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    Cool Hairstyles for Men


    7 Must Have Cool Hairstyles for Men

    Although men traditionally do not have as many choices as women when it comes to hairstyles, it’s a deceit to say that men’s haircuts are not as important as women’s! They have much importance and can have quite a variety in terms of what you can do with your hair, from low fade hairstyles to long and slicked back. So try out one of these haircuts for men to stay stylish, even if you’re hair gets done at a Supercuts.

    James Franco, the man who seemingly can do and does everything, also can be commended for his cool hairstyle he effortlessly sports most of the time. His hair is textured and mid-length which lends itself to the low maintenance man who wants to spend as little time as possible styling his hair. The Franco hairstyle requires frequent washing, to avoid greasiness, and a small dab of a serum or cream to achieve the pushed back look but once you get the hang of maintaining this one-minute hairstyle, you’ll be as charming as the man himself in little time.

    The side part, another element to James Franco’s hair repertoire, works great for men of all ages and adds variation to any haircut. Recently spotted in the fashion world, sleek and slicked down straight haircuts wear the side part well as a conservative and safe-for-work style that works both in the office and at the club. Comb a shine pomade (Paul Mitchell makes one for men that gives extra sheen) through clean, dry hair in the direction you’d like your hair to fall. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, you too can don a side part but it is not recommended to try the slicked down look or else it might appear as a retro jheri curl.

    Cool Hairstyles for men

    The elegant side swept undercut is very popular for men this season, from young stars like Justin Bieber to the more, ummm…refined.

    Cool Hairstyles for men

    So maybe you’re not Bieber aged anymore, but an older yet still foxy David Beckham rocks this hairstyle by toning down the top for less volume. And that’s the sheer beauty of this haircut–it looks great as both a funky and fun style as well as a mature iteration of it.

    Cool Hairstyles for men

    To begin styling, comb the sides of your hair straight down, if the hair there is long enough, like Ashton Kutcher’s here:

    Cool Hairstyles for men

    Push a styling wax back through the long hair on top of your head. For more volume, brush the hair on top with your fingers a bit, instead of pushing and if you’re going for a more spiky look, use a gel instead of a pomade and pull strands upwards. The versatility of this funky do makes it a must have.

    Cool Hairstyles for men

    If you’re looking for length but want to remain masculine, take a page from the book of Paul Rudd. His longer and layered haircut is rugged but also classy and another no fuss haircut that will afford you tons of compliments. If your hair is thin, use a mousse while your hair is wet and blow dry upside down. Running a wax through your hair provides definition to the strands and ends and helps keep the style set so you can look polished rather than shaggy.

    Cool Hairstyles for men

    For more of my recommendations for men see my Men’s Hair Category on and our Men’s Hair board on Pinterest.

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    Best Haircuts For Men With Long Hair

    Best Haircuts For Men

    4 Great Haircuts for Guys with Long Hair

    These days men can pull of new and stylish hairstyles and no longer are sticking to their routine hairdo. With the fashion trends reaching new heights, men have joined the race as well and are giving women some serious competition for salon services.

    Used to be that men would stick to their usual style of keeping it simple and short, however, today, men donning longer haircuts are the order of the day with more and more men opting for longer hair.

    Long hair is extremely versatile to style and can suit a myriad of hair types including curly, straight and wavy. With so much to look forward to there is hardly any reason to shy away from long hair. However, if you do decide to go long, it is important that you pick out hair dressing scissors and trim your hair every once in a while to keep it neat and free of any split ends.

    Best Haircuts For Men

    Wavy long hair

    If your hair is wavy and boasts of volume then you must flaunt it by adding layers to your hair. It will help add oodles of volume to your hair making it look sleek and shiny. Besides, it will also help define the wavy nature of the hair. With wavy and layered hair, you need not spend long hours styling it. You can wear it in a way that lets the waves and curls fall naturally or you could give it a side partition so that the bangs slightly cover your forehead. Wavy hair tends to get frizzy, therefore, you hair products choices should include products that help keep the frizz under control. Besides, a shine spray or liquid is a must since frizz can tend to take the shine away.

    Best Haircuts For Men

    The bob cut for men

    If you thought that the mighty old bob cut was designed to simply suit women, you must think again. The bob cut looks incredibly stylish on men as well. Ideally, bob cuts do not boast of any layers. Besides, the length of your hair should not exceed the jaw line. This lends a touch of masculinity to your overall look. To have more control over your look, a good quality hair gel will always do the trick.

    Best Haircuts For Men

    The beach look

    Almost anyone having long hair can pull off this look without actually putting in much of an effort. The key here is to avoid layers and allow the same length for your hair throughout. Pick out hair dressing scissors and snip at the bottom ends to make them look unkempt and add some much needed texture to your look. This is also a good time to essentially colour or add highlights to your hair that gets lighter as it reaches the tip of your hair. However, it should not look too perfect and must have a natural flow to it. You can finish the look with some texturizing spray to add more character to your hairdo.

    Best Haircuts For Men

    The ponytail

    This is one hot hairstyle for men and looks extremely stylish if done well. The main idea behind a ponytail is to keep your hair from falling into your face too often. Therefore, a generous amount of gel touching every strand of your hair is a must as this helps keep your hair in place. Comb your hair, pull it back and secure with an elastic band into a ponytail.

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    Mens Grooming; Helping Your Man Look Better

    mens grooming

    Most Guys Can Use Some Coaching on Mens Grooming

    Men, we can’t live with them . . . can’t live without them. We love them for their masculinity. A five o’clock shadow is very sexy. Ladies, we could mostly all admit, at times, a little scruff is very handsome. At the same time, how much is too much? Gentle diplomacy is required when your man does not pay attention to the mens grooming issues the way you wish he would. Is he about to meet your parents for the first time or is a special occasion approaching? Why don’t you suggest for them to start using a facial cream to give them a glow before that special occasion? Have a look at this popular facial cream for men to see if they can be persuaded into using it.

    Start pointing out hair styles you think would compliment your guy and approach it as a compliment. For example,”Wow. You’d look great with that haircut.” It may take a few tries to get him thinking about mens grooming. Gift cards from the salon or barber shop you choose is a good way to gently nudge him in the right direction.

    Call in the professionals

    There is a huge difference between a barber shop style and a salon cut. Knowing what you are looking for and the difference between the two will help you to guide your beau in the right direction. Although there are many exceptions to the rules below, in order to keep it simple follow these basic pointers to be safe. You’ll have one shot at this and if it goes well your man will look fabulous and pay attention to mens grooming forever!

    Mens grooming

    Barbershop cutting is a breed of it’s own

    Barbers are experts with clippers and trimmers. This means they favor the buzzers for the majority of the haircut. They create what’s commonly known as a fade. This is great for the street style type or the clean cut military look. For a barber, scissors are usually used on the top of the head. If the hair needs texture they will use texturizing shears.

    Barbers also favor using a razor on the edges to finish the look. This is to make the hairline exact. This is why some guys leaving a barber will have a distinct line around the forehead and side burns. If you like a buzz cut but not the edges done with a razor, it’s simple to
    ask to not finish the cut that way. When getting a barber shop haircut it is best to return every 2-4 weeks. Barbering appointments are normally quicker. They tend to grow out faster due to the shortness of the hair which makes them lose their shape faster. These days barbering is really pushing the style envelope so ask around and you will find a barber creating trendy styles.

    mens grooming

    Hair stylist’s primary technique is scissors

    Hairstylists at a salon will generally use scissors to cut men’s hair. They will use trimmers to clean unwanted neck and beard hairlines. If you’re a female you don’t tend to have this as a issue. However, for men they need to keep control of there neck hair due to their Adams Apple. Lots of people have been wondering Why Do Men Have Adams Apple? and it’s simple, it’s in our male genetics. Typically in the salon, edges may be left more piecey making the edges more natural. This is done to compliment the blow out and products added along with the texturizing. Texturizing can be done a variety of ways sometimes razoring the hair itself for a looser free flowing effect or using the scissors to actually notch out extra hair. Salon cuts take more time typically and include a shampoo and blow dry. Men who like to cut their hair less often tend to prefer a salon cut being the softness is able to be cut in to the hair making it look not so definite as a buzz cut.

    Hair type matters

    Hair type comes in to play when picking the best method for men’s hair. Some hair looks great faded and makes unruly hair polished. Other hair types are shown off with a great scissor cut and the right styling product. Either way he won’t know until a professional consultation is done.

    Choosing the right hair stylist

    Every stylist has a specialty. Not all hairdressers are proficient in men’s cutting and/or barbering so don’t assume your favorite hair stylist is right for the job. On the other hand, know when to back off. If he does seem open to the idea you can find a good hair stylist simply by asking somebody where they got their haircut. When you see a great haircut on the street simply ask!

    Stay home, let the professionals do their job

    Most importantly never accompany your man to the appointment. If so go get a cup of coffee or hang out in the reception area. Hair stylists and male clients alike always hate hovering helicopter spouses so don’t be one! You wouldn’t want him interrupting your appointment so don’t barge in on his. Respect him and know you did your mens grooming research. After that . . . Hands off!!! The hair stylist will do the rest.

    Contributing author Katelyn Capko has provided clients with professional cutting edge styling and cutting techniques at the exclusive Carmine Minardi NYC salon on Madison Ave in the heart of the Upper East Side of Manhattan for the past several years. You can follow Kate on Twitter.

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