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    Why a Clarifying Shampoo is a Girls Best Friend!

    Jessica Simpson bob hairstyle shows what clarifying shampoo can do

    Benefits of a Clarifying Shampoo

    We’ve all been there, you wash, condition and style your hair but after all that effort, it still looks dull,  lifeless and it’s unmanageable! You know your hair can look better than this, but you just don’t know what you’re doing wrong. So you switch products, and that doesn’t do it. What’s going on? More importantly, what can be done?

    Because most of us use a plethora of styling products like mousse, gels and finishing spray daily to keep our do’s looking great, our strands can become overloaded with product build up that often results in locks looking limp and dull! Well, there is a simple solution that will keep the bad hair days at bay and that’s to simply use a high quality clarifying shampoo once or twice a month!

    Clarifying shampoos contain a higher percentage of detergent agents that deeply cleanse hair leaving it rejuvenated and free from build up. However, because clarifying shampoos are designed to “strip” hair of excess buildup and oils, it’s super important to use a high quality formula that contain conditioning ingredients like botanical oils, that won’t compromise and damage the hair in the process.

    Two excellent clarifying shampoos that I recommend are Rusk Sensories Clarifying Shampoo and Pravana Clarifying Shampoo.

    Bottle of Rusk SensoriesBottle of Pravana

    These salon quality products offer the best of both worlds, they deep cleanse but contain conditioning ingredients that will not leave hair feeling dry.

    So remember, a bad hair day could just be a signal that your hair is overdue for some serious cleaning! You’ll be left with shiny and manageable tresses that are sure to put a little bounce in your style!

    Guest author Tasha has worked in the fashion and beauty industry for over a decade. She is a featured style blogger for several online beauty sites and works as a Fashion Stylist and Personal Shopper in the greater San Francisco peninsula where she is known as the “Bay Area Style Guru.” Follow her daily style tips on Twitter@stylegurugirl.

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