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    3 Must Know Curly Hair Tips

    Long, curly haired woman with Coarse, Unmanageable Hair

    Naturally curly hair needs TLC and know-how to really shine!

    Many women see curly hair as an a miscue on Mother Nature’s part and are in a constant battle with their hair. But if you end the war and begin to work with your luscious curls instead of going always against the grain your hair can become one of your greatest assets with these simple curly hair tips.

    As a  hairstylist with curly hair, there are many things I can share with you about ways to make your curls more vibrant and manageable. My biggest fear always, was getting a haircut. I HATED getting haircuts. As you know curly hair springs up once its cut and I can share stories about what I use to do when it did.

    I made the mistake of chopping my hair off in beauty school, primarily because we highlighted it every day until, needless to say, it was Fried! The curl became limp, the ends were split and the color was God, awful. That’s what we did in beauty school. We had to learn somewhere. It only took 10 years to grow my long curls back . . . or so it seemed. So here are some tips that curly girls like may find helpful.

    Hairstylist Blowing Out Curly Hair

    Save length with a dry cut

    Ask your hairstylist to blow out your hair before cutting it. This can seriously help limit the amount of hair some hairstylists cut off. Most hairstylists know that the tension used when cutting curly hair, makes a huge difference in how much length is cut off in the end. In my opinion, curly hair is more difficult to cut when wet. It’s hard to retain the same tension throughout and it’s easy to cut off more than desired. So asking your hairstylist to blow out your hair before cutting it may save you some coveted length.

    Long Curly Hair Side by Side Before and After Keratin Hair Treatment

    Before and After Keratin Hair Treatment

    Consider a Keratin Brazilian Treatment

    I know, there has been lots of controversy over the formaldehyde concerns, but did you know that aspartame, the sugar substitute also seen in diet soda, can be just as harmful if not more? And your drinking that! Keratin is the natural protein your hair is made of and with this treatment, we simply infuse with heat, the natural protein, back into your hair.

    The benefits are incredible. It gives hair strength, flexibility and it locks in hair color so it doesn’t fade as quickly. It reduces blow-dry time and in most cases, you can let your hair air dry. I’ve done it and my curls have never looked better! Keratin Brazilian treatment is not a straightening treatment, it’s a conditioning treatment and I highly recommend it! But, read up on it for yourself. Many salons offer Keratin Brazilian treatments, and it has not been banned by any state regulators so proceed with caution. A good suggestion though is to limit treatments and make sure the salon has good ventilation.

    Ask for product recommendations

    There are too many hair care products out there to choose from and you can save yourself time, money and many bad hair days by asking your hairstylist for recommendations. Ask what would be best for the results you are looking for, with your hair type. Some favorites of mine, Moroccan oil and shine spray are great, but in small amounts.

    When it is humid out, your hair is going to frizz or curl up, so a good straightener or blow-out serum works wonders. These products will protect your hair from the heat of a blow dryer and help your hairstyle last longer. Be careful not to hold the dryer directly on your hair or the brush when blowing it smooth. Allow at least a few inches or more between your blow dryer and your hair . . . you’ll thank me later for healthier, more vibrant hair!

    Guest Author Lauren DeCosimo is a Licensed New York hairstylist with over 11 years of experience. Lauren caters to all types of hairstyling requests from bridal to editorial. She worked in a Salon through out high school and college and after experiencing the inflexibility that a salon environment offers its Brides, she decided to start her own Wedding Business, that would meet those needs. You can find more about Lauren on FaceBook.

    For pictures of great looks check out our Pinterest Curly Hairstyles and Wavy Hairstyles Boards.

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