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    Haircuts for Thick Hair

    Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

    These haircuts for thick hair are distinctly for your hair type

    Whether your hair is short, medium or long, these haircuts for thick hair are some that will make the best of your hair type. Thick hair can be a blessing or a curse and that primarily depends on how your hair is cut! You will suffer, fighting your hair daily when your haircut is not compatible with your hair type. This is especially true with haircuts for thick hair!“Haircuts for Thick Hair”

    If you are spending too much time trying to style your hair . . . you have the wrong haircut! Finding an experienced hairdresser, that understands your hair type, is the solution to not only getting a great haircut but also in having great hair days from here on forward. If you believe you could make a career out of hairdressing, then you may be interested in opening a Supercuts franchise. However, if you just need advice on the correct hairstyle for you then this article will be able to help you.

    Thick Hair Styles

    Haircuts for Thick Hair Long

    Haircuts for Thick Hair – Long

    Long haircuts for thick hair look magnificently feminine with lots of layers and curls! With beautifully layered haircuts, long thick hair takes on a sexy, glamorous appeal. Think big hair with lots of body and shine this season and you will be stirring up a whirlwind where ever you go!

    Ladies, if you have thick hair this is your year to show off your big beautiful locks. These layered haircuts for thick hair take inspiration from the catwalk . . . so get the right haircut . . . and show us what you’ve got!

    Start with a blow-out using a root lifter and drying each section to add volume and to smooth the cuticle of the hair. Spray hair with a thermal spray to protect and to hold set. Set in large hot rollers. Once cool, remove and comb through with fingers. Mist with finishing spray.

    Haircuts for Thick Hair – Mid-Length Hair

    Haircuts for thick hair combine the best of both worlds with a classic mid-length cut that’s layered from cheekbones down and curved softly at the sides. Medium-long length need layers to give it shape, definition and to thin out the hair.

    To get lots of volume and shine, blow-dry with a round brush using a root lifter and a shine enhancer like Macadamia Oil Treatment. Finish with a large barrel curling iron to reinforce volume and soft curl.

    Thick Hair Styles

    Haircuts for Thick Hair – Short Hair

    Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

    Short haircuts for thick hair like Agyness Deyns’ have an alluring charm uniquely their own! A phenomenal color makes it really stand out and the beauty of it is, when it’s this short color maintenance is minimal!

    Agyness Deyn is magnificent at slightly changing up her short haircuts and creating totally different looks with how she styles her hair. A great haircut will allow for a variety of looks, so finding a hairdresser knowledgeable with thick hair again is critical.

    Short haircuts for thick hair need an experienced touch to give them the sexy, softness and movement that Agyness has above. A short haircut for thick straight hair based on long bangs uses a razor-cutting technique to soften the ends with leaving some heaviness in for fullness. The sides are blended with the weighty top and the tapered nape repeats softness in the back.

    The beauty of opting for short haircuts for thick hair is that styling is a breeze! Just blow-dry hair with a large round brush, directing hair the way you want it to fall and voila! Of course, quick and easy styling will only result from an exact cut that is tweaked for your hair type.

    To sum up how to get your best haircuts for thick hair . . . find an experienced, talented hairdresser . . . they are worth their weight in GOLD

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    8 Best Tricks For Thick Hair

    End the Battle With Your Thick Hair With These Tips

    Let’s face it: when it comes to thick hair, few women are content with the beauty that nature handed out at birth. Even if she is a modern-day Rapunzel the average thick haired women will gladly trade in her hair for a thinner version. So what does she do? She fries it, dyes it, irons it, conks it, curls it, perms it, relaxes it, sprays it, frizzes it, sticks it with pins, hacks it off, stretches it with extensions or beats it with a blow-dryer. Then, when it’s breaking off in clumps, she runs to a hair stylist or dashes to a beauty counter in search of that magic elixir to erase all the attack she’s just inflicted upon her locks.

    Some of this dissatisfaction is a simple grass-is-always-greener scenario. Some of it is good old cultural brainwashing, Goldilocks, The Breck Girl. . . Those high fashion magazine photos of glamorous supermodels with, long, flowing hair, never mind that it took a squad of hairdressers, styling products, photographers and a jet engine wind machine to achieve that “nature girl” look.
    Enough is enough, It’s time for a peace agreement between you and your thick hair. And I’m here to help you do it with these tips:

    hairstyles for thick hair

    Thick Tricks

    Trick 1 ~~ A good haircut that adds layers and removes bulk is a great starting point. Thick hair requires the use of professional tools. Often, it also requires a chemical smoothing treatment to make it more manageable. When your hair is wet, cocktail together Unite Shina Liquid, Unite Liqua Versa-Gel and Unite Lazer Straight. Divide your hair into small sections and blow-dry, using a nozzle attachment to direct air flow down the cuticle. This will help prevent frizz while adding hold.

    Trick 2 ~~ To get the most out of thick hair, add long layers and texturize the ends for a softer finish. I’ve had amazing results on thick hair using Wella Professionals Enrich Straight Leave-In Cream, which softens and controls unruly hair. Avoid using alcohol-based products.

    Trick 3 ~~ Another great way to handle thick locks is to choose a shorter, cropped look. Taper the back and sides, leaving some length on top, then add piecy bangs that can be swept to the sides for a softer feel. Ask your hair stylist to thin out and heavily texturize the length that’s left on top for easy, on-the-go styling.

    Trick 4 ~~ One thick-hair challenge is the increased time it takes to blow-dry. To the rescue: It Factor, Quick Blow Dry Shampoos and Conditioners, which speed the evaporation process and reduce drying time by up to 50%.

    Trick 5 ~~ It’s all about the style. I like a side-swept look that makes the most of what you’ve got. To create it, work a texturizer (try John Masters Organics Bourbon Vanilla & Tangerine Hair Texturizer) through your dry hair with a boar-bristle brush. Then mist a little hairspray onto a vent brush and sweep it through the sides, tucking them behind your ears.

    Trick 6 ~~ Try switching your part once in a while to play with shape and weight lines.

    thick hair

    Hairstyles for Thick Hair . . . Candace Asks:

    I used to have very thick hair. The last time I got a cut, they thinned it out a lot and I love it. The only thing is, now when I straighten my thick hair, it seems to lie too flat against my head. Any tips to give my thick hair more body when I straighten it? If it matters, I wash my hair at night and run a straightening iron through it in the morning when it’s dry.


    You’re not alone with the problem of over-straightening your thick hair to the point that you don’t look like yourself! A few key hair styling tips for thick hair is all you need to give more body to your thick hair that has been smoothed out.

    Washing your hair at night and going to bed with wet hair will affect your hairstyle for thick hair. If you go to bed with wet hair you won’t be able to work it into the fuller hairstyle you want the next morning. Your hair is not unlike fabric. Picture sleeping in a damp shirt and then trying to iron it out, or fluff it out in the morning!

    You can remedy the problem with a few changes to your routine. When shampooing your thick hair at night leave yourself some time to do a blow-dry styling before going to bed. You’ll have more body to your hair, plus a quick, light use of your flat-iron in the morning will be all you need to get the shine and direction to your hairstyle. Use the lowest heat setting on your flat-iron to create smooth, shiny hair.

    Here’s some thick hair styling steps to create volume and smooth, shiny hair!

    • Prep your hair by using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.
    • Towel dry and apply a root lifter and a thermal protectant spray to mid-shaft and ends.
    • If able, let hair dry partially before blow-drying.
    • Blow-dry hair partly with paddle brush, lifting and directing heat at roots.
    • Finish blow-drying in sections using a large round brush
    • Use flat-iron sparingly to smooth down the cuticle and add shine.
    • Finish with a light finishing spray.

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    The Complete Guide to Coarse and Thick Hair

    Thick Hair Styles

    Coarse and Thick Hair – is the most resistant to curling

    You, more than likely, have lots of admirers wishing they had as much hair as you—meanwhile you are probably trying to find more ways of getting rid of some of it. Am I right? It’s true . . . the grass is always greener elsewhere.

    “the haircut is most important for coarse and thick hair type”

    Coarse hair and thick hair type is normally dry and generally resistant to curling. Experiment with how long you can go between shampooing and still have your hair look good. Some people with Coarse and thick hair can go as long as a week between shampoos and see their hair become softer and shinier during the process.

    Try just a water shampoo, (massaging your scalp with water) in the shower in-between regular shampooing. This will add much need moisture to your hair without striping away all your natural oils.

    Conditioning is important. It’s your lifeline to softer, shinier, more manageable coarse and thick hair. Condition after your faux (water) shampoo daily and do a deep conditioning basically when you feel your hair getting too dry and dull. For your thick and coarse hair once every two weeks wouldn’t be too much.

    You can use any thick, concentrated conditioner for doing a deep conditioning treatment. If you want to read more on how-to do a deep conditioning treatment at home, check out my article Hair Type – Straight Hair with Body.

    As you might have learned from past bad experiences, that the art of the haircut is most important for coarse and thick hair type. Your hair type requires a talented hairdresser . . . period! It takes experience and know-how to be able to make your coarse and thick hair submissive and keep it under control. The correct thinning techniques on you will work wonders but, the wrong ones will leave you with a mass of uncontrollable frizz.

    It’s well worth your time and effort to search and find an experienced hairdresser. It will save you countless hours of unnecessary pain and frustration in battling with your hair. Although chemical treatments can be done on your hair . . . less is definitely better than more. Lean towards more gentle hair color treatments. Perms can be absolutely explosive unless done with TLC and kept to a minimum. But again, done artistically these processes can be good, especially when tamed down with creative styling techniques


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