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    The Art of Hair Extensions; Find Out How

    We Are Not The First Generation to Embrace Hair Extensions

    Let’s face it. We’ve been helping out Mother Nature since time began. Think about it. In ancient Egypt with Cleopatra and her pals, elaborate wigs were all the rage. In other parts of Africa, from BCE to A.D., women used whatever it took, wool, leaves, cotton to add length to their beautiful braids. On these shores our Revolutionary War grandmothers wore animal hair powdered white and piled high atop their heads.

    We’re still doing it . . . Except that now we’ve got an attitude about it. Piling on some store-bought hair is seen as a cop-out, the last province of the pretentious. But as I see it, there’s nothing wrong with gilding the lily. Maybe you want to experiment with a new look. Maybe you want to give your hair a rest. Maybe your hair is thinning and you want to give it a little extra oomph. Maybe you like flinging hair over your shoulders every once in a while. Why not? Go for it.

    Hair Extension Tips

    Hair extensions give women the ability to have gorgeous, long hair in an hour or less. Sounds like a dream come true! In many ways extensions are, but they need to be selected and managed carefully. That’s where a good professional comes in. While it’s possible to do extensions yourself, it is not recommended. You can end up wasting money and becoming the butt of jokes. Going to a salon ensures that your extension will look natural and makes a positive enhancement to your beauty arsenal.

    Your Choices

    • Methods of Attachment ~~ There are several ways the salon can attach the extensions – with clips, caps, keratin and with sewing to your existing hair itself. Extensions with clips can be taken down or modified anytime. If you have chosen the caps method or the sewing method, these extensions require maintenance every month. If you have chosen the keratin option you need to know that they are inserted for 5-6 months and then maintenance is needed as well. The most harmless method is using clips. These are tic tac barrettes with silicon parts which are sewn to the strand and then the strands are connected to the hair.
    • Human Hair or Synthetic Hair ~~ Also, it’s important to consider whether you prefer real or synthetic hair. Real hair is much more expensive than the synthetic hair, but it’s much more durable and easier to maintain. Extensions made of real hair can be treated in any way you would your natural hair – with a flat iron, curling, hair dryer, or diffuser. And can be even dyed unlike synthetic hair.
    • Hair Types ~~ Hair extensions can be obtained in a variety of different hair types. Be sure to ask your stylist about what options they would recommend to most effectively match your existing natural hair type.
    • Size and Strand Count ~~Consider your different size options as well. The most preferred in our salon are 50-55sm and 65sm. If you have elected to use extensions with strands, you will need 120-150grams of hair depending on how thick your hair is. But if you go with keratin strands, we recommend using 150-200 extension pieces.


    Lauren Conrad hair extension tips

    Keeping Your Hair Extensions Beautiful

    Now you have beautiful, long hair! Here are some tips on how to keep it looking gorgeous.

    • Combing Your Hair ~~ Combing should be done regularly, and you need to use the appropriate tool. The brush should be soft to allow gentle combing of the hair in order to prevent tearing and thinning from the frequent usage. Start from the hair ends, as you would do with your natural hair, detangle first this zone and then move to the next hair levels. Be careful with the extensions as excessive pulling could lead to tearing which can transform your marvelous and soft hair into something less desirable.
    • Shampooing ~~ Washing your extensions is important for maintaining them as long as possible, and there are several rules to follow to be sure your hair extensions will look good. First, detangle before the shampoo, second, use a good shampoo and third (and perhaps the most important) – do it slowly and carefully.
    • Drying Your Hair Extensions ~~ Leave your extensions to dry naturally. After washing your hair, put the layers on a towel or hang them and let them dry naturally. Keep in mind that the direct sunlight or the hair dryer is not recommended. If you have time, avoid drying with a flat iron or a hairdryer in order to keep your extensions in perfect condition for as long as possible.

    Ponytail Extension

    There’s something very seductive about instantly acquiring a massive mane; it can make you feel like Miss Glamorous. If you’re going to fake it, you’ve got to do it right. And doing it right means, above all, making sure that your natural hair is kept clean, conditioned and stress-free. Hopefully this article will help you accomplish that end.

    Contributing author Claudia Egnal has been in the beauty industry for nearly 30 years. With a wide array of cutting and coloring skills, she specializes in hair extensions, color, highlights and cutting. Her newest salon, JULDAN, opened in JULY 2012 and continues to grow due to the talent of her diverse staff and team. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.


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    8 Ways to Style a Center Hair Part

    center hair part

    8 Flattering Center Hair Part Styles to Try Now

    The advent of outrageous hairstyles that aim to step out of the norm have somewhat relegated classic hairstyles into the back burner, so to speak. However, this does not mean that the classic ways of styling a woman’s hair has completely been forgotten. It has only adapted a new perspective wherein the classic hairstyles give a fresh twist. The same goes with the center hair part. Even though side swept ‘dos and deep side parts were becoming highly popular in 2013 and still continues to be popular, there are still fun and creative ways you can wear a center part this year. In fact, this trend has never really disappeared – it has simply taken on a new form.

    If you are either too afraid to explore with a new part or simply cannot let go of that center hair part, no need to worry. We will give you eight chic ways to wear your center part and keep your hairstyle dated.


    center hair part

    If you feel like rocking a sophisticated, maybe a bit glam, hair style, styling your center hair part with a chignon is the surest bet. This is also a very easy hairstyle to do, while also providing a wide range of styling possibilities. It starts with parting your hair in the middle and then pulling back the lower ends of the hair. You can opt to style it sleek and neat, or loose and a bit messy.


    But before you do, make sure you blow dry your hair after you have gathered the lower ends. Use an elastic tie to secure the hair into a low ponytail. Then, twist the ends to form a bun (loose or sleek, it is up to you). Use bobby pins to secure the hair at the ends and keep it from falling off. You have the option to finish off the hair with a serum to keep them well behaved or you can also pull out the smaller hairs along the hairline to fall off freely.

    Down with Loose Waves

    This is a great hairstyle for women with naturally wavy hair. All you have to do to style this center part is to apply an anti-frizz serum while hair is still wet. Then, take out your diffuser and blow dry. If you have the luxury of time, you can simply let hair air dry.

    center hair partcenter hair part

    Even though you have naturally straight hair, you can still try this center part hairstyle to give more shape and volume into your looks. You have to shower before going to bed and use a styling mousse while hair is still damp. Make sure you apply from roots to ends to ensure maximum absorption of the mousse.

    Then, part your hair in the center and start braiding each side (where the part is separating them). Release the braids from your hair when you wake up the next morning. Simply run your fingers through the hair to release the braids from any knotting. This will also create that loose wave effect. Refrain from using a brush. To keep hair from becoming oily, apply dry shampoo. This will also help hold the style throughout the day.

    Sleek and Straight

    center hair part

    Gwyneth Paltrow is one celebrity that has popularized this look when she wore it to the Oscars 2001 red carpet. However, more than a decade has passed and this center hair part look continues to be a hit, whether you’re a celebrity or not. The sleekness of the look gives it a sophisticated touch that is almost reminiscent of the runway looks.

    center hair partcp-straight3

    But if you want to make this hairstyle look dated, you need to match it first with your hair’s length. The ideal length for this center part hairstyle should be around the shoulder. This also works with shorter hairstyles, such as a long bob. Start by applying product to eliminate frizz and spritzing heat protection spray on damp hair. You can now blow dry hair to keep it looking smooth and to have that glossy sheen. A flat iron will help to keep those locks well behaved. Finish off with a styling crème to give it body without looking limp.

    What is your favorite way to style a center hair part?

    Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist
    Contributing author Abby Pringles is a writer who likes to write about topics relating to beauty, hair, and fashion. You can check her personal blog, Life in the Fash Lane, to read more of her works. Aside from fashion and beauty, Abby is also a hardcore basketball and tennis fan. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.


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    Smart Wavy Hair Styles Strategies

    What Celebrities Know about Wavy Hair Styles That You May Not Have Considered

    Anyone else bored with long wavy hair styles? Hair styles on the runways lately are so predictable . . . yawn. No, I don’t watch the shows, but it appears long, wavy hair is still THE hair style trend we’ll be seeing most of this summer. I’m getting just a wee-bit bored writing about wavy hair styles. . . anyone else getting bored? I mean, do you really need any more instructions on how to get “beachy waves?”

    I’m not saying I don’t like the look, its nice, it’s sexy and for the average wavy hair beauties among us, it’s relatively easy to style. And the long layered hair style makes for quick and easy updos, braids, ponytails, chignons, buns and twists, so what’s not to like there? But, for some it’s not so easy to keep a beachy wave . . . wavy, especially in the heat of summer.

    Wavy Hair Styles

    Wavy Hair Lily Collins and Selena-Gomez

    Wavy Hair Styles

    Wavy Hair Nikki Reed and Reese Witherspoon

    Wavy Hair Styles

    Wavy Hair Emma Stone and Leighton Meester

    Even though I am becoming a bit jaded with the look, these were my favorite wavy hair styles that I’ve seen lately; Lily Collins, Selena Gomez, Nikki Reed, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone and Leighton Meester.

    Can you wear the style? Know your hair type

    If you have curly, straight thick or fine hair, you will have trouble maintaining this wavy hair look, especially in the heat of the summer months. You may be able to wrestle your hair into the hair style for a moment or two, but it won’t last, not if you fall into one of these hair style types. So why waste the time and effort and do more heat damage to hair in the process when it won’t last?

    This is why you hear hairdressers saying, in summer especially, it’s best to go with a hair style that works with your hair type, rather than trying to fight it into submission. (Did you notice many of the wavy hair styles became a bit more like crested and fallen waves by the end of the Awards Show? And they have pros styling their hair using the best hair products and all the tricks of the trade!

    Soft Hair Waves

    Soft Hair Waves, How To . . .

    Pretty, feminine looks are popping up all over the fashion runways Tabatha Coffey JOICO Artistic Team member and owner of Industrie Hair Gurus in Ridgewood, NJ, gave us the scoop on making waves the perfect style to flatter those floaty dresses and romantic skirts.

    “I think we will definitely see more hair waves, movement and texture in hair styles. Sculpted soft hair waves give hair such a sexy, feminine look that everybody will be wearing them in different variations to suit their lifestyle’ says Coffey.

    • Soft Waves Tip #1: Begin with dry hair and part it where it naturally falls.
    • Soft Waves Tip #2: Taking small (1-inch or less) sections. mist lightly with a working hair spray and roll hair around a curling iron. The smaller the iron, the tighter the curl.
    • Soft Waves Tip #3: Gently remove each tendril from the wand and secure with a pincurl clip.
    • Soft Waves Tip#4: After tresses have cooled completely, release the clips and use a bristle hair brush to softly comb and define each wave. (For a stronger wave, leave the pincurls in place for more time.)


    For more great looks be sure to checkout my Wavy Hair Styles Pinterest board.

    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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