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    Find Your Best Hairdresser Now Online

    Best Hairdresser


    How are you going to find your best hairdresser?

    Who would of thunk it? Technology and the creatives in the hairdresser business have combined to make it possible to find your best hairdresser online!
    “Finding Best Hairdresser Now Easier” This is huge I think!

    I Can’t tell you how many women over the years in my Finding the Right Hairstyle for You! classes, expressed desperation in their search to find a best hairdresser.

    A ‘best hairdresser’ isn’t an easy find for the general public, but Lorien Olsen thought outside-the-box to create this new Web site that gives potential client’s a better picture of what they can expect from a new hairdresser or salon. is a site hairdressers and hair salon owners can join where they are able to visually show you some of their work. Hairdressers post sample pictures of hairstyles they have created on the site. Photo’s are sorted into hair length, updos and gender categories. Information is available about the cut ie; the hair type and texture of the model they are showing as well as the ethnicity; style and age. All the contact information for the salon is available as well as the price range for their haircuts.

    Best Hairdresser
    Find your best hairdresser from their portfolio!

    I spoke with hair salon owner, April Diaz from Spaids Hair Salon in Amarillo, Texas who said, “The site has been a great spot for networking with other hairdressers. I’ve been able to connect here with other hairdressers and share hair coloring and hair styling techniques that help us all to grow in the industry.” This is really a creative new way for best hairdressers to reach a new client base.

    Lorien created this site out of her own frustration of finding the best hairdressers without having seen their work. She offers a 60-day free trial period for interested hairdressers and hair salons. After that they can opt for monthly or yearly fees to stay in the loop. The site is still new so you can expect more to come as she has been successfully working to get the word out across the country.

    You know it’s different strokes for different folks, so now we will be able to choose our best hairdresser from portfolios of hairstyles we know can be duplicated . . . brilliant no? (Psssssssssst . . . pass the word to hair salons near you to get the ball rolling!!)


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    1. So glad that Spaids Hair Salon got a nod! I go there, April and the whole staff do excellent work! It’s a must “do” if in the Amarillo area!

      Comment by SwartY — March 12, 2010 @ 12:39 pm

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