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    DIY Ombre Hair: Disaster Prevention Guide

    DIY Ombre Hair Color

    Is DIY Ombre Hair The Right Choice for You?

    The look started with the enviously chic celebrity rebels, who confidently rocked their grown out roots like it was the latest Gucci handbag. But now, grown out roots have evolved to the super trendy and sought after ombre look. It may sound surprising, but the sexiest ombre looks are achieved with a little more finesse than just ditching the salon for a few touch ups.

    But, with Féria Wild Ombré At-Home Hair Color Treatment, L’Oréal Paris promises that you can achieve a natural ombre look, without the fuss of a salon. The kit comes with a lightening agent and comb, for creating a DIY ombre hair look.

    DIY Ombre Hair Color Dark Roots Light Ends

    L’Oréal’s consulting hair colorist, French hair stylist Christopher Robin, offers some tips to help you achieve the best results.”Do a mask to condition and prepare hair a week before to mend the ends,” he advises.”Also turning the brush horizontally might look too defined but if turned vertical, you will get a more natural look.”

    These are important tips, but are there other things to consider before jumping on the DIY wagon? Yes! You’ve got the box, you’ve gained the confidence, but before you take the plunge, consider a couple important insights from a hairstylist (yours truly) who has seen every hair color mistake in the book!

    DIY Ombre Hair Color for Medium Length hair with Curls

    1. Don’t color all your hair at once, instead, take half inch sections at a time. Only color every other section.

    2. Back comb the section, and run the comb over the remaining hair to create a more diffused look.

    3. Avoid over-lightening the ends to keep a natural contrast between your natural color and the pieces you are coloring. Pay close attention to the suggested processing times on the box.

    4. If the highlighted hair appears too warm (with an orange undertone), it’s not the end of the world! You can visit a beauty supply for a toner to soften the color and achieve a more desirable tone. Don’t put more lightener on the colored hair!

    5. Remember, you can always go back and add more highlights, so don’t overdo it the first time around.

    DIY ombre hair color is totally possible, but, it does take a little more thought than just buying a box. If you’ve never  done at home hair color, then you might want to leave this one to the pros.  But, if you’re confident with color and understand that the process takes a little more time and planning than ordering take out Chinese, then maybe Féria Wild Ombré At-Home Hair Color Treatment is a solution for a DIY ombre hair look. Fingers crossed!

    For more great ombre hair color pics checkout our Hair Coloring Ideas Pinterest board.

    Hairstyle Blog contributing author Lindsay Hausch
    Contributing author Lindsay Hausch has provided clients with professional cutting edge color and cutting techniques at exclusive Paul Mitchell and Bumble and Bumble Signature Salons for the past seven years. She co-founded Sedona Beauty Team, which represents a team of artists that offer luxury, on-location beauty services. She enjoys writing articles that share her expertise. You can follow Lindsay on Twitter and FaceBook.

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