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    Chlorine Hair Remedy

    Chlorine Hair

    Gadget Will Help You Avoid Chlorine Hair

    Any of you who have had an athlete in the family who spent time in a swimming pool knows how damaging chlorine hair can be. It goes well beyond just the yucky green hair look. Even a little can break down the natural oils in your hair and leave without any sheen and dull and lifeless.

    “a shower head attachment helps chlorine hair”

    This chemical is really a mild form of bleach. Some municipal water systems contain enough concentrations of chlorine to damage your hair. There are shampoo and conditioning products that are specially formulated for chlorine hair.

    But if you’re in one of those localities, you’re going to love this product. Here now comes a shower head attachment that will filter out harmful chlorine levels.

    I just love these kinds of products.

    Personal Wellness Company Launches All New Dechlorinating Shower Filter

    This shower product is useful for everyone concerned about heavily chlorinated municipal water which has been known to leave your skin and chlorine hair looking and feeling dull and lifeless,” said Lacy. “Unlike standard shower filters, the Vitashower VS-1 relies solely on powerful antioxidants to rejuvenate your skin and chlorine hair by completely neutralizing the disinfectants found in public water supplies. Ultimately, we believe that health conscious consumers will realize the benefit of keeping dangerous chlorinated water and vapors from being absorbed into their bodies through their skin or inhaled directly into the lungs while showering.


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