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    Celebrity False Eyelashes

    False Eyelashes

    Eyelashes are a focal point when people look at you

    A great looking hairstyle is not enough. When you are talking with another person, everything above your shoulders is in peripheral vision including your hairstyle. But the star of the show is your eyes everything else plays a supporting role.

    For most of us we do not pay enough attention to our eyes. For those of you who have the time and the funds here is the latest false eyelashes technique that the celebrities are spending their money on. For those of you who don’t have the money to spend, there are plenty of helpful websites like Woman Daily that give fantastic advice and tips on how to achieve fuller looking lashes with little cost. But for those of you interested in this popular technique, the procedure involves gluing individual eyelash extension on each one of your existing lashes. Sounds tedious and pricey at between $200 and $500.

    False Eyelashes, extensions give lashes oomph
    Baltimore Sun
    By Tanika White
    Baltimore SunBy Tanika White

    Tired of their puny, wimpy eyelashes or the false eyelashes that make them look like Vegas showgirls, some women are opting for another solution: false eyelash extensions. In the last year, this new beautification process — gluing synthetic or animal hair extensions to natural lashes — has picked up steam in hair salons and spas in Baltimore and across the country.

    ‘It’s a very, very, very hot trend,’ says Victoria Kirby, beauty editor at Allure magazine. ‘Everybody from Lindsay Lohan to Jennifer Lopez has them. Madonna has false eyelashes that she puts on before a show that have diamonds on the ends.’

    Most average women skip the bling, but even without diamonds, false eyelash extensions still are expensive. The semi-permanent eyelashes, which cost from $200 to $600 for a full application (depending on the hair salon), last up to two months.

    Experts say the high price is justified because the process is painstaking, involving a kind of precision that its closest cousin, hair extensions, doesn’t. Applications can take anywhere from two hours to three hours to complete.

    ‘This is not a product that can be picked up by anybody and applied,’ says Matt Daoudi, spokesman for Houston-based Xtreme Lashes, one of a handful of companies that provide the materials and eyelash extension training for hair salons. ‘It’s a very, very tedious procedure. It requires a lot of skill and teaching to do it right.’

    Here’s how it works: In a hair salon or spa, a trained aesthetician carefully glues anywhere from 20 to 80 individual lashes directly on to a woman’s own eyelashes. The synthetic or animal hair lashes — which are of varying sizes and shades — are glued near the lash base and extend out past the end of a woman’s natural eyelashes, creating a longer, fuller look.

    Many women say they don’t need to wear mascara or eyeliner once they have eyelash extensions. And the look lasts anywhere from four to eight weeks, with intermediary ‘touch-ups’ every two to three weeks.

    ‘The results are wonderful,’ says Rena Marmaras, manager of Honey Bee Diner, who tried false eyelash extensions for the first time about a month ago at About Faces Day Spa and Salon in Towson. ‘They look very natural. My boyfriend hasn’t noticed. I get up in the morning and he just looks at me and he says, ‘Wow! You look so good.’ I love that.’

    False eyelash extensions, unlike the stuck-on false eyelashes of yesteryear, have a more natural look, experts say.

    ‘That’s why the trend has really translated to the average person, because it’s so wearable. It’s not just a Hollywood look,’ Kirby says. ‘False eyelashes, they can tend to look too dramatic. They look a little drag-queenish. Whereas the eyelash extensions, if they’re done properly, they look exactly like real eyelashes. So it’s a much more realistic way to get that dramatic effect.’


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