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The Faux Hawk – Is it the right haircut?

Conservative Faux Hawk hairstyle suitable for business

A faux hawk haircut is more versatile and adaptable than you may think!

The faux hawk is one of the most talked about and debated haircuts I can remember in my 20 year career as a barber. Is it or isn’t it a faux hawk? “It’s too short”, “it’s too long”, “it’s too spikey”, “it’s not spikey enough, the sides are supposed to be shaved”, “the top is supposed to be a lot longer than the sides”. These are some of the common statements and thoughts about faux hawks.

So, is it right for you? This is what I commonly hear from customers: “I am too old”, “I am too conservative”, “I like something more edgy”, “my son is too young”, “I have to wear a shirt and tie to work”, “I don’t have time to style my hair”, blah, blah, blah, but the faux hawk . . . has options!

Causual faux hawk hairstyle suitable for business

If you are considering a new and more modern hairstyle the faux hawk can be an excellent choice. There is a variation of this haircut for almost anyone. It is extremely versatile and can fit in well with any lifestyle. You just need to be very specific when asking for this haircut. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Do you want a more conservative version?<
  • Do you want an extreme or subtle difference in length from the sides to the top?
  • Do you want a natural outline around the perimeter of your haircut or do you like to see a distinct line?
  • Would you like to be able to spike your hair up or just let it fall forward?
  • Maybe you would like the haircut to be more versatile so you can style it a few different ways.
  • The shorter the overall length of the haircut, the more often you will need to get it cut. 3-4 weeks for shorter versions and 4-6 weeks for longer versions.
  • If you like a wet looking finish you will need pomade for softer feeling finish or a firm gel for a stiff finish.
  • If you like a dry finish a styling paste or thick cream works best. Just make sure your hair is completely dry before styling.

Trendy faux hawk hairstyle

The best suggestion I can give, as someone who has cut thousands of variations of faux hawk hairstyles, is to look at pictures of athlete’s and actors that have this hairstyle. Get an idea of what you like and discuss it in detail with the professional cutting your hair. Most importantly, bring a few pictures with you for a reference because it’s true that “a picture says a thousand words”. For more great looks check out our Pinterest Men’s Hair Board

Master Barber Greg Zorian
Guest author Master Barber Greg Zorian is a third generation barber, educator and manager of several successful barbershops. Greg is in high demand as a barbering instructor and workshop leader. Greg’s work has been featured in Milady’s Standard Professional Barbering textbook and DVD series as well as many national and international publications including Travel and Leisure Magazine and Four Seasons Luxury Travel Magazine’s “Top 5 Haircuts in the World” category.


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