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    What Every Woman Should Know About First Date Hairstyles

    How to be Popular, in the First Date Hairstyle Arena

    Choosing a first date hairstyle can be a bit nerve-racking – finding the perfect outfit, faultless make-up, practicing your date laugh and hours of laser hair removal just to be sure you’re as smooth as you can be. But what about the first date hairstyle? Obviously, the destination is one of most important things. When choosing a location for a first date, DatingPilot suggests that you pick a location where you feel comfortable. Don’t compromise just to seem more interesting and instead pick something you both will enjoy. Only then your relationship is off to a good start. The place you meet sets the tone of the date, but that said, the old adage, “less is better than more” fits here, for your outfit, your make-up, (definitely your date laugh) and your first date hairstyle!

    We’ve got some first date hairstyle ideas here that are sweet and simple and sure to ease those first date jitters! Make sure you’re fully prepared for the date and read 270 Good Questions to Ask When Starting a Conversation With Anyone to make sure you and your date have some things to talk about.

    Big Volume First Date HairstyleBig Volume First Date Hairstyle

    Big and Beautiful

    If you are blessed with big voluptuous hair that defies gravity, go with it. Guys love a head of thick, shiny hair full of body hair cascades over the shoulders. To the male species, it’s a signifies a healthy mate! (True, they say it’s in their genes to be attracted to a woman who look healthy and fertile, who will be able to carry on their gene pool.) Tip: Try not to go overboard on the hair spray, you don’t want to miss out on a hand-running-through-your-hair moment. Simply work some mousse through damp hair before blow-drying for fullness and some hair oil or serum to give your hair lots of shine.

    Marissa Miller with beach waves a great first date hairstyle

    Kate Hudson with Beach Wave Hair Perfect First Date Hairstyle

    Soft and Casual Beachy Hair

    If you don’t get on especially well with curls, go for the sultry just-off-the-beach look. This doesn’t mean that it has to be a matted, salty mess – after you’ve worked through your hair with hair straighteners, spray some sea-salt into your palms and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch. Your hair will still be straight, but will leave you with a tousled look that suggests you’re easy-going and up for lots of laughs.

    messy bun a stunning first date hairstyle
    messy bun a stunning first date hairstyle

    Easy Updo

    Sometimes, trying to get your hair to do anything can be a lose-lose situation and if that’s the case when you’re down to the wire and need to be ready-to-go . . . put it up! We hope you’ve had some practice in whipping your hair into some sultry, magnificently delectable looking updo, before your ‘first date’ is knocking at your door . . . but if not, it’s never too late to learn.

    Not only will putting your hair in an updo get it out of your way, but putting it up can elongate your look to make you look taller and slimmer. For a casual look, tease your locks to give more volume and don’t be too picky about every strand of hair being in place, remember, casual is better than looking too done!

    girls with flower headbands

    updo with colored bobby pins


    If time isn’t on your side and your usual date hair routine takes more time than you have, add a simple accessory to your hairdo. Whether this is an elegant flower or a touch of sparkle depends on what fits you and the occasion best. Keep in mind where it is you’re going on your date (if he’s told you) as you don’t want to be all ready to disco if he’s planned for cocktails on the beach at sunset.



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