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    Frizz Hair? Here are some tips

    Frizz Hair

    Taming frizz hair styles

    I live in a climate that frizzy hair is not much of an issue except for a handful of days each year so my strategy for dealing with frizz hair styles is pretty much “wait until tomorrow”. But for those of you who live in high humidity or tropical climates this issue must be agony for some of you. For that reason I try to pass along as much information as I can that I run across on fighting frizz hair. Here thanks to Myrtle Beach Online is one of the best articles I have seen in a long while on the subject on helping anyone with thick, wavy or curly hair deal with this troublesome frizz hair issue.

    Tips to tame your stubborn frizz hair
    Myrtle Beach Online
    By Margo Millure
    Anyone with thick hair, wavy or curly hair knows that with the coastal springtime comes the humidity, and with the humidity comes ‘the frizz hair.’In humid locations, good hair days become a distant memory. Our best hope seems to be to invest in large quantities of coated elastics in anticipation of the daily ponytails that will be our hair style of choice clear through October. Wryly, we observe the shiny, flowing locked women on Pantene commercials and say to ourselves, ‘Yeah. Right.’
    The good news is that hair care products, styling utensils and techniques have dramatically improved in recent years. With a little professional guidance from your hairdresser and a dollop of patience you’ll be well on your way to having smoother hair styles. We may still scoff at those unrealistic hair care product commercials, but it’s nice to know there’s an alternative to feeling like an unruly shrub in need of a good pruning.
    The biggest mistake that frizz hair heads make is using the wrong hair care products and taking the wrong steps with those products,’ says Marla Roth, hairdresser and owner of Vega Hair Design in Myrtle Beach.,,

    Roth’s associate, Michael Williams, agrees, likening hair care to taking care of delicate fabrics. ‘Think about how bad your black silk shirt or linen trousers would look if you washed, dried or ironed them incorrectly. Hair needs the same kind of precise attention.’

    Regularly trimming away split ends every six to eight weeks is the first step to combating frizzy hair. If volume is a problem during the humid months, ask your hairdresser about using thinning shears.

    The cut is of primary importance, but the shampoo and conditioner come in a close second. Look for hair care products formulated for your hair type containing buzzwords such as ‘shine,’ ‘straightening,’ ‘moisturizing’ or ‘frizz control.’
    Orlando Martinez, hair hairdresser and owner of Hair by Orlando in Myrtle Beach, recommends rinsing your hair in lukewarm water to begin closing the hair’s cuticle, which is the key to shiny hair.

    Instead of towel-drying your hair, gently squeeze or blot out excess water before blow-drying. To prepare your hair for blow-drying, apply a leave-in conditioner and light heat protectant designed for wet hair.
    “When you add heat, it opens up the cuticle and when you take it away, it closes it,’ Martinez said. ‘What the products do to help stop the frizziness is locking down the cuticle of the hair right away.

    Martinez cautions that most people have a tendency to use more hair care product than necessary. He teaches his clients how to distribute the product, roots to ends, using the fingers. After combing out your hair with a wide-toothed comb, the next step is to section the hair using alligator clips. The more hair you have, the more sections you’ll need.

    Roth suggests that her clients use a nylon and boar’s hair paddle brush when going for sleek styles at home.
    Begin the drying process at the back of the head. One section at a time, follow the brush with a hair dryer on a medium setting equipped with a nozzle to direct the heat down the hair shaft. This way you can concentrate on blow-drying one section of hair at a time while preventing hair from stirring around, which will only give excess bulk and frizz. Take the time to dry each section of hair completely, finishing with a cold shot of air.

    A flat-iron used with the right product is essential in the pursuit of a smooth mane that will last between washings. Re-section the hair using the alligator clips. Working on one section at a time, spray with a heat protectant designed specifically for flat ironing.


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