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    Formal Hairstyles for the Holidays

    Loose Bouncy Curls

    Formal Hairstyles for the Holidays . . . Voluminous, Long-Lasting Curls!

    Whitney Asks:

    I have medium to fine textured hair and for the Holidays I love to wear a more formal hairstyle with hair big and sexy with curls, but I can’t seem to make the curls last in my hair throughout the evening. What tips can you give me to keep my hairstyle high and dry?


    Well Whitney, there are a few concerns that come to mind, when searching for that volume for your formal hairstyle that you so sorely want and deserve.

    “Formal Hairstyles for the Holidays”First, is your hair tinted? Tinting, high lighting or coloring the hair, expands the hair shaft and will enable you to gain added volume to your finer hair texture. A little alteration to the existing texture, such as hair color, even if it’s a clear glaze, will help the hair hold its shape and become more voluminous.

    Second, how do you set those lovely locks? Curling irons are usually the first hair styling tool my clients choose when curling their hair. But, did you know that ribboning your hair using a flat iron, is often more effective for long-lasting curls than using a conventional curling iron?

    The effect is just like the spiraling curl of gift ribbon on a beautiful package.  Just take a section the same width as your flat iron, spray it with a good working fixative or volumizing spray such as, Kenra Volume Spray 25, and with little to no tension, grab the section with the flat iron, turn in over 90 degrees and ribbon it slowly down the hair shaft. Boom! Beautiful resilient curls.

    This effect is due to the hotter and more consistent heat of the flat iron. See this video how-to on ribboning your hair using a flat iron

    Third, setting your hair with hot rollers may be a good option. But, sometimes due to the inconsistent temperature of hot rollers and the lack of sizes available, this may be a less attractive option. If you have long hair, a conventional wrap will concentrate more heat at the ends of the hair and less heat at the roots, giving a more runny, inconsistent type of curl while baking your hair.

    Finally, my favorite way to get great lasting curls is to use steam rollers or Caruso Curlers. You can find Caruso Steam Rollers at Folica. Spray small sections with a hair spray and ‘crocquinol’ wrap the roller, which means wrap the rollers from the scalp to the ends. Put the roller directly at the base of the section your working and wrap your hair completely around the roller with as much tension as you can. Then steam the roller cap and place it on the roller, 10 minutes later you will have beautifully consistent curls, that will withstand heat, humidity and last into the wee hours of all your holiday soirees!

    Also, keep in mind the products that you use. You never want to use products that are too conditioning or too emollient, as they will soften and flatten the hair and it won’t hold a good and long-lasting curl in your formal hairstyle into the evening. For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles and Braid Boards.


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