curly Hair ~~ “Loose curls make a shag look, more free,” Christiaan says. (Those with tight spirals should skip this cut.) Opt for a bob length or a short boy version that has longer layers around the ears and the front. “If it’s too long all over, the curls will form a heavy block,” McKnight says.

    Shag Layered Haircuts are Back From the Past

    Medium Length Shag

    Layered shag haircuts are one of the most commonly requested haircuts that I get. Everyone wants a layered haircut, whether they are long layers, short layers, or somewhere in between. What I’m suggesting a lot right now is an updated version of the layered shag. Remember the shag layered haircuts from the 70’s and 80’s? Well, they are back again in a big way!.

    Shag Haircut
    Taylor Momsen and Kristen Stewart, are just two celebrities to jump on the layered shag haircut bandwagon. Their layered haircuts are a bit more on the extreme versions of this layered hairstyle. I prefer something that you can wear every day, so here are some layered haircuts that are great for everyday wear:

    Short Shag Haircut on Lisa Rinna

    Short Layered Shag Haircuts

    Meg Ryan, first made the short layered haircut famous and Lisa Rinna has now perfected it. Their layered shag haircuts are perfect examples of what I’m talking about. A layered shag hairstyle is great for someone who wants a lot of body, movement and texture in their short hair. If you want to steal this hairstyle, I would suggest asking your hairdresser for super short layers blended into the length of your hair.

    This is such an easy haircut to style in the morning, you’ll be able to get out of the house in a flash! Blow dry all over, no need to use a brush and then add some texturizing product like Bed Head Manipulator, into the hair and style. I love these short layered shag haircuts since they are so easy to style and so stylish to wear!

    Medium Layered Shag Haircut

    Medium Layered Shag Haircut

    Incorporating this shag hairstyle, are great for those in the process of growing out their hair. It will give you a fabulous new look while your hair is ‘in-between’ hairstyles. For a medium layered shag, you can get away with longer layers. Have your hairdresser cut in all over layers and then go back and do loads of texturizing throughout for that shaggy look.

    Long Hair Styles

    Long Layered Shag Haircut

    I love, love, love this look! This is a great way to add a lot of volume and body to long, lifeless locks. If you love this long layered haircut too, ask your hairdresser for a lot of choppy layers throughout your long hair. You can style this by flipping hair in and out with a flat iron or large barrel curling iron and then spraying a dry wax spray throughout layered pieces. I like Paul Mitchell’s Dry Wax, because it doesn’t seem to leave too much of a build up on strands.

    These long layered haircuts are so hot right now, I think I may just have to copy Ashlee Olsen’s hairstyle and claim it as my own. Remember that we are all about change and switching up your hairstyle this season, so why not try one of these shag-alicious styles.



    How to Get the Shattered Shag Haircut

    The Shattered Shag Haircut

    • The Cut ~~ Long, sliced-in layers make one of the sexiest shag hairstyles I’ve seen from the hands of Heidemarie Hisle of Phoenix, AZ, the cut truly emphasizes today’s on the edge styled woman. The longest pieces appear in front for the illusion of length; back and side layers are short enough for control. Jagged bangs bring the feeling full circle.
    • The Color ~~ Cool russet with a hint of copper comes from a custom formula you can only get in a hair care salon. By using natural brunette as the base and adding the top tones, you get natural depth and dimension.
    • How to Style It ~~ Work mousse throughout your hair and dry as you use a round brush to create the basic shape. When hair is damp, mist on spray gel or a finishing spray and continue to dry, emphasizing the piecey layers. To finish, take a touch of styling crème and finger-comb the front and surface strands.



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    Must Have Long Hair Styles

    Long Hair Styles

    Punch up Your Long Hair Styles

    It is the time to wear hair long hair styles primped to its finest. Amy Winehouse showed us that a long hairstyle can be worn to the extreme, but this year the extreme is done with grace. Just because the hairstyle is long doesn’t mean you have to let it dangle in that goody two shoe manner, it is high time to infuse those long hairstyles with some attitude.


    Long Hair Styles That Make You Appear Thinner


    A long hairstyle that is worn one length can come across a tad boring and dull, but with the right highlights you can really change things around. A two toned effect will add depth and dimension. Highlights are always a good idea, but changing it up will make things more interesting. Keep the stripes smaller and more blending to the base hair color, and add a few colors to the mix. This will add transition and reflect light-giving-depth to the hair. For more inspiration on highlights check out my article Hair Highlights for All Hair Colors.


    Long Hair Styles


    This is a great haircut if you are working with long curly or wavy hair. One of the biggest problems with curly long hair is that the cut lies too flat at the top and explodes through the bottom; before you know it you resemble a Christmas tree. The layers will transform the curls, cascading the hair and making it look fuller from start to finish.


    Long Hair Styles

    Multiple Layers

    When your hair is straight and very thick the multi-layered look can also be a great haircut to use. It removes the excess weight from your hair making it easier to style. However, be careful not to cut the layers too short, all that extra weight removed will allow the hair to bounce up leaving you with a bowl shape at the crown.


    Long Hair Styles

    Face Framing Layers

    Ladies, if you are one of the many who defines yourself as being “hairstyling impaired,” or not blessed with the hands or talent to do your own hair, then look no further. This long haircut keeps all the length through the back blunt, but allows for flattering layers to frame the face. This is a classic haircut that has been revised over the years to bring more attitude to the table. It is important your hairdresser works this long hair style to accentuate your best features. Cut the layers around the face to high light your cheekbones or your lips. And, if you have killer eyes that you want to be noticed chop in an eye grazing fringe to seal the deal. And if your looking for more ideas on utilizing face framing layers as a strategy check out my article Layered Haircuts Are Hot!


    Long Layered Hair Style with Bangs

     Whatever long hairstyle you luscious lasses choose to wear, remember to have fun with the overall picture. Long hair is like a blank canvas, there is so much to do with it . . . play around, have some fun and don’t be afraid to try new things.


    Long Hair Styles

    For more great longer looks check out my Pinterest Long Hairstyles Board.



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    Lindsey Vonns Long Layered Hair Style a Winner!

    Long Layered Hair Style

    Long layered hair style perfect for Lindsey Vonn

    Lindsey Vonn’s long layered hair style reeks classy sophistication on this two-time World Champion! What could be more delectably feminine than long blonde softly face-framing layers on a fiercely competitive gal like Lindsey? It almost seems like an oxymoron . . . and that’s one reason she is the ‘darling,’ the poster girl of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.


    Long Layered Hair Style


    OK, I’m looking for some reason to put up a post on Lindsey Vonn. There are plenty of us in her hometown of St. Paul/Minneapolis who will be vigorously cheering on our poster gal this weekend. Every kid who has hit the slopes of “Buck Hill,” in the Minneapolis suburb of Burnsville, where Lindsey got her start, will be holding on to the seat of their pants, (no pants on the ground) in anticipation.


    Long Layered Hair Styles


    Lindsey Vonn is arguably the all time world’s best woman alpine skier with two consecutive World Cup wins in 2009 and 22 World Cup wins on her resume! She has been on ski’s since the age of 2 and has spent over 20 years perfecting her talent in this sport! She is in pursuit of 5 gold medals in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics starting this Friday, February 12th. She will first compete in the ladies combined downhill on Valentine’s day February 14th.  Jim Tracy, a United States ski-team coach, described the first time he saw Vonn ski. “She’s hauling down the mountain, her skis probably going 60, but the rest of her was hardly moving. It was like watching water flow down a hill.”

    But, back to Lindsey Vonns long layered hair style, since that’s what hairstyle-blog is about . . . the question comes to mind, what does a beautiful world-class athlete do with her hair? Her hair style needs to be functional first and foremost. For any athlete, a hair style needs to stay out of the face when practicing and competing and it needs to be quick and easy to style. Lindsey shared recently that she spends 6 to 8 hours a day in the gym preparing for the Olympics . . . that doesn’t leave much time for fussing with hair!

    For Lindsey a long layered hair style is perfect because it does both these things and it’s so versatile. She can pull it out of her face, into a ponytail or bun, for practicing and working out and put a cap on it as she is often seen doing out and about. For a head turning bouncy, feminine look, a long layered hair style can be curled using hot rollers, curling iron or velcro rollers. Long layered hair styles can also easily be converted into a variety of updo’s.


    Long Layered Hair Styles
    Long Layered Hair Styles

    Lindsey marries Thomas Vonn 9/29/07 Lindsey is a class act, everything we could hope for in our top athletes. We wish her success in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics!!  She is a fearless competitor who has worked, like world-class athletes work, towards her dream. Here is an excerpt from an article from Bill Pennington, a sport reporter for the N.Y. Times writes, from an interview he did with Lindsey;”Vonn is not naturally introspective. But when I asked her how she has managed to perform successfully under pressure in recent years, especially since stress seemed to undo her in the past, she paused. “Athletics at the highest level is a sport within a sport,” she answered, looking at the ceiling. “When you’re young, you develop ways to win, and you think they will always work, but then you get to the top, competing against the other top athletes, and sometimes things don’t work. You go home and ask yourself what went wrong, and for me the answer was that I didn’t have enough confidence in my preparation, and I didn’t have enough trust in myself.

    “So now I know that I’ve worked harder and prepared myself better than anyone. And I have put things in place. I have a race routine. I have a team of people helping me. I have winning habits. I believe in myself. I have balance in my life. In the end, it’s a mental maturity to let your best come out.”





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