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Dog Shampoo? Can I use My Hair Care Products?

Dog Shampoo

Dog Shampoo Tips, Even an Expert Can Get it Wrong

The other night while my husband was putting our TV remote to the test once again, we landed on one of the “Best of Show” specials. The dogs were looking soo proud of themselves prancing around and strutting their perfectly coiffed coats. They looked their best . . . and they knew it!

This brought to mind a funny story and a question some of you dog lovers may have pondered. My good friend and hairdresser coworker Bud, had a big, huge, gorgeous white and gray English Sheepdog named Coty, who looked well groomed any time I saw him.
Bud decided he would show him in his first big event in downtown Minneapolis, at a show with hundreds of other beauties. Of course he could take care of Coty’s last minute grooming needs, he was a much sought after hairdresser after all and had a knack for these things. So when shampooing Coty the day before the big event, he thought, why not give his white fur a boost and use a bluing shampoo to make it a more brilliant white? Need I say more? If you’re looking for all things tips and tricks when it comes to canines take a look at Central Park Paws, with knowledge on pet health and medicine to dog training, if you’re struggling to find an answer to your pet question, this site may be able to help you.

“Dog Shampoo Tips”He made me laugh more though when he said, try to picture this. He had to carry Cody, 160 lb. ball of blue tinted fur, into the auditorium for the show because it was raining out and his paws would get all scraggly if he walked through the puddles.

So, is it safe to use human hair care products on your pet? Well I asked around for some dog shampoo tips and this is what I got:

  • Deb, from the dermatology department at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Hospital, says it’s fine to use a gentle shampoo. She mentioned Aveeno Oatmeal Shampoo as one that works well.
  • Even though Vet Smart Pet Hospital in Shoreview, Mn. carries their own brand name products, the employee who answered my questions was certain it was fine to use our more gentle shampoos and conditioners. She cautioned to be sure to avoid getting soap in their eyes.
  • Last but not least, Sue from our local Pet store grooming department gave up a few tips about grooming your pet. She said that good grooming is as important as a proper diet and supplements to keep your dog’s joints healthy. If your dog is well groomed then they will lead a healthier life. Her first recommendation was to use doggie shampoos and conditioners that are made for them. (Of course they sell these at their stores all over the country) She then said gentle products are fine to use, like products with Pantene which she believes leaves more softness and elasticity. She also said detanglers are good to use on your long haired friends.

I told Sue my Bud and Coty, little boy blue story, she laughed and said, “Oh yeah, that’s happened here a time or two also.” Certain dogs may have more porous fur and the bluing shampoo will just grab and hold. They will sometimes use a light bleach to whiten the dog’s fur. Chalk is also used as a quick fix. But I liked her tip that they use Kool-Aid to tint some of those cute little doggies into pastel colors for that special occasion . . . Easter!


  1. the aveeno shampoo is for humans not dogs.they dont sell it for dogs

    Comment by mary — April 23, 2011 @ 9:07 am

  2. where do I buy the aveeno dog shampoo?? Can anybody help me out?

    Comment by kathy — November 20, 2008 @ 10:02 pm

  3. Dog shampoo on human hair is fine, unfortunately I know this from experience…!!!!

    Comment by Peter Belisi — July 1, 2008 @ 9:35 am

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