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    Eyelash Extensions Take a New Turn

    Eylash Extensions.

    Celebrities stand in line for this new eyelash extension technique

    Regular readers might be asking themselves why I write about the eyes on a hairstyle themed site. First I have found that my readers love hearing about anything that affects the eyes. “Eyelash Extensions”The article that I wrote about eyeglasses and face shapes has been one of my most vested pages on the site. Secondly I believe anything above the shoulders can have a dramatic effect on what hairstyle looks best on you.

    For example women who have stunning eyes should look for a hairstyle that has action going on at eye level, a flip or a wave maybe. I have created hairstyles that have components that actually point to the eyes, like a big arrow. Often bangs can enhance the eyes.

    But for those of you who need to help out mother nature in the eyes area will be interested in this article from which talks about a hot new trend in eyelash extensions. Sounds like it is pretty pricey . . . and if it were me I would checking with a few women who have had these for a couple of months. It sounds like the treatment is pretty permanent and harsh.

    Latest fashion trend eyelash extension

    By Elizabeth Jardina,

    FROM A PURELY practical standpoint, your eyelashes are there to help keep dirt and sweat out of your eyes. But anyone who’s ever wielded a mascara wand — or seen a flirtatious flutter of fringe — knows that they have another function: To make your eyes look pretty. Don’t discount this evolutionary perk. A little hubba-hubba is what guarantees that the human species continues. And the newest way to get an eyeful of gorgeous lashes is eyelash extensions. If you are interested in some eyelashes then you may want to check out mytrendingstories, find effective ways to make your lashes grow stronger, strong eyelashes will enhance your beauty.

    These aren’t false eyelashes, which are glued to eyelids in a strip or in individual clumps for a day or evening and removed before bedtime. They’re extensions of each eyelash. Here’s how it works: An esthetician trained specifically in this technique separates each eyelash and, using a medical-grade surgical glue, attaches a synthetic eyelash to the real one. It’s time-consuming — sometimes it takes more than two hours — and pricey — $200 and up. And on some women, the lashes only stay on four to six weeks — including a touch-up halfway through. But the results are startlingly natural-looking and pretty, and many women who’ve had it done say they don’t regret a penny.

    The trend? Extend

    As trends do, this one started in Hollywood. Kristin Liang, who does eyelash extensions at her Burlingame business The Lash Bar, says it’s still relatively new in Northern California. She’s been an esthetician for three and a half years, but only started doing eyelash extension last fall. Several companies provide training and supplies to cosmetologists and estheticians. Some of the big names are Lavish Lashes, NovaLash and Xtreme Lashes. Liang got her training through Texas-based Xtreme Lashes. “It’s kind of science,” she says. “It’s like surgery. It’s really precise, and it takes an attention to detail and a good eye. I love it.” In fact, the founder of Xtreme Lashes, Jo Mousselli, was an ICU nurse before she started the company.

    She noticed that many women have short lashes. “Mascara can only do so much for you,” Mousselli says. “So I saw there was a need to enhance the lashes.” Since the process takes time and money, many customers do it only for a special occasion. “It’s nice for a wedding or a honeymoon,” she says. “But there are people out there who really do love these lash extensions and become addicted to them. It’s no different from having hair extensions or nail extensions. When you have something that helps your self-esteem and makes (you) look beautiful you’re going to keep having it done.”

    Doing it right

    But before you plunk down a couple of Benjamin’s for serious eyelashes, check up on your esthetician. Palo Alto property manager Libby McBrian says the first time she had extensions done, the esthetician glued the eyelash extensions to her eyelid instead of her own eyelashes — a big no-no. She had them re-done by Menlo Park esthetician Mary Ely. “I wanted it to look natural instead of fake, so Mary got to clean it up,” McBrian says. “Some people like the thicker, more dense look, but I like it to be a little sparser and more natural-looking. Nobody knows I have false eyelashes on, but everybody says ‘What’s different?'”

    To keep your fringe fine, you need to avoid rubbing your eyes, washing your face too vigorously, and give up mascara, especially sticky waterproof stuff. But most women don’t mind the last one, because even mascara-free, their eyelashes look pretty darn good. “The bottom line is the more you baby them, the longer they’ll stay on,” Ely says. “Some people really just want them for a special occasion, and they’re going to put mascara on and let them all fall off.” Women who keep them on say that splurging on eyelashes lets them skimp on their other makeup. “I always have them,” McBrian says. “I don’t have to wear one stitch of makeup anywhere else, and I look like I have makeup on. My face, because I’m not glooping stuff on it, is clearer, and I’m a happy camper.” Elizabeth Jardina is a Bay Area Living staff writer. E-mail her at

    To extend? Or not?, or Ask where your esthetician was trained. Putting on eyelash extensions is time-consuming. If you find someone who claims to be able to do it in less than an hour and for less than about $150, be skeptical. If you sleep on your stomach, rub your eyes a lot or are committed to mascara, eyelash extensions may not be for you.
    — Elizabeth Jardina

    A lower cost alternative

    OK, YOU’RE READING this, thinking: Ha, $250 for eyelash extensions. My special occasion isn’t that special. You can be forgiven for your skepticism. Even estheticians who do eyelash extensions know they’re pricey. And even though they’re all the rage in Hollywood, so is having your kids in Namibia, so it’s not like the denizens of Tinseltown always have all the answers. Consider good old-fashioned falsies for a special occasion. In the make-up aisle of your favorite drug store, you can procure false eyelashes — either a strip of lashes or little clumps of three lashes — for less than $5. Glue is an additional $5.

    A strip of lashes glued to the eyelid makes it look like you’re wearing liquid eyeliner — a dramatic, but not natural, look. Clumps of three lashes — which are easier to deal with and look more natural — can be glued to the outside of the eye


    1. Hi Tammy,

      Thanks for your wonderful insight. NovaLash has an exceptional, award winning reputation. Make sure that you are placed in the directory on their website once you’re certified. It will provide you with great exposure. Check out the directory here.

      Good luck!

      Comment by Michelle Skye — May 18, 2012 @ 5:28 pm

    2. Im taking a Novalash class this month. The training manual is pretty extensive. It takes about 2hrs to get a set and an hr for a fill. It’s detail oriented work, so I’d look for a stylist with a high standard of personal excellence. Be that stylist and you’ll never be short on business not matter what you do.

      Comment by Tammy — May 15, 2012 @ 9:58 pm

    3. I had eye lashes put on Saturday for church. It took the girl about 20min. she put them under my eye lid. with hair bonding glue. however, it looked nice. nevertheless.that evening. my eyes was bothering me so bad. that I try to take one off and the hold lash came off. Monday morning, that God I was off work. one of my eyes top and botton lid, was swollen, not to mention both eyes was blood shot. it looked like I had pink eye.

      Comment by Portia — November 27, 2006 @ 2:08 pm

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