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    Daily Hairstyles Variety

    Daily Hairstyles Long hair, short hair, two styles, eight looks!

    Now that I’m not behind the chair daily, I think I understand a bit better why the average woman doesn’t change how she styles her daily hairstyle as often as she would like. It comes down to time, know-how and practice.

    TIME –The average time women tell me they spend daily on styling their hair is about 10, 15, sometimes 20 minutes. Women spending more time than that say that it’s time to find a new daily hairstyle. You can find different ways to style your hair that won’t take any longer than what you do now. Where you do need to allow for time . . . is in the learning curve.

    “Daily Hairstyles Variety”

    KNOW-HOW –You need to know what product and tool to use and how to use them. Ask your hairdresser next time to show you a different technique, then go home and practice it. Hairstyle magazines are a great resource too, for different hair styling techniques.

    PRACTICE –Allowing yourself the time to practice upfront, is the key to change. Don’t give up, learn from your mistakes. If you don’t know what your doing wrong, make it the topic of your next discussion at the hair salon, or ask around. Most mistakes you make are easy to correct.

    I came across this article today which shows a long hairstyle and a short hairstyle both styled 4 different ways. They give both a hair care product and tool used to create the look. You don’t need to get hung up on the hair care product name brand, just note what type of product is used, i.e.: straightening serum, gel, styling spray and try something similar. As for the tools, the Size of the iron or rollers you use and how hot they are does make a difference.

    Make note and ask your hairdresser for advice if you’re not satisfied with the results you get when styling your hair . . . that’s what they are there for!

    Are Your Clients Still Wearing Their Hair as One Style Every Day? Show Them How to Mix it Up With 8 New Daily Hairstyles

    By Andrea Sercu

    Are your clients still wearing their hair the same way every day, or worse, the same style they wore in tenth grade? If so, they’re long overdue for a new cut and style. The long and short of it: All daily hairstyles could use a change from time to time. Here are four daily hairstyles for a long-haired cut and four hairstyles for a short cut. With a little hair styling gel, smoothing serum and hairspray, the possibilities are endless . . .


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