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    Celebrity Hair Extensions

    Celebrity Hair Extensions

    Celebrity hair extensions, be careful what you buy

    Hair extensions are probably one of the quickest, easiest ways to make a dramatic hairstyle change. You can go to a number of online sites to buy celebrity hair extensions, but “buyer beware,” if you don’t do your homework you could find yourself hundreds of dollars poorer AND stuck with a hair extension that isn’t what you expected.

    “Celebrity Hair Extensions are a Good Bet”

    Things to consider before buying clip-in hair extensions:

    • Is human or synthetic hair better for your needs? Human hair can be permed, colored and curled with heated tools and are more expensive. Synthetic hair needs special shampoos and you cannot use heat to style it.

    • Color, length, and the size of the weft the hair is sewn onto matter.

    • Check out the return policy of the site that you are on. One site that I visited had a “no return” policy that was buried so deep that I almost could not find it.

    I did a quick online check again to see what’s been happening in the area of marketing of hair extensions, this is what I found. The folks at appear to have their act together. Lets face it celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Ken Paves and Sophie Loren are not going to endorse junk, so I’m inclined to believe what they are saying. They have good how-to videos and they sell them online or if you want to touch and feel the product before you buy, they will link you with a participating hair salon near you where you can get the skinny on choosing the right hair extension.

    Another option, is your local Sally Beauty Supply, who sells to the public as well as professionals, have a staff on hand who seem very helpful. They carry a few different lines of hair extensions and again can answer a lot of questions that may make getting the right hair extension.

    Happy shopping!

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